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  1. I cannot understand why the club has to be run as a secret society ie injuries, team selection etc
  2. Yes I know we have to advise the RFL but I thought that by now Webster would have announced it on the website. Seem some more of the who should know except the poor supporters.
  3. Am I missing something here I cannot see on the Rovers official website that Webster has picked 17 19 or 21 players. He does not appear to have announced any squad at all
  4. As Ford has got such big ideas, there is a struggling team in Greater Manchester wanting a new coach. to try and keep them in the Championship. Now that would be a success
  5. Yes been supporting Fev since the 60,s never been a problem really, just trying to make a point, that 3pm on a Sunday has been kick off time for yonks.
  6. Typically of the RL bosses at all levels, they dont seem to have a clue. Saturday at 6pm as well as the football it is also meal times at our house. The wife is not a RL supporter and cannot see why our evening meal should be moved so many times.
  7. All Newcastle can hope for now is to try and stop up. Defence was a little better this week and it was a bonus to see Harrison back on the field. Dont expect it to be easy next week. but 10 out of 10 is not bad.
  8. Sorted "sentoffagain" printed covid certificate just now, Cheers
  9. Question for "sentoffagain" They are asking for a photo and a copy of my passport is this your understanding
  10. Ticketing could be easier. They would not accept my season ticket number. SO i had to arrange for my son in law to get 2 tickets on his card
  11. Not to worry, your post are usually a very good read
  12. Yes.... Defence today was not up to scratch, poor first half with too many mistakes, but let rip in the second, with some nice flowing moves. I take the points quoted above ,but 2 points is still the main aim in any game, and we did get them in some style.
  13. Yes, updates on the injury situation would be helpful, instead of this secret society attitude of the club.
  14. Once again the RFL have shot themselves in the foot. On of these days they might get something right???
  15. Yes Mark, Your last sentence"unless of course, any injured player is ready to return...." is very true. It would be helpful if the club gave us a bit of an update on the injury situation as a lot of the speccies are getting anxious and asking when will it get better ???
  16. Yes Smudger. I agree that there appear to be an over reaction. I have watched Fev for a long time and this distasteful chanting has always gone on. As Fev if you are upset it is very easy to more to another part of the ground. I remember many years ago ,especially when Hull or Hull KR were playing there were always scuffles, and supposed speccies thrown out , things have improved since those days , but with crowds of people foul language, petty violence etc is always possible, if you feel intimidated more away
  17. Defensive as sound as can be, with an all round performance, but again injuries have reared up again. Brads looks serious We can all but hope that we can get some bodies back soon. Bradford lacked a cutting edge with Broughy out.
  18. 1 Minns 2. Hardcastle 3 Jones That WAS a team performance
  19. I reckon with the weather likely to be hot, even early evening. It is partly going to be who organises the subs best.
  20. As far as the injury situation is concerned the club appears to be of the opinion that the supporters do not really need to know the injuries and length of time each player is likely to be missing. The PR is not really very good in fact it is pretty bad.Why the secret , you tell me !!!!
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