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  1. Jake Sweeting leaves for Dewsbury Rams
  2. What specific and tangible benefits do Toulouse bring to Super League that Featherstone don't? I'm confident that the SL chairmen would rather have 500/1000 Fev fans through the turnstiles than whatever nebulous benefits Toulouse will bring
  3. If you had a business in or around the Featherstone area would you like to be associated with the success of promotion?
  4. In all honesty this is nub of it. Both teams bring different things but both will be a novelty. Hypothetical benefits that one club bring over the other are just waffle in the wind, no-one knows how things with pan out. Whoever wins the day deserves to be there, I just hope it's Fev..
  5. I hope the new shirts are more flattering to those of us with middle age spread
  6. I think Halifax will be the sternest challenge since we faced TO
  7. Great result today, congratulations
  8. 1. Ferres 2. Holmes 3. Halton Difficult to choose as no one really stood out for me
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