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  1. With companies finances as they currently are with Covid, i would imagine some companies wouldn't be wanting to be seen sponsoring an event while having employees on furlough and then in a couple of weeks or months time have to make possible redundancies.
  2. Unfortunately he was never injury free. At the start of last season when the squad was down in numbers he played and you could see that he was not 100% ready to. With the emergence of the Senior twins and McIntosh moving from FB he was always going to fall down the pecking order. At least it is a release on the salary outgoings for the club.
  3. I would presume that if the season is cancelled, which it looks more and more will be the case in my eyes, it will be down to each club to offer refunds for ST's and then up to each individual whether they want to take the refund or not. I am not concerned about taking the money back or asking for something for next season. I will pay whatever the price is for next season when that time comes. Granted, i maybe in a different situation to others but the above is just my thought/opinion.
  4. davet


    Would say that is likely in 2021 rather than 2020 especially for spectators to be in attendance anyway. Not even sure behind closed door matches will/should take place. Players health and well-being has to be the main factor to consider.
  5. i would say that the bottom 3 team most probably won't change, but maybe just the order. At the top?? Well?? I think WIgan have looked the best so far and have also been suprised (at times) by Cas as i didn't think they had recruited significantly in the off-season. Dark horses, are obviously the Giants as we have had an excellent pre season and have recruited well with Sezer and having an almost fit squad from match 1 is like having 5 extra new signings.
  6. Defence wins matches and i would go out to say we've put in a great defensive effort in 4 out of our 5 matches so far this season. As a start to a season i would defo have taken 4 wins out of 5. Cup next week then 2 winnable home league matches to follow. #COYG
  7. Giants back to winning ways with a sneaky 4pt win ?
  8. Sezer v Hastings. For me, whichever of these has the better game will be on the winning side. Home advantage to count, 4 - 8pt victory for us.
  9. A major bonus for us on Saturday, was the experience that came off the bench. Not since the league leaders shield season have we most probably had that strong a bench to choose from.
  10. Near on full strength squad for the Giants (Turner & Golding missing through suspension & injury respectively). Hopefully all the discussions regarding Falou will still be ongoing and we can sneak away with the 2pts. Important this season we start better than last. Only having 2 players missing (as i don't Cudjoe as missing anymore) is at least a better start than 2019!!
  11. Are we going to organise a trip out to watch our new team??
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