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  1. Just seen that on beeb website and was already to put the shortcut here. As you say, dealt with professionally by Hicks & also Wire.
  2. It is an official club statement with a big error in it. Whether it was written straight after the event or not, the error should have been picked up.
  3. i'd be more concerned that the "official statement" wasn't checked for spelling & grammar. here / hear.
  4. Been appointed KR's U16 coach.
  5. Giants surely can't be bad for 2 matches in a row?!?! Need to repeat the performance from the AJ Stadium from 4/5 weeks ago if we are to get anything out of it. Giants by 4pts (hopefully & everything crossed).
  6. Good write up on Ed, via this link to the Oldham website. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2019/07/oldham-swoop-for-ex-york-captain/
  7. A match neither team will want to lose (again). Giants win and another massive step to securing safety, but a defeat will once again tighten up the bottom 4/5 places. Hope that the rain stays away for the match. Got to stay loyal and say home win. Most prob by 8pts but would love it to be a landslide to help the nerves and pts difference!!
  8. Unfortunately Uate has never been fully fit. Played all the matches with a niggling ankle (i think) injury. This is turn has affected his confidence.
  9. Remaining fixture are; London - Salford (h), Cas (a), Cat (a), Rhinos (h), KR (a), Wakey (a) KR - Cas (h), Wigan (a), Wakey (h), Cat (a), London (h), Salford (a) Rhinos - Giants (a), Cat (h), Saints (h), London (a), Salford (h), Wire (h) Wakey - Saints (a), FC (h), KR (a), Wigan (h), Wire (a), London (h) Giants - Rhinos (h), Salford (a), Cas (h), FC (a), Saints (a), Cat (h) Can't see any team winning more than 2 matches (if that) to be fair.
  10. To me, his concerns are correct. The solution?? Who knows. Is there a right one?? For every sponsor and their trade, there will be people who are happy and people who aren't. It is up to EVERYONE, not just the RFL, SLE, clubs etc to increase the profile of the sport. The only bad news / correspondence about RL is no news / correspondence.
  11. How fast is the coach going to be travelling at, if it is going to get from York to Barrow in 2hrs??
  12. Going to be tough match for both teams, not necessarily on the physical side but more the mental side. Neither one will want to lose this one. Any sort of win for the Giants will do for me.
  13. One change to the Giants squad with O'Brien dropping out (unsurprisingly). Hopefully we can continue where we left off last week against Salford, and take another step closer to safety. Giants by 8, will do for me.
  14. We never have any luck against Salford espically in the last couple of seasons, and i don't expect that to change in this fixture. With us being so poor recently can only see a home win, but if we can manage a win then hopefully it can kick start the remainder of our season (Catalan, KR & Rhinos to follow in the next month).
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