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  1. Then maybe there is levy in the newly announced government allowance that could be used as a form of insurance to clubs.
  2. Remove the loop fixtures is an obvious solution. Not have Magic Weekend?? There must be insurance policies in place for these extreme instances.
  3. i would say that the bottom 3 team most probably won't change, but maybe just the order. At the top?? Well?? I think WIgan have looked the best so far and have also been suprised (at times) by Cas as i didn't think they had recruited significantly in the off-season. Dark horses, are obviously the Giants as we have had an excellent pre season and have recruited well with Sezer and having an almost fit squad from match 1 is like having 5 extra new signings.
  4. Defence wins matches and i would go out to say we've put in a great defensive effort in 4 out of our 5 matches so far this season. As a start to a season i would defo have taken 4 wins out of 5. Cup next week then 2 winnable home league matches to follow. #COYG
  5. Sezer v Hastings. For me, whichever of these has the better game will be on the winning side. Home advantage to count, 4 - 8pt victory for us.
  6. A major bonus for us on Saturday, was the experience that came off the bench. Not since the league leaders shield season have we most probably had that strong a bench to choose from.
  7. Near on full strength squad for the Giants (Turner & Golding missing through suspension & injury respectively). Hopefully all the discussions regarding Falou will still be ongoing and we can sneak away with the 2pts. Important this season we start better than last. Only having 2 players missing (as i don't Cudjoe as missing anymore) is at least a better start than 2019!!
  8. Are we going to organise a trip out to watch our new team??
  9. Agree with KR being favorites for the drop, but unsure on 2nd/3rd favorites etc. Maybe biased, but don't see it being Giants. SO long as we stay injury free at the end of the pre-season and predominately throughout the season i think we stay clear of trouble. So will most prob have to put Wakey as 2nd favorites.
  10. Why not. That's a yes by the way, before anyone tries to answer with reasons why we shouldn't be helping out!!
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