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  1. I agree, I need less money because I can cook an egg in various directions. But I need more money to pay for the eggs.
  2. He's a Canadian??? Sorry, I realise you're the King of bleedin' comedy, and you're ###### cheap.
  3. Terrible website from England's top club.
  4. She should have included the wealthy who are systematically starved by their servants.
  5. So you won't be hiring anyone for your band? Who brought the myrrh?
  6. Wests Tigers are using Aussie Rules style jumpers for the Auckland 9's
  7. I had mead from there, back in 1969. Threw up just as we were getting back to Paignton.
  8. Perhaps the UK was once flooded with Capaldi's, just after the last ice age. That would mean most Italians are native to this country. I don't know any Italians.
  9. I wish I could remember the the name on the bottle I had back in the mid 1980's. Memory isn't my strong point.
  10. I thought they had just one strip....
  11. Barrow will become as big as Leeds when Barrow is almost as big as Leeds. Rugby League is still mainly a small town competition. In what other serious sports league would teams from rival towns like Wigan, St Helens and Warrington be considered to be big clubs?
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