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  1. For anyone who hasn't heard it, there's now a transcript of the interview on the Rams website
  2. Thought MS was an inspiration on Radio Leeds tonight ..... Truly a credit to himself and our great club
  3. We've always had better things to do PM .........
  4. Full credit to Thunder........ played some cracking stuff, but we gifted them far too much and looked a tired side....... 650 miles and three games in 8 days....... asking a lot
  5. What an imbecile ..... Announcing that his Auntie had died from Coronavirus, when it was actually nothing of the sort.... How stupid and irresponsible can you get ???
  6. If you read the Ladies Day vs Toulouse article on the website, it spells out the Hospitality prices specific for the Toulouse game.... Just under the "Hospitality Upgrade" heading............ Hopefully that avoids any confusion
  7. You can please all of the people some of the time.............. etc Sometimes, surely, there has to be a prudent approach to these things and the costs of those plastic bobbies (for which, I understand, you can blame Kirklees Council) for the South Stand will, I'm sure, be significant and if they can be avoided for just three games (against clubs who bring little or no support) then, why not ?? The Beaumont Terrace is available for those who prefer to stand or, with positive glasses on, South Stand ST Holders get a free upgrade to seated facilities for three games........... (I haven't seen any posts from North Stand inhabitants complaining about that) The club is trying to enhance the Match Day experience and, on Mothers Day, a family of Mum & Dad and however many Under-16's could enjoy an afternoon out for a maximum cost of £20......... Or less if 'Dad'is already a ST holder.......... And there ARE a lot of ladies who do enjoy and play Rugby League .........This on a day where the nearest other RL (Super League or Championship) is at Halifax.......... If we can attract just a few from Wakefield / Leeds etc then who knows ?? They just might enjoy it enough to visit again ...... and spend a few pennies whilst there No....it's not a perfect scenario....... but if the club can muster together say £10k from these actions / promotions and transfer that to the playing budget, isn't that as good as it's going to get ????
  8. ...... If we did that ---- they'd be back very quickly don't think we've that many who need a cure for insomnia
  9. ........ How strange, BSJ ..... That she doesn't want to spend more time with you, I mean
  10. I think it's a necessary evil ..... Cost management is key to any business and Rams are no different in that respect.... A sad reflection and I wouldn't imagine it's a decision taken lightly ....
  11. ............. AND the ladies can take in the pre-match hospitality for just £20 !!!! (Ladies ST Holders @ £15) That means a family of four (2 adults, 2 Under 16's) could enjoy the match from some of the best seats in the house AND full pre-match hospitality from just £55-00 ........ .........
  12. Hello Hugh J .............Based on the general feedback from the really encouraging number of Guests attending, Yes it was a success........... The food (for both Adults & Kids) was very well received and much enjoyed, The free 'fun' Prize Quiz sparked quite a bit of discussion, with our guest from Fleetmaster securing the prize (and kindly donating it back to use on an upcoming Raffle) The "First Try Scorer" (to raise funds for the Cheerleaders) sold out quickly - Winner was Lee Jackson, guest from "GearUp", who drew Michael Knowles Dom Speakman's pre-match chat with Steven Downes gave a very interesting insight The uptake of Tea / Coffee/ Cakes at half time was positive and the Complimentary Team Sheets were appreciated Next up is the match vs Toulouse 22nd March -- Watch out for "Mothers Day" offers on the website !!! ......... And, Graham -- My pleasure !!! I'll have it with me again next time round for anyone else who wants to reminisce
  13. Despite having the one match ban, Dom was there tonight and very kindly joined us for an interview in the pre-match hospitality... I think that gives a glimpse of the spirit that's within the team this year !!! Thanks Dom !!!!
  14. For any one who likes a bit of nostalgia / memorabilia, I'll be bringing my recently upgraded ( i.e. laminated on to A3 at great expense) '73 Scrapbook to the pre-match Event .... Full of pictures & articles from the 72/73 season ...... There for anyone who'd like a look and a reminisce
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