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  1. What I don't understand is why you are warning clubs about signing Pangai and yet when Corey Harawira-Naera and Jayden Okunbor were sacked you were touting them as great talents being available. Just seems a little random.
  2. Personally I would place a player having sex with a schoolgirl he met on an official club visit to be worse but I guess we all have a different moral spectrum.
  3. Name the 8 winning teams: Roosters, Panthers, Eels, Sharks, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Tigers, Knights How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R14? 324 How many AWAY wins will there be in the round? 2 How many games will produce a single figure winning margin? 2
  4. Slightly before my time but I really enjoy watching clips of Steve Rogers play. From those I have seen in the flesh, Gene Miles was a perfect wingers centre while over here Garry Schofield and Paul Newlove were both fantastic.
  5. Just caught up with the Bulldogs vs. Storm game. As mentioned, Thompson was criminally underused carrying the ball. I felt his defence carried a bit more sting this week though. If he gets more time and (critically) more workload, he will shine.
  6. This is my point from earlier in the thread. Unique circumstances are providing a situation that probably wouldn't have come about normally. We have one competition excited about developing the sport without scrums (a good proportion of the fans at least) and another excited about what scrums are adding and thinking they could become more competitive. I will say again, if we do get to a point (maybe not likely but certainly not inconceivable) that one competition has competitive scrums and one has no scrums, we are working towards two different sports. I don't want us as a sport to go anywhere near there and so we should tread carefully.
  7. Leeds just looked badly coached. Their half backs are running laterally and not squaring up the defence so Saints can simply drift in defence without any danger. The execution is poor but then Leeds don't look motivated on the effort plays... kick chase etc. Not a good combination.
  8. Yes, but if you get Sky Sports you wouldn't need to ask us which players are kneeling down and which are standing up before the game. Oh, and you could watch the rugby as well... bonus.
  9. The Mrs is Italian. Now that comes with a few positives which I won't go into here and the clear negative that she refers to trousers as pants. On balance, I am ok with that.
  10. OK. I think you are personally overstating the value of this language and consistency but I understand your logic.
  11. We are 13 games into the NRL season. If these inside passes were not what Stuart wanted then he would have sorted it by now. It's the coaches plan, not Williams and your crticism is being misdirected.
  12. It's funny isn't it. When Williams was in Super League he was off the cuff and unpredictable but criticised for being inconsistent. When he went to the NRL people said some structure would be coached into his game. Now he is playing to a structured game plan at Canberra he is being criticised for being too predictable and out of his depth.
  13. If that is the case then it is the coach who is out of his depth for the poor and predictable game plan, not the half back for executing it.
  14. I don't know where you wear your trousers but mine actually tend to cover my ar$£ and nads?
  15. Could I ask you to be just a little bit more melodramatic please.
  16. Didn't want to start a new thread for this so adding here. We are definitely seeing teams more prepared to concede a six again early in the tackle count as the penalty is less severe (i.e. fewer repeat tackles than conceding later in the count) and the ability to slow a team down and gain some ascendency in defence. But what is a bit of an anomaly is conceding six again on the first play of a 7 tackle set from a 20 metre restart. As the first tackle is tackle zero then a team conceding 6 again are not being penalized at all... i.e. the first tackle on a six again is tackle 1 and the second tackle of a 7 tackle set is also tackle 1. So exactly the same outcome with or without the six again call. As a fast 20m restart is often a good play as the defence is broken then every team will surely slow the first tackle down and concede the six again as they will not suffer any negative consequences
  17. Just shown the pic to the good Mrs Dunbar who I can assure you is more insightful in these things than me. In summary, the jacket and pants are not a suit (which they are not) then there should have been more of a contrast in colours... perhaps some darker trousers. The shoes should also have been darker (in particular if it was a suit or with this pant and jacket colour scheme). She is also not a fan of the polo shirt under jacket but that is more personal. Apart from that, spot on.
  18. My stereotype comment was on his errors which he has cleaned up massively in the last two seasons. He has made 9 errors in 13 games. Serious question. How many errors would you want him to make in 13 NRL games before you stopped labelling him as clumsy?
  19. The Panthers are a real quality outfit and certainly Viliame Kikaau and Liam Martin got over the top of Whitehead and Bateman today and bagged a try each. Nathan Cleary is living up to his potential and could be the next great Kangaroo half back for me.... he has all the attributes.
  20. Tom Burgess hasn't just looked good in patches this year, he has been the dominant prop on the pitch in pretty much every game he has played. He has also made 9 errors in 13 games which is exactly the same as Elliot Whitehead who nobody would even come close to suggesting is 'clumsy' with the ball in his hands. It's time to stop judging people on lazy stereotypes and actually looking at their performances.
  21. Come on guys, this is the Internet, it's not supposed to be this sensible... we need to keep going until one party describes the other as a Nazi.
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