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  1. Guess that's off as well then .......
  2. Absolutely...... ..... And I'm marrying Michelle Pfeiffer next week
  3. Well, the Halifax Town game is OFF today,...... Can't see tomorrow being much different
  4. It was a win for Dewsbury and we all thought things might not be too bad after all, without Mick Stephenson..... The Aussies visited not long after the Fev game and there was a decent crowd for that one as well...... Sadly, we'll never see those days again.... But at least we had 'em
  5. Dan Potter was the centre I couldn't bring to mind .....
  6. Therein73

    V Leigh

    Doubt there'd have been any more on a Sunday afternoon.... What with Dogs at home and the Headingley 'double header' live on SKY..... all credit to the number of Leigh supporters who travelled over !!
  7. Just pondering ahead of our next home game......... can anyone think of players who've played for both Dewsbury & Widnes ???? I've come up with: Richard Agar // Tommy Gallagher // Les Holliday // Andy Kain // Dean Lawford // Ryan McDonald // Stephen Nash // Sean Richardson // Ryan Sheridan // Thacks // Barry Eaton // Long (prop) // a centre whose surname started with P ( I think) went with Neil Kelly to Widnes ............... (most courtesy of Wikipedia.... so I stand to be corrected ) Any others please ???
  8. As neither the owners or the tenants are using the stadium on 8th/9th Feb, could there be a chance of the Thornhill - Doncaster game taking place at Tetleys Stadium ?? Be good to see the game there.
  9. Therein73

    V Leigh

    I think that pay on the gate is still an option ..... You'd be best giving the club a call and checking out how things operate depending on your daughter's age 01924465489 ..... Most away fans tend to congregate at the South Stand end nearest the scoreboard -- tho there is the seated option in the North stand for a couple of quid more.... Safe journey over
  10. Just seen the website announcement re: Pre-Match Hospitality........... Firstly, I think it's an excellent idea BUT for £20 I would want a bit more than just a 2 course meal. What the website doesn't say is what else the "Pre-Match" involves.......... For example, does it include: Host MC / Guest speaker or pre-match interview/forecast etc with a former Dewsbury player ?? Free team sheet for each attendee ? Pre-Match quiz (one sheet per table for example) with a small prize -- (signed miniature Rugby ball / Rams training top / 2 Tickets for next home game e.g.) Winners announced post-match perhaps to entice people back to the Royal Suite after the game ?? Free drink for the nominated drivers (max 2 per table) It needs to be a bit of an event -- especially if it's aimed at the Corporate sector........... I wasn't there for the Bradford pre-match (which sounds like it went really well) so forgive my ignorance if these sort of things are included. I would certainly be tempted two /three times during the season if there is an 'event' feel to it rather than just a pre-match meal. All meant to be constructive BTW.......
  11. .......And maybe the two championship clubs could hand out Vouchers on the day, offering a future game at Tetley's Stadium for, say, a Tenner............ try and tempt any Rhinos fans to sample the delights of Championship Rugby League one afternoon...... That might satisfy the sceptics....... On the original subject, the reply from the Club was that I "should get a seat as it's our home game" Not quite definitive, bet hey-ho.......
  12. Q1: ............ If I buy a season ticket for the North Stand, will that guarantee me a SEAT for the 'home' fixture at Headingley vs the Bulls ?? Q2:............. Is Tom Garratt injured or is there another reason for his pre-season absence?? Just a bit of info before I cough up 200 quid, please............
  13. I've only seen today's game pre-season, but I'd go with: Martin Gabriel Fleming Ryder Oakes Sykes Knowles Garratt Speakman Morris Magrin Esslemont Annakin SUBS: Day Johnson Nelmes Finn
  14. We took our chances well, defended well, retained the ball well............and fully deserved the win. Knowles looked far more creative at 7 than Finn ever did last season and some of the 6th tackle kicks brought excellent results and increased possession for us....... Silly penalties still very frustrating and it will be interesting to see just how keen the officials are at the PTB's when the season starts for real.......because there weren't many legal PTB's today by either team..... Magrin shone for half an hour, Fleming looks like he could be class and both hookers looked good.............. Best pre-season performance for a long time..... Let's hope we can take it in to the season proper !!!
  15. Saw a thing on Rams Twitter page about favourite moments of the last decade............. So, pinching that theme, I wondered what people's best RAMS memories were from the last ten years. ??? My 1-2-3 would be: Beating Bulls in the Challenge Cup after one Bulls prat shouted out "Come on Bulls, put this lot in their place"........... Priceless The play-off win at Halifax ..........Probably THE best performance of Morrison's reign The Reserves Play Off Final win against Leigh at Leigh......... superb team effort from a squad that was a pleasure to watch all that season Other considerations........... The Lewis Heckford drop goal to give us victory over the Dogs in the Challenge Cup : Beating Sheffield at home, first game of 2018 season: Victory over Batley in Ned Kelly's first game (I think) at home (in his 2nd spell): A superb performance to beat Toulouse at home - after the 'Masters' curtain-raiser.....
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