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  1. ........ would Owen Restall actually be in the team if Perry Whiteley was fit to play ??? If people don't WANT to play for the Rams then the loss of their services does NOT weaken the club........ It may weaken the Team
  2. That was the inferred attempt at humour ...... but there genuinely is a very warm post-match welcome in the Royal Suite for all fans ...... I recall a fair few stayed with us after last year's League 1 game so hope to see them again
  3. It was a huge improvement from what we saw against York .... Better discipline, fewer unforced errors and a very good completion rate, especially in the 1st half..... IF we can reproduce that sort of performance then we could be looking at good, competitive games against Doncaster, Whitehaven, Barrow & Swinton on our own patch.
  4. For those of us long in the tooth ( like myself) the current state of affairs on the pitch is nothing new ........ we've been a lot lower and a lot poorer than we currently are. Where our biggest problem lies is probably summed up by this quote from Nearenough on the York Forum: "dews were very very poor, and look certain to finish bottom. sadly they also seem to have next to no supporters which is a real sad state of affairs, the place was dead yesterday, " I remember the furore last year about the South Stand being closed ........ But, five minutes from the end of Sunday's game, I bet there wasn't 30 people in there..... From what I hear, some people are 'boycotting' games -- How the hell does that help any club ?? The Royal Suite after the game was very quiet ........ where have all the 'fans' gone from last year who stayed after the game for a pint or two.... they also 'boycotting' and further reducing the club's income ?? We're all dis-heartened with the current happenings - nobody likes losing and, of course, we want to see 100% commitment which we didn't on Sunday, but just how does a club turn this scenario around ?? A lot of people point fingers at Mark Sawyer ....... But without him, would we even have a club -- Maybe some should do a Michael Jackson and "look at the man in the mirror" There is no quick fix but any supporter who truly CARES needs to find a better way of helping than slagging everything off and staying away........ And the joy of being a RAMS supporter ?? ......... currently everything else in life seems an awful lot better
  5. Shame to see him leave ....... never seemed to get a regular run in the first team and I don't think we ever really saw the best of him.......... Good luck to the lad for whatever he's got planned in the future
  6. ...... be good to see you all for the second time this season -- as always, whatever the result, there's a warm welcome to everyone in the Royal Suite after the game for the presentations, interviews etc
  7. https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2024/05/16/retro-shirt-day-2024/ .......... get digging in that wardrobe
  8. https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2024/05/16/retro-shirt-day-2024/
  9. ..... and 51 years ago this weekend we (Dewsbury) were turning Leeds over to win the Championship Final .... How times have changed ......... Look forward to seeing you guys back at Dewsbury on Sunday ...... Challenge Cup Winners vs Champions ........ From 1973 sadly
  10. Whatever the out come on Sunday, there'll be a warm welcome for anyone who wants to join us in the Royal Suite after the game ..........
  11. Begs the question........ Who's out there that could drastically improve the team AND that we could afford ?? A clean(er) bill of health ( as per GF's post) is our best bet I think...... maybe we could talk Sam day in to coming back again
  12. Not being argumentative about your comments on the half time music, but would be interested to know what you'd like to hear ??
  13. Therein73


    The article on the website seems to hint that he'll be carrying on / coming back as a player ...... I sincerely hope that's with the Rams and he can bring his wealth of experience and the go-forward we've missed from him as a player .... he's just the sort of player we need and if Marchy can attract more proven Championship players to the club and reduce our reliance on sharing with the Giants, then so much the better. Good luck Fergie where ever you end up and glad your health worries are a thing of the past !!
  14. Here's hoping the lads can turn a bit of a corner with this one and get a win to mark the occasion ......
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