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  1. Stop the press Bumper crowd at the mount ?
  2. Could be right with man of match joe martin was awesome along with sykes fleming and matty gee brilliant defence
  3. They do play in sheffield now it is very amateur set up though. I think its sheff utd womens ground at olympic village
  4. Sykes is by far and away our best player in my opinion best tackler and most ideas in attack maybe ive been watching a different game to you though
  5. Brown and brown for me i dont rate simon brown too slow and cant tackle thomas at halfback hes got bit of pace
  6. Or could mean that toronto players are more well known i could name nearly all toronto players but not many york
  7. I sensed sarcasm that why i called you a moron sorry if you wasnt being sarcastic. What about this referee being personal friends with your coach though surely not right
  8. Yes i was moron i know for a fact he is personal friends with your coach and he was +1 for referee xmas party with him. Been told by a fellow referee
  9. Where do rugby league express get there penalty count from have to get them an abacus
  10. ramsfandan

    York Game

    Going to be optimistic Rams 22 v 16 knights M.o.m sykes F.t.s ryder Att 1176
  11. How many do you think you will bring i see last season your crowds were good. Maybe 300ish?
  12. George flanagan sin binned again 2 week running what for this week? Cracking player but there is no need to be such an idiot at times
  13. Ryder igbinedeon and number 30 were the standouts for me also jacob looks very decent solid under high ball. Would like to see him at halfback but unfortunately we havent got much choice at minute as i think dale much better on wing than fullback
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