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  1. We need to push on from a positive performance last week and not go back in to our shells like we did against Workington. IF we play as well as last week, this could be a belter of a game ...... With hopefully a few more RAMS fans in attendance ........ the South Stand was sparse in Red, Amber & Black colours last week (But still made themselves heard !!)
  2. Could be a belter of a game, this one !! Be good to see as many of your supporters (or more) in the Royal Suite after the game as we did when Workington visited recently .......Always a warm and friendly welcome
  3. I remember that one..... If memory serves me right, it was a midweek game and you guys had a Yorkshire Cup semi a few days later ........... A guy called Trevor Rhodes played for us that night and scored a try by reaching out above his head and touching down whilst on his back ..... Don't know if he played 1st team again....... Strange what we remember sometimes, eh ?? Would love to think we could get anywhere near you on Sunday but somehow can't see it ...... sadly
  4. ............and after all the money that FEV have spent over the last few years, they remain in exactly the same division as ourselves ....... they might have had more fun along the way but they've also had better funding and a more 'generous' (deluded ??) benefactor than ourselves ...... they also have a town that's still steeped in and cares about it's Rugby League Team and has a far different demographic to that of Dewsbury ..... gates of <1000 and severe cuts in funding, plus the loss of the Car Boot sale 'money-spinner' for all those months, mean we are where we are not just because of perceived poor coaching. We ALL want Rams to be in the top half of the table and challenging for honours but somewhere there has to be a sense of reality about it all....... Who knows, once Abramovich sells Chelsea he might be at a loss as to what he does with his money
  5. IF that's true (and I'm not saying it isn't) then you're right ... It is disgraceful behaviour and hopefully the Rams will take appropriate action. It was good to see so many of your fans in the Royal Suite after the game and that's what Rugby League (mostly) is about .... I hope it hasn't put your young lady off attending future Rugby League matches because she'll miss out on something that is generally an excellent happening .....
  6. ..........so why won't we see Ferguson or Annakin in a Dewsbury shirt again ??? Is it injury-related or a fall out with the club ???
  7. That is such sad news ..... An absolute colossus of a man and one who deserved many more honours.... A true Dewsbury and Rugby League legend and there hasn't been a prop at Dewsbury since who's come anywhere near being as good as "H" .... Rest in peace big feller -- And thanks for some awesome memories
  8. In true HW rivalry spirit ............ Workington or Whitehaven AWAY !!!! ( Genuinely, Leeds away would be a nice few bob for you..... But only AFTER you've walloped t'Eagles at your place)
  9. For my money, the first 40 minutes last night was the best by far this season ..... As alluded to by others, fatigue, inexperience, indiscipline and poor decision making cost us dearly in the 2nd half and the game drifted away from us. It's an old cliche "men against boys", but that's very much what last night was ........and our 'boys' (with the odd exception) look to be gelling and NOBODY can question their commitment or effort ...... I think there's something special brewing and once we get beyond the current injuries & suspensions, things WILL look an awful lot rosier..... And we could realistically be looking at a 50% record in the league after the next two games..... If anyone saw LG speaking after the game, he was clearly frustrated but more clearly hurting ....... This is his squad and we have to give him time to bring it together...... I think he can - and will
  10. Mark Sawyer said in the Royal Suite that he was so glad he'd opened the South Stand ...... The noise coming from there MUST have lifted the team !!! A great victory for everyone today
  11. EVEN on this ........... OUR shirt looks way better than Batley's !!! (and there's two of 'em)
  12. .............. and some fell on stony ground ......... p.s. It's CRIMINAL ........
  13. .........and just WHAT does his size have to do with the story ???? I bet you're one of those half-wits who always sticks "b--tard" after 'fat' .......... So many words in the dictionary -- you should learn some !!!
  14. Rambo ...... Instead of 'fishing' about the MC, why don't you go and have a chat with him ...... ?? What I do know is, it's done voluntarily and NOT a new (or wannabe) Director
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