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  1. And that main culprits are the organiser of the bUS and his brother seen many a time at away games they have caused trouble abusing home fans.......
  2. You never carry on its was only the other week Whitehaven people from YOUR bus were trying to fight inside and out side the stadium care to explain? And I have the videos to prove it. So don' come YOUR bus never carry on. #ourtown
  3. Scott you can put them faces as much as you want I know of at least 10 people who point blank refuse to go on that bus because of all the carry on that goes on it.............
  4. If you want to go with a bunch of idiots who do nothing but swear and argue among them selfs the go on the derwent park supporters bus. So I would advise the travelers rest mate much better Inow my opinion
  5. Still giving our club a bad name I seen him punch the other lad. I'm not saying they were not goading some fans but no worse than some of a particular supporter's bus does. And I also know the lad who punched the lad and Ifor the shoend was on the other foot I know for a fact they would be a outrage
  6. Sorry I won't be naming the lad. Will not just yet anyway to be fair it's happening a lot more frequent now and I for one don't want to bring my kid to games when they can't behave
  7. Some of our fans really need to stop off the drink before game's .some of language being shouted was awful but to top it off as I was leaving the ground I witnessed one of our supporters punching a barrow fan out side the bar i was outraged in what I seen. And I will be phoning the club in the morning to report it I really hope he gets a ban from the stadium.
  8. £3 they charge us a fiver
  9. Who's the elderly man does anybody know him? And if this true the club should be having a word with the one in question about behaviour not only at away games but home games as well.
  10. Well if that's the case they should have a no alcohol bus if they can't handle it
  11. If it's the same person I think it is I know he reads this foram so see if he comments on the situation
  12. I wasn't at the game so I didn't witness it 1st hand if it's the same lad I think your on about he's the same at home game always swearing. Most of the time he's wrong in what he's saying. And for ref abuse the is no need for it no refs no games simple.
  13. As I was going to pay to enter the ground I noticed the person on the turnstile letting people in for a child which clearly are not u16 I pau my 15pound why shouldn't they.
  14. Is there any news on new signings or are we waiting to after the widnes friendly after looking at the ones who have been training... also any news on matty
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