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  1. A major bonus for us on Saturday, was the experience that came off the bench. Not since the league leaders shield season have we most probably had that strong a bench to choose from.
  2. Near on full strength squad for the Giants (Turner & Golding missing through suspension & injury respectively). Hopefully all the discussions regarding Falou will still be ongoing and we can sneak away with the 2pts. Important this season we start better than last. Only having 2 players missing (as i don't Cudjoe as missing anymore) is at least a better start than 2019!!
  3. Are we going to organise a trip out to watch our new team??
  4. Agree with KR being favorites for the drop, but unsure on 2nd/3rd favorites etc. Maybe biased, but don't see it being Giants. SO long as we stay injury free at the end of the pre-season and predominately throughout the season i think we stay clear of trouble. So will most prob have to put Wakey as 2nd favorites.
  5. Why not. That's a yes by the way, before anyone tries to answer with reasons why we shouldn't be helping out!!
  6. Clare Balding has been revealed as the new RFL President from summer 2020 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50827986
  7. Who has said that we are expecting him to turn us in to contenders?? Don't think anyone expects us to pushing for the LLS or a GF appearance if i am totally honest.
  8. Am happy with this to be fair. The more we can keep the game going and flowing the better in my opinion.
  9. Although gutted to be losing Leeming, if a player wants out then you either get the best deal you can for them or let them fizzle away behind the scenes. No one player is bigger than the club, but as noted in the Seb topic, Woolford is defining the squad in to how he wants it and is planning for a couple of years in the future with the crop of youngsters that are currently at the club.
  10. I remember when Woolford took over, there was a multi-year plan discussed to overhaul the club from bottom to top. We are now starting to see Woolford getting his own choices of people in roles which can only benefit us. Couple more comings and goings expected before the pre-season matches start. Should be a much better season in 2020, espically if we can keep injury free which was a massive issue for us last time out.
  11. when do tickets go on sale to general public??
  12. Tough one for us Giants fans this. He hit the ground running when he first arrived and really gave the team a lift when they needed it. From there he never really looked the same again. Before the 2019 season he was strongly linked with a move away, to Cas. Supposed to be one of the big earners within the squad so will free up some cash to bolster over areas as I personally feel we have enough on the front row with Clough, Matagi, Walne, English, WIlson & the new signing Gavet.
  13. Unfortunately the release of Harry but the signing of Ben shows the club is going through the natural evolution in improving it's player rosta in order to maintain and improve its position within the championship. Yes it is sad to see lad locals who have given their all for years to go, but they are sports person and will understand the position that the club is in.
  14. Golding says "“I like to defend, I like the defensive side of the game" -- Well you have come to the right club to do that!!
  15. I would say attendances falling are more down to the repeatativeness of fixtures and not people being fed up of going to the same place.
  16. The plus side for Cas players is that when they come to play a HOME game for us Knights, they will be playing in a quality stadium!!
  17. yeah saw that one too, coming up to Salford Quays / Lowry area. Made me chuckle!!
  18. Always interesting to read up on old posts!!
  19. That is in the job description for all halfbacks!!
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