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  1. You ignoring the other posts that agree with me too? it's ok bro you win
  2. Not really worked up, I just remember you the most attacking every post i did about the Samoan team lol In saying that the English team was the form team of the world cup they just happen to play there worst game, in the game that mattered the most. That first game I'll give it to you the English really surprised me. I still thought the samoan team can beat the English even after that game because the injuries had a huge factor in that massive scoreline and made the English team think that they we're better than they thought they are and I think that played a part in the semi final loss. If it was a close first game and England won, England wouldve turned up in the semi final fired up, but instead they looked like, all they had to do was turn up and win. Hopefully we see more England vs Samoa games in the future because both teams can make each other better for the next world cup
  3. Please don't act like you didn't see all the posts in here just before the world cup saying how average this samoan team was and they're all players that looked good because of the nrl system
  4. It's funny you said English fans supported samoa but you were the biggest hater on the samoan team in this forum before the world cup don't change your stripes now that your English team flopped and made you look like a complete idiot
  5. Well you weren't very specific on what you we're commenting on I thought you we're talking about the views. But if your talking about "what everyone said" than yes there was quite a few that posted straight after the England loss saying England needed to make the final more than Samoa instead because they needed to grow the game over in the northern hemisphere or has Samoa gained nothing from it. It's algoods if you didn't see it, chill bro
  6. There we're a few that posted in here before the final saying Samoa making the final over England is not gonna grow the game because they're a small nation, where as England making the final will grow the game more.
  7. It's literally all over social media mate. 1.1m views across all games the most out of any nation
  8. And everyone said a small nation like samoa making the final is bad for the game and it won't attract viewers. They were the most watched team in the world cup out of all the nations. The Kiwis needs to jump at this chance and play Samoa in Auckland. The Samoans in Nz are dying to watch the samoan team, it would be a sell
  9. Not many Tongan's play in Origin. A few tongan's chose Origin over Tonga this year. Origin tho has quite a few samoan heritage players. I don't see the Origin rules being changed tbh the international game is at its highest than ever before why would they change that now
  10. State of origin players goes in to camp for basically 2 weeks they definitely won't be available for the mid test
  11. State of Origin will be on at the same weekend. And the island players playing origin will definitely choose origin because of the money, and its the biggest rugby league event of the year. I don't blame those island players for choosing origin tbh.
  12. They need to bring back the mid year tests back. The Samoa vs Tonga games in the past was awesome but now it's on another level. I get that it will clash with with origin but the Samoan and Tongan teams have so much depth now they can cover the origin players and basically use it as a trial. Any Samoa vs Tonga games will be a sellout and it'll be a huge exposure for the international game
  13. Samoan team next year without injuries looks very good 1 Joseph Suaali'i 2 Tylan May 3 Izack Tago 4 Stephen Crichton 5 Brian To'o 6 Jarome Luai 7 Ronald Volkman 8 Payne Haas 9 Danny Levi 10 Junior Paulo 11 Jeremiah Nanai 12 Jayd'n Sua 13 Josh Schuster 14 Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow 15 Josh Papali'i 16 Tino Fa'asuamaleaui 17 Braden Hamlin-Uele
  14. Yup looking at the Kiwis team there depth at most of the positions aren't deep like the island teams. It's really gonna hurt them long term and it also doesn't help that the warriors don't pick up many local talent
  15. News out that the Samoan players for the Kiwis and Australia will be playing for Samoa in the future. As a Samoan fan I'm happy and I'm also sad because I don't want to see a weak Kiwis team. This will only make them worse
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