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  1. Nice to see the minutes silence for Jeff before the Bulls game last night ..... Shame our performance didn't do justice to him, but at least he was honoured and will always be remembered. Had an ironic smile when the (ruddy annoying) commentator stated that the minutes silence had been impeccably observed ............... What else is going to happen with no-one there ???? R.I.P. Jeff
  2. Lovely piece on the website now about Jeff and Kevin Osborne .......... I've mentioned this before, but I'll never forget the day my brother and I were part of the way up Leeds Road, proudly wearing our Dewsbury scarves, when Kevin Osborne and Brian Firth pulled up alongside us and gave us a lift up to the ground......... We were there ages before kick off, but it didn't matter.... We were just thrilled that two stars of 'our' team had actually given us a lift !!! Rugby League, eh ?? Say what you like, it's the greatest game played by some of the finest people.
  3. One of Dewsbury's "best ever"s ........... Such sad news So many memories for me as a teenager watching in the 70's .........and I'm sure plenty for many others at a number of clubs..... Seemed like he'd last forever ........... Rest in peace sir
  4. Just seen on Bulldogs forum, reports that Jeff Grayshon has passed away ............. Such sad news - one of our all-time greats. A lot of great memories Jeff ........... Thank you & rest in peace sir
  5. Rob Burrow WAS recognised on the night, and that really was what I was hoping would happen in some form or other ..... Well done The RL Family, once again. I hope we can now close this thread and move on ........ Almost as much as I hope that I don't, and never will have, occasion to meet up with Yipyee ..... I feel so guilty that I offended him .....
  6. As a (cheaper) alternative, there's always "Once were Lions" on BBC iPlayer ....... But, it's nowhere near as good as the Rhinos documentary .... Be interested to hear others' views on it
  7. Interesting article on BULLS forum, about MS wanting to focus fully on the Rams and let someone else pick up the reins at Bradford ...... Good news for Dews !!!
  8. Poor offering, I thought ....... Did nothing to enhance the game IMO .....And, we all know grown men can swear -- did the over-abundant use of expletives really serve any purpose ??? The actual coaching input of WB, DW & IW wasn't portrayed at all -- unless all they do is say very little (WB) make a lot of notes (IW) or run around shouting & bawling the same thing for four matches (DW) ..... Poor tour, poor documentary, awful portrayal of TGG
  9. If my use of correctly spelt words and actual facts leaves you confused ..... Then the brain requirement isn't actually mine.... Nice to see Rob Burrow and Mose Masoe get recognition tonight.
  10. It's "ridiculous" by the way ..... Which I'm pretty sure my post wasn't .... And, was Allan Agar the best player when he won it in '83 ??? I don't mind a considered response ...... Yours, however, is contemptible .....
  11. There may already be plans in the offing anyway, but wouldn't it be a fitting tribute if this year's M-o-S was shared between the actual winner and Rob Burrow ?? Rob Burrows' name isn't on the list of winners from previous years .... It should be, and definitely after the strength & bravery he (and his family) has shown this year ....
  12. You could do worse than kill a bit of time by watching "As good as it gets" ......... a documentary about Leeds Rhinos on Amazon Prime....... I am NOT a Whinos fan by any means but as a RL fan, I found this a fascinating insight in to the 2015 season (particularly) and had forgotten how close they came to 'only' winning one trophy as opposed to the Treble that year. If you choose to watch - Enjoy !! Keep staying safe !!!
  13. Apologies if this is old news, but I've just found a documentary on Amazon Prime about Leeds Rhinos called "As good as it gets" ....... I'm NOT a Rhinos fan by any means, but this is a good watch for ANY Rugby League fan....... I found it a fascinating insight and had forgotten how close they came to 'only' winning one trophy in 2015 rather than the treble. If you decide its a good way to spend 90 minutes or so on a wet, windy Sunday ............ I hope you enjoy.
  14. MF probably did play a few games, I just can't recall anything about them .... Other than he was deceptively slow Trevor Rhodes played in a midweek game v Fev and scored a try by reaching above his head, whilst on his back, to ground the ball. We put 40+ on the board that night but Fev sent a much weakened team...can't recall why. Anyone remember Les Marriott and ( I think) Dave Butterfield - signed from Shaw Cross BC ??
  15. Fifita .... Sid Domic ... Mick Murphy ..., Danny Addy .... ?? Olbison .... Mark Field .... Max Fletcher ... Trevor Rhodes .... Harvey Hallas .... Jonathan Schofield .....
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