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  1. 2 video ref decisions where you could see on second views 'no try' so why are they taking so long? Needs sorting.
  2. On the plus side all the games against the big sides coming up through to the WC are going to be on these shores which gives us a slight advantage. If anyone can take advantage of that it's Wane.
  3. Don't get how Bennett gets any support to be honest. He got the little bit of luck that Mac didn't get in 2013 world cup semi final to get us to the 2017 version but apart from that we were no better imo. After the last tour he had to go, it was a shambles. I'm not a Wane fan but i'm certain he will get every bit out of the set of players available to him in the limited time available. A good choice
  4. Didn't we lead every match going into the last 10 minutes? Was a very entertaining series indeed.
  5. i wish England/GB played the Aussies far more often than we have over the last 5 years or so. Sick to death of the Kiwis now. Glad this is being addressed next year with the three test series. As far as the Aussies playing enough though i pretty much think they do play enough tests for the competition they have.
  6. 1990 2nd test old Trafford. Had everything
  7. I don't think it's that much more. You are only talking a 5er on the lower band tickets. I imagine the 70 quid top bracket ones are far better than what Bolton or Leeds have to offer and is reflected accordingly.
  8. Yeah can't argue with that. Guess he is on the cusp of greatness still needs a couple more seasons of what he has produced recently and to do it on the international stage.
  9. Agreed. Still a long way to go though to get Slater and Lockyer type status.
  10. Possibly. He is in a very dominant team of which i would agree if said he is arguably the best player. Will be interesting to see how he does go over here. Where Slater played in a team that had players in front of him as 'the men to stop' for England in the past like Smith Cronk Inglis Lockyer i can't think of too many names in that current team besides him i would pick out. He will be under a lot of pressure.
  11. Would you.One season. Ok, fantastic player right now. He hasn't proved it over multiple seasons yet like for example Slater. We will see. If he comes over here and tears us a new one next year i will tip my hat but until then...
  12. I get what you are saying but i see a bit of NRL and at the minute bar a couple of players this current batch although still a very good team look far from world beaters they have in the past. Of course that could change quickly and probably will. I just hope we can turn things around ourselves over the next 12 months, its very frustrating watching this tour after seemingly having made great progress over the previous 2/3 years.
  13. How many of the current Aussies will go on to be remembered in the same breath as the names i mentioned? Halves are nothing spectacular. Smith is still the best hooker in NRL and is retired from rep football. Full back is very good and pack is solid as always will be but no scary names in there. As said we can't take advantage of that as we have regressed alarmingly from the 2017 WC team who i believe would beat this current aussie team on home soil.
  14. The problem there was the 80's and 90's Aussie team contained some of the best players of all time - Meninga, Kenny, Lewis, sterling, ET, Fitler, Johns, Daley in the halves and backs i could go on it was a conveyor belt not to mention the monsters in the pack like Harrogan, Lazarus, Sironen etc... Its all about timing and i don't think the current Aussie team is a vintage one and is there for the taking but it looks like we are back to square one and are going to still be a way behind them come next year.
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