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  1. 1 - Saints 2 - Giants 3 - Warriors 4 - Rhinos 5 - 10 (in any order)- Dragons / Wolves / FC / KR / Devils / Tigers 11 - Leopards 12 - Trinity
  2. Helen Skelton has been on it several times and so has Clare Balding. Tedious link to RL but there is one.
  3. There was 4 of them. Connor was defo one.
  4. Some already do, as they wait for the team bus at the Ainley Top junction of the M62 when they play on t'other side of the hill.
  5. Can't see the players we rested last week being rested this week too. Team will most probably be Lolohea, Senior, Leutele, Cudjoe, McGillvary, Russel, Cogger, Hill, Levi, Trout, Greenwood, Jones, Yates. Bench Seb, English, Wilson O'Brien/Goulding.
  6. Can't be any worse than PlayerLayer who we had and have gone "pop"
  7. That is absolutely spot on. I was dreading coming on here and saying that and then everyone having a go about it being stated, but thankfully someone noticed it too!! Our defense was rocked solid all match. I personally think we missed Josh Jones yesterday and we were pretty one dimensional in attack. We seemed to send nearly every attack down the left. Even when we worked it back to the middle we went back to the left. Big matches on the horizon for us, but with players to come back in to yesterday's team (Fages, Jones, Levi, Wardle), we should be well suited to attack on all fronts.
  8. Salford always seem to get better of us in both fixtures each season. I believe we have only beaten 3 times since we won the LLS. Hopefully this season we will put a stop to this pattern of results. Fages back after his ban so going Giants by 20pts.
  9. I Would like to know why you think NFT's are a huge con??
  10. It will be US$. At time of writing this, $1.53 = £1.13 You can dictate the resale value. Put it up for sale at $6.74 or £5.00. Not only should you make money on it as it cost you nothing, but, and it is only a but, you could influence the value of others NFT.
  11. Got my free NFT yesterday after signing up for the initial release. Anyone else get one??
  12. From memory I think Warrington massively overpriced theirs.
  13. The ones I have bought have been anywhere between $50 and $200. I do all my trading on the Theta platform as they have good tie ins with the largest celeb agency in the US. Obviously the rarer the NFT the more it can resale for.
  14. This really does bring the RLWC in to the modern era. NFT's are all over the place these days. Tyson Fury, Katy Perry, Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dog are just a selection of the ones I currently own. Have seen people make 10x times what they bought them instantly as soon as they get released.
  15. Before that is eliminated, we need to take that out of the coaches game plan. However, every set of 6 can't have 6 set plays in it, so we are a little tied in what we can do.
  16. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-2022-season-dates-21862544
  17. Looks like the season will start on Thursday the 19th of Feb and conclude with the GF on September the 24th. 27 rounds inc Magic.
  18. Betfred confirmed as main sponsor of SL for another 2 years. Great news and good to see continuity.
  19. Unless I have missed something here then this a Man Utd promotion and not an RFL one. Utd will be doing so that they get more bums on seats and more money spent in their museum, club shop and the outlets in the stand, which I am pretty certain would surpass the cost of the reduction in cost of the tickets. As I say, correct me if I am wrong about it being a Utd promo.
  20. The PS subscription works out at 42p a day (31 day month) or £2.88 (4.5 week month). I SAY AGAIN, 42P A DAY!! A chocolate bar in our office tuck shop costs more. Only pay for the subscription through the season, and save 3 or 4 months of money that would then go towards the following seasons costs. As per usual, those want to watch it and think it is a positive will subscribe and watch, the others will just continuely find a reason to bash the deal and having to folk out again to watch. If they plan it well, then every club should be at home once and away once in order to give it a balanced view and not put more pressure on away fans of certain teams. Not sure what everyone else does, but i pay £30 a month for sports on Now TV. Don't deal direct with Sky (yes i know they are the same), but this way i save having to pay an additional £20 for their basic channels which are poor to say the least. Just to reiterate, 42p a day!! Does the monday night match also come with a highlights package for the whole weekend of action. This is something that Sky don't seem to have done this season (although i maybe wrong). People moan about the coverage and then when it arrives we moan about it. Get your mates round on a monday night, get a take away in, a couple diet cokes, spread the word!! Why don't we all start to help promote the game as well instead of leaving everything to others. The sport is worth watching, lets get the enthusiasm building ready for what should be amazing WC in 2022. No negative responses please or i will report you!!
  21. Ideal opportunity for him to be included in Wane's backroom staff.
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