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  1. Out of genuine concern please could I ask again about Sir Chris. Does he actually watch any games any more? I notice that Anne Kearns was pictured on the hallowed turf at the Vestacare with the triumphant captain following the famous Law Cup victory. Perhaps Chris has chosen to stay out of the limelight and now only has a part time role at the club out of genuine concern for his health. It remains to be seen what the long term strategy is and will he sell?
  2. Please could I ask if anybody knows about Sir Chris? Is he taking a sabbatical from running the club at present? I know he went into hospital for major heart surgery in May 2018 but don't seem to have seen him at a game since? I wonder whether come the end of the season there is an announcement and he steps down, puts his health first and says he has taken Oldham as far as he can. I wish him well.
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