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  1. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-2022-season-dates-21862544
  2. Looks like the season will start on Thursday the 19th of Feb and conclude with the GF on September the 24th. 27 rounds inc Magic.
  3. Betfred confirmed as main sponsor of SL for another 2 years. Great news and good to see continuity.
  4. Unless I have missed something here then this a Man Utd promotion and not an RFL one. Utd will be doing so that they get more bums on seats and more money spent in their museum, club shop and the outlets in the stand, which I am pretty certain would surpass the cost of the reduction in cost of the tickets. As I say, correct me if I am wrong about it being a Utd promo.
  5. The PS subscription works out at 42p a day (31 day month) or £2.88 (4.5 week month). I SAY AGAIN, 42P A DAY!! A chocolate bar in our office tuck shop costs more. Only pay for the subscription through the season, and save 3 or 4 months of money that would then go towards the following seasons costs. As per usual, those want to watch it and think it is a positive will subscribe and watch, the others will just continuely find a reason to bash the deal and having to folk out again to watch. If they plan it well, then every club should be at home once and away once in order to give it a balanced view and not put more pressure on away fans of certain teams. Not sure what everyone else does, but i pay £30 a month for sports on Now TV. Don't deal direct with Sky (yes i know they are the same), but this way i save having to pay an additional £20 for their basic channels which are poor to say the least. Just to reiterate, 42p a day!! Does the monday night match also come with a highlights package for the whole weekend of action. This is something that Sky don't seem to have done this season (although i maybe wrong). People moan about the coverage and then when it arrives we moan about it. Get your mates round on a monday night, get a take away in, a couple diet cokes, spread the word!! Why don't we all start to help promote the game as well instead of leaving everything to others. The sport is worth watching, lets get the enthusiasm building ready for what should be amazing WC in 2022. No negative responses please or i will report you!!
  6. Ideal opportunity for him to be included in Wane's backroom staff.
  7. Confirmed as parted company between Marshall & the club. It seems to be said every year, but i do feel Salford will have a massive fight on their hands to stay in SL at the end of next season.
  8. So, just to clarify, Huddersfield are selling SOME adult season tickets for £65. Lets be correct here!!
  9. Maybe he saw Carter's last line in the Chester sacking and thought..... "if i don't sign and play for them, maybe he will still pay me and then I can stay at Catalan and be paid there too"
  10. Well we managed to put one bogey team to bed last week in the come back win against Wakey, so I don't see why we can't do it again this week. Going to be a tougher match, but I have the faith and belief in the structures and plans and procedures etc. Giants by 12pts.
  11. Let them play against Leigh & Wakey that will provide a good insight.
  12. And then Chester comes out and says this........ "Some of these players just aren't good enough. Some are struggling with the intensity and the pace of the game. We are embarrassed by that second-half performance." These are the players he has signed too. I know we are not world beaters but you could see the joy and elation and relief on the Giants players faces on the final hooter.
  13. Even at 18-0 down I felt we would win yesterday and we did. Wakey in my view were very poor, not that we were much better. There second try was their highlight of the match but from there i don't really remember them troubling our defense too much. A lot has been said recently of Watson's processes and plans etc and yet again they came to the front yesterday. We played a conservative game for the most but when we needed to we put it out wide and came up with the goods. A lot of pressure was put on Pryce yesterday with Russell going off after about 20/25mins and at one stage i thought it was going to be too much for him, but he weathered the storm and came through. We can still improve a lot more and no doubt we will. But for now, it's time to move on to putting another hoodoo to bed and beating Salford on Friday.
  14. Another good test for the Giants. As noted above Wakey have been a hard one for us to overcome over the last couple of years. But with our renowned confidence and attacking play i'm confident that we will have enough to make it 3 from 3. Giants by 12 (ish).
  15. Have to admit i wasn't massively impressed to hear that we had signed Jones after watching him at Hull. But Watson knows him and knows how to get the best out of him and it has been a great bit of business. Fearing he wil get 2 or 3 matches for what happened at the end of the match, which will be a big loss for us.
  16. THIS!! Just posted something similar in the Huddersfield Giants topic. Can not fault any of the players last night. They had a game plan and stuck to it. If we had lost last night then I would have been very worried going in to Saints, Cas & Wakey in the next 3 matches, but now am a bit more confident and feel that we should be looking at at least 2 wins from them matches if not 3. Thought Wardle had a quiet match but not concerned as he has been a bright spark for us for so much of the season so far, it was good to see others take up the mantle. Onwards and upwards!!
  17. Did you see the match last night?? What are/were your thoughts on the Giants after that performance?? It has been said many times by Giants fans that Watson has a massive job on his hands to turn the fortune of the club around and move on the players he doesn't want and more importantly who don't to buy in to the club and Watson's philosophy. I appreaciate one swallow doesn't make a summer, but every single player out there gave 100% for 80mins to ensure we got a much needed win. No eggo's, no self indulgent, they all stuck to the plan and executed it very well. Yes we still lack a bit of grunt and experience up front but when you have WIll Pryce playing in just his 4th senior level game, Olly Russell who can't have played more 25 games and several forwards who are also still finding their feet at SL level, it shows that if we can continue to get them buying in to a good coaches philosophy, plan and process they will improve no end.
  18. let's start it now and get Adam Hills involved......... #isitokforAus&NZtopulloutoftheRLWC
  19. i can see us sneeking this (somehow), so nervy home win by 4 - 6pts.
  20. "The majority of NRL players are currently living away from home under difficult biosecurity protocols. They would then be required to remain under protocols and away from home for the duration of the tournament before again quarantining on return to Australia. This is too much to ask our players and officials to do. Have they actually asked the players what THEY want to do??
  21. Is anybody doing else or thinking about the England match @ St James' then travelling down to Hull for the Fiji match??
  22. i know it i not footballer related, but Adam Hills continues to mention it on the last leg. I appreciate that some of the show is scripted but when you can get Alex & Josh talking about it to, it helps.
  23. Sezer & Trout have now joined the squad. A bit more confident with Sezer back, but if we get in to a forwards battle, we will be overpowered. Gonna go for us by 4pts in a not easy on eye win!!
  24. We've managed to add 2 more to the squad. Still a long way off our best team unfortunately.
  25. Giants only able to name a 17man squad for Friday. We look very light in the forwards, so not confident going in to this one. Presume Seb & Roberts aren't playing for Salford.
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