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  1. Gabriel and Ryder I also believe greensmith and Carr have potential
  2. So you're happy with this but you didn't turn up for 2 years or so while Morrison was in charge? This is worse much worse... Don't blame mark 'the messiah' Sawyer for his lack of ambition, interest or his vested interest in a club 10 or so miles down the road
  3. Kibula worst player on pitch definitely watched a different game to me. Knowles one of worst players who offers nothing are you on wind up? He's one of our better players the best players today were kibula Ryder and Gabriel in my opinion. Also I rate greensmith
  4. You don't know as I'm informed all players were there
  5. Good win onwards and upwards hopefully
  6. Most pubs are in town a 5 minute walk from train station and here's squad
  7. My mistake 2017 we have took some hamnerings since from them
  8. We beer them in 18 I believe Glover kicked goal from own half
  9. Another thing that helps is getting rid of deadwood. We will not win no more than 5 more games this season playing this poor brand of rugby. Have we got rid of 8 players off the books already surely that opens salary cap up?
  10. The accumulation will be not even being able to sellout our 635 capacity with the boring rugby we are playing... Bring in a fast half who can take line on give the fans some excitement
  11. No not with rams but I think he does see bulls as an investment where he could make profit if they get back to super League... That's why the measly 2k a game to play at ours was easily agreed... They can then spend some of the 28k a game saved in rent on squad improvement then they can challenge like they are. Feel like we have been done over in my opinion
  12. Do we not want to progress can we not sign a scrum half because I'm sorry to say Finn is done all he does is drop off passes and simple passes he seems scared to take a tackle and his defence is shocking... All opponents tries seem to come down his side.. is Sawyer not interested? his other investment going well I guess and don't think he was there today in London was he at bradford for his second teams glorious homecoming? I don't like how Bradford have just packed up to odsal neither out of blue. Lost income for us but we don't seem to be getting much invested into our team even though we was told we had budget remaining and about 8 players left this season which frees up more salary cap
  13. What's wrong with Knowles we need him back asap
  14. Batley fan taking Michael out of our support
  15. I'm going 37-18 to Fev I think Batley will not be embarrassed but think Fev are the strongest team in the League
  16. Well done on the win. Great result credit where it's due
  17. Happy with scoreline few too many knock ons Aaron hall Reiss Butterworth and adam Ryder the standouts for me... Terrible stream
  18. They always say us Yorkshire men are tight now you've proven them right ha
  19. Yes better than Gilmore 1 tackle he would fold him in half he's one of best tacklers I've seen play for us in 25 year of watching rams... Let's see put your money where your mouth is big lad 50 on who comes higher in league?
  20. You would love Sykes he's better than owt you've got and you know it... Great player
  21. Fev team to beat with Toulouse and York we will come around 7/8th Batley 9/10/11th
  22. Are you talking about same team? You're on Batley forum not their more esteemed neighbours... Rookie error phil
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