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  1. Forgive me if it has been mentioned already but an important part of this conversation regarding the Marshall lost ball and the try is this - would that have been a penalty if he hadn't lost control of the ball? My feeling is that contact with head via hips, elbows, knees etc happen all the time on a rugby pitch and we cannot penalise them all otherwise there would never be a tackle. It wasn't a piece of foul play and if he made contact with the head it was accidental. So. If he hadn't lost the ball it wouldn't have been a penalty and it shouldn't be because he lost the ball... you
  2. Have to say I think any comments that Australia are not coming because of the fear of losing are massively wide of the mark. It is the opposite... they are not coming because the they don't see the value in coming and I am afraid that is win or lose.
  3. I agree with this. There would be a lot less gamesmanship, 'winning' penalties, sledging and just plain cheating if tough guys could dish out a bit of justice. Unfortunately we will never go back.
  4. Have to say, I am struggling to follow your train of thought here.
  5. Anyone at the head of the Australian and New Zealand Rugby League should listen to this and feel ashamed of themselves. It's not about elite NRL players not being able to play in trials or start training a little late... it is about men, women and wheelchair athletes potentially having their dreams thrown away.
  6. I thought that was a parody posted to Phil Gould's account. Amazed it's real. Someone with good Twittwr skills needs to link him.
  7. Of course, but this is coming from a completely different direction. ARL and NZRL = "the tournament is unsafe, the players are tired of living in bubbles and don't want to play and so for their own welfare we are withdrawing" Indigenous players = "we really want to play" Of course the ARL and NZRL player welfare line was just an excuse for the World Cup not to impact NRL 2022 and they thought they would be able to get away with it. I hope they don't.
  8. He is a very interesting character. Clearly a very very astute player who will find any opportunity to drive a hard bargain. You would have said a few years ago that having someone like this in the sport would be superb; on our side and fighting our corner. Unfortunately, it seems like his 'side' is not the sport of Rugby League but the NRL and so his strengths are actually tearing the sport apart from the inside. It may not be an issue for the NRL (yet) as they will see the benefits of his actions but the wider sport will suffer. I don't suppose he will mind, the key is who will
  9. Well, I have no problems with Hill having an opinion and voicing it. If the voices of the Kangaroo and Kiwi players had been heard before the decision was made for them and taken completely out of their hands then we wouldn't be in the position we are now. Even today, it is absolutely clear that Australia and New Zealand could field very strong teams with players not just happy to travel but statin their ambition to play in the tournament. Of course, that is assuming that the player welfare issue was actually the reason for these two pulling out which it is clearly wasn't.
  10. I am informed by the stats that pop up on the right hand side of this page on my laptop view that I have made more posts in this thread than the next three people put together. I guess that goes some way to demonstrating how much I enjoy the NRL and love seeing Brits do well over there. But after the events of the last week or so I won't be watching any more NRL for the foreseeable future and so I will just hope the established Brits carry on doing well and the likes of Dom Young, Bailey Hodgson and Harry Rushton fulfill their potential. I hope things change (as I hope the NRL rever
  11. Entirely right. The idea that a World Cup is about 'us' or 'them', wherever that rhetoric comes from, is what holds the sport back. Everyone benefits from a successful World Cup... or at least everyone would benefit if they were able to identify and leverage the opportunity. The point is that the leadership of the game in Australia is actually demonstrating its lack of vision and strategic thinking here... something they have been recently praised for and are now reversing that perception.
  12. Gould either doesn't get it or refuses to listen. Don't force players to go play, don't force then to stay at home. Give then a choice. That way, players can go if they want and fulfil an ambition of representing their country in a World Cup. To just say it is not in their interest and make the decision for them is draconian and authoritarian. He is bullying the panel here as well.
  13. We should start a thread on it. I reckon people would be interested.
  14. You're right mate, I am absolutely gutted about the whole thing. A few months ago on here , I said that the NRL was now my real passion when it comes to Rugby League... I have always followed the Aussie game but over the last two or three years, I have absolutely loved it. The only thing that surpassed it is the internationals... the Kiwi's and the Kangaroos and then more lately Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, PNG. It all felt great and the World Cup was going to bring these two things together for me. I have not looked forward to something so much in a long time. And then this. One of my pa
  15. You know what, part of me actually wants Tom Trbojevic and Latrell Mitchell to sign for the Wallabies and tell the NRL why they are leaving is to play in big international competitions and travel the world. I know that is cutting off your nose to... etc. but that is exactly how I feel at the moment. And if there were no swear filter on here, the NRL part would littered with words starting with F.
  16. I thought that was a pretty sad video to watch. It was a player who would clearly love to go to the World Cup and play for his country but who was also terrified of saying anything that would go against what his club or coach had stated. If players like Kikau are being bullied into not playing in a World Cup - the pinnacle of an international sport - then people need to take a good long hard look at themselves because it simply isn't right.
  17. I was just watching the videos on the BBC website of Tom Daley and Matty Lee winning the 10m synchromised platform gold and Adam Peaty retaining his 100m breaststroke title and I thought to myself... if only the British Olympic Association had had the welfare of these young men in their hearts they would have stopped them from going to Japan and fulfilling a lifelong ambition and saved them from themselves.
  18. But wait, won't all the other sports come to realise that depriving young men (and women) of their ambition of representing their country for sake of their welfare is the way the forward. Without asking them, of course, which is surely the only way to do it properly.
  19. Absolutely. A key part of winning a competition (some would say perhaps the most crucial part) is turning up to it. If you don't turn up to a competition then you have no chance of winning a competition. Being World champions at anything is about commitment and investment as well as talent. If Australia or New Zealand don't play in a World Cup then they have lost just a legitimately (but perhaps more embarrassingly) than if they had lost on the pitch.
  20. I hope that people see me as more of an optimist than a pessimist on these boards but I think we all have to brace ourselves for the news that the Pacific Island nations will pull out of the World Cup following their meeting tomorrow. They have a powerful big brother in the NRL that I don't feel they will want to stand up to. I desperately hope I am wrong though and I will celebrate being wrong.
  21. I posted on the other thread that I would have two new teams replace Australia and New Zealand rather than a rebel team. My argument is that a World Cup is for nations. But I have to say the idea of First Nation indigenous teams instead has a real attraction. It would generate a lot of interest and the players defying the ARL/NRL would show that money and club fixtures are not the only thing that matters. If it happens I wouldn't hate it.
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