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  1. 8 of those players played for samoa last season. The samoan coach has come out and said he'll only choose players committed to the world cup and not for one year. That's good for the game and Samoa's team chemistry towards the world cup.
  2. 8 Samoans will definitely commit, the only 2 that would turn out for the kangaroos are Haas and Hammer. Haas has been around the panthers boys throughout the origin camp so hopefully they can convince him to play for samoa but I don't see it happening
  3. 10 samoans are in Origin 2 now. If they all commit this series could be special
  4. He will be the first one on the plane. He's a Samoan born kid who loves representing samoa. He's also the only one that shares all the samoan team posts on Instagram. He posted the samoa vs england tour on his instagram story as soon as the news came out. He is a talent that's for sure
  5. https://x.com/BradWalterSport/status/1801453808293196121?t=GnatQki_xsSPepDSwnRyyA&s=19
  6. Brad Walter on Twitter confirmed it. He's the reporter that broke the news on the England tour
  7. It's been confirmed that there is no Tongan test for the samoan team this year
  8. No, not this year but I would almost certainly expect them to play in 2025 during the Pacific Championships as the Kangaroos will be playing England. That's from Twitter about Samoa playing Tonga before travelling out to England. Samoa will only play 2 games this year. I couldn't send the link through. Very disappointing, the good thing is samoa will be fresh and ready against England
  9. To'o Critchon Luai and Leniu I'm confident would stick with the samoan team, Nanai is a possibility. He was in the samoan camp last year during the Pacific championship but didn't play because he was out injured. If Critchon is made capt, I'm pretty confident he will at the end of the year it might turn a few heads to some of the other Samoan heritage players to play for samoa. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is also another who's weighing up playing for samoa. The Panthers boys are the key to a strong Samoan team at the end of the year. This may only be a 2 test series, but if they both turn out to be amazing games it'll make more southern hemisphere teams in the future want to come out to England. Unlike the Tongan series, I hope the officials are kiwis to take out the "bias" excuses and it makes sense to do it.
  10. I hope they promote the heck out of this series and hopefully they show the games in nz, because the tongan series wasn't shown here. The Samoan teams going to be very different to the one that was at the world cup, a lot more younger players have come through and the young players at the world cup alot better. Potential squad 1 Sua Faalogo 2 Brian To’o 3 Stephen Critchon (Capt) 4 Izack Tago 5 Murray Taulagi 6 Chanel Harris-Tevita 7 Jarome Luai 8 Terell May 9 Danny Levi 10 Junior Paulo 11 Jayd'n Sua 12 Jeremiah Nanai 13 Heilum Luki 14 Blaize Talagi 15 Spencer Leniu 16 Josh Papali'i 17 Luciano Leilua 18 Tyrone May
  11. I'm happy that England get to secure a test match against Samoa. It would've been a disaster for them if they were left stranded without a game at the end of the year
  12. Yeah there's a few whispers going around, that Samoa will only agree to go the England if they play Tonga before flying out
  13. 2 tests a year is a joke especially when the Samoan team is traveling that far
  14. https://theqldr.com.au/sport/2024/06/13/rl_international-2/
  15. You are looking at that 60-6 game way too much. Let's be real Samoa had the most players at the nrl grandfinal out of all the nations, and they played a fresh English team who's been in camp for months. Stephen Critchon was on a podcast saying he thought most of the grand final boys wouldn't play the first game because they were jet lagged and they only just arrived a few days before the first game. If England won that first game in a close match no one would've been shocked at the semi final result
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