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  1. Out of genuine concern please could I ask again about Sir Chris. Does he actually watch any games any more? I notice that Anne Kearns was pictured on the hallowed turf at the Vestacare with the triumphant captain following the famous Law Cup victory. Perhaps Chris has chosen to stay out of the limelight and now only has a part time role at the club out of genuine concern for his health. It remains to be seen what the long term strategy is and will he sell?
  2. Please could I ask if anybody knows about Sir Chris? Is he taking a sabbatical from running the club at present? I know he went into hospital for major heart surgery in May 2018 but don't seem to have seen him at a game since? I wonder whether come the end of the season there is an announcement and he steps down, puts his health first and says he has taken Oldham as far as he can. I wish him well.
  3. So if Bradford were to finish in bottom two does this mean third bottom goes down or does it mean only one team goes down. Needs clarifying for sure because we need to be in possession of the full facts. At present difficult to see where next win is coming from anyway full stop and look like a team going down.
  4. I assume they have not seen any of our pre season games. Bradford Bulls are tipped to finish beneath us and Rochdale bottom of the pile at 66/1. Weird forecasting
  5. What an absolute shocking display from Roughyeds. No go forward, predictable in attack and no pride and passion with a trophy and bragging rights at stake. Absolutely disgusting! Naylor needs to go! At this stage last year we beat both Barrow and Hairnets comfortably pre season but now we are completely clueless and have gone backwards. I hate to say it but I feel that Gary Schofields prediction in the RL Express may be spot on! Sort it out!
  6. So it would suggest that the majority of folk are happy to constantly play out of the borough and constantly have a nomadic existence. The ground situation is not acceptable in my opinion. The club has been around for twenty years. That's long enough! Fed up!!
  7. Can anybody enlighten me what our plans for Whitebank are in the foreseeable future. As far as I can make out it it is being used as a base for administration and staff are there most days during working hours. As far as any alterations to the pitch are concerned it is proposed that an artificial pitch is to be laid which is to be utilised by Avro FC, an amateur football club. So please enlighten me anybody in the know? Will Roughyeds ever play at Whitebank again? Does this depend on which division we are in? Will there ever be any improvements to the ground to increase the capacity to fulfil the minimum standard for Championship rugby? Are we seemingly happy to carry on plying our trade at Bower Fold in the seasons to come and never return to the borough? Answers on a postcard please. Not clear at all in the slightest what the club's aims and objectives are? Fed up of it!
  8. So where exactly are we getting the extra cash to fund these signings and pay their wages accordingly? Will we actually balance the books? I don't want to see a case of putting all our eggs in one basket and then encounter serious financial problems several months down the line.
  9. There is far more to this than meets the eye. The club and Hamilton will only report in the media what they want to tell you. Palfrey was left out for a few games in the second half of the season. Would not be surprised if there had been a falling out with a member of the coaching staff or difference of opinion? Loads of things must go on at the club that we'll know nothing about! It is very easy to say that the lad wants a change of scenery but the reasoning is much deeper than that when he has been offered a lucrative contract. In my honest opinion he can be replaced with a player of much better quality with much more creativity and a better kicking game. How many of his kicks sailed harmlessly into touch and offered nothing?
  10. Hamilton is very very clever at pulling the wool over people's eyes. He will have been wholely responsible for the wording of the two recent statements regarding Whitebank in last few days. He will only tell you what he wants to tell you and not the warts and all version. There will be a lot more to the lease arrangement than meets the eye. It is obvious that it is important that the club is painted in a good light without any negativity. But come on given Hamilton's track record with debt payments there is some truth and factual accuracy with this morning's Manchester Evening News report.
  11. Whilst I agree with your comments there is no point in having a fantastic team if we constantly have a ground which is not of Super League standard. It is just a let down and we cannot progress up the RL ladder! It is all about operating on a shoe string and on a part time basis and survival year after year. We are not going to win anything!!
  12. Whilst we welcome the recent news regarding an artificial pitch at Whitebank, I cannot help thinking that this signals a lack of ambition. We should be wanting SUPER LEAGUE within a few years. Staying at Whitebank means we will not go any higher than Championship. This is as good as it gets!!
  13. I would say there was roughly twenty minutes time added on all in all in today's match and it finished just before 5pm which was a very late finish. RFL rules stipulate that the home team has to provide a timekeeper to assist the referee and the away team is invited to do also. The timekeeper signals end of time by sounding the hooter of course. I have never known the referee to overrule a decision made by the timekeeper. What if the timekeeper sounded the hooter a few seconds early especially if the opposing team were attacking and one score behind? And then there is the problem of the timekeeper missing the referee's signals especially if there is an obstruction from someone in the crowd. Do independent neutral observers check the timekeeper's work so that it is accurate? What if the stopwatch fails completely or wrong button on it is pressed in error? All very interesting and not like football where referee has complete control over time!
  14. None produced or none delivered for the last two home games? Does anybody know what has happened here? A tad unprofessional in my opinion?
  15. Personally as a basic minimum, I think we will have to win three games in the Super Eights. This would mean that Workington and Whitehaven would have to win five out of seven and that's a tall order. The decisive games will of course be the Cumbrian sides at Bower Fold.
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