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  1. Just looking at the top of the Dally M table since it went behind closed doors after Round 12. We have had a shortened round with byes and a full round since then. I don't think there would have been a lot of movement at the top with State of Origin players rested and James Fisher-Harris and RTS both playing in losing teams. Despite a couple of errors, Latrell Mitchell may have picked up some points at the weekend but he can't win the award due to picking up a ban. Do we think any of the players are making a move up the table? Maybe some Storm (Hughes) or Eels players (Mitch M
  2. Green Flag are the sponsors and the shirt is in the colours of The AA.
  3. Just pointing out that you ranked Farnworth's performance against the other full backs in the NRL this week despite the fact he didn't play full back. And look, I managed to say that without throwing insults around.
  4. If you watched the game, you would have seen that Farnworth was on the wing, not full back.
  5. I think if I were given the choice today of England entering the final quarter of the World Cup final on the 27th of November this year just 6 points behind, I would take it.
  6. I suspect he doesn't have a legaleg to stand on. But most employee disputes have a period of conciliation before they go to legal. And this is sport where the balance tends to be a little more to 'player power'.
  7. He won't have a contract to play in the Championship, he will have a contract to play professional Rugby League. I guess his argument will be that he signed for a certain value and now that Leigh are in a different division with more income this should be increased due to the demands of the league and the available funds. The contract will be valid though.
  8. You do wonder, with 3 of the 4 centres on show not regular centres how much of the attacking prowess was just poor defence. Certainly Trbojevic and Capewell's mutual defence at time was poor.
  9. One of nuances of representative selection is that you have to separate the individual from the team performance and judge the former on its merit. And I have to say that hearing complaints on here for years that selections are confined to the big teams at the top of the table, it is a little ironic to dismiss a player due to the poor form of his team.
  10. I agree. But I would like to know what standards he has let slip. Are they on the field or has he failed to adhere to some process or schedule off the field. As a fan of England it would be nice to have some insight.
  11. A poor choice of words. Let me rephrase to 'taken his game to another level.
  12. It's slightly more complicated than that. Farnworth was selected then stood down with the vague explanation of "The players know the standards expected of them as England players. Herbie’s standards have dipped below what I expect." What we're those standards? Playing, behaviour? It would be nice to know and if he continues to play well is there any way back in... would seem not as other outside backs were recently added.
  13. I believe that Dom has a brother who is not much older and so is also a good young talent. But I think it is fair to say that the younger of the young Young's is the rising star.
  14. I agree. And what all those have in common is that they are great athletes. All tall, fast and strong. I like the idea of getting them on the park together for England in the future.
  15. They are all in the squad and I believe that they are all quality players. Tomkins is playing well at full back and while not as fast as he was, he is still elusive and (importantly) he offers that valuable 3rd pivot threat that all the best teams have. King is a late developer but I think he is a very good centre while Newman is as good as an outside back as we have produced in a long time. Makinson and Johnstone are different players to McGilvary and Hall but if we want pace and finishing then these are our wings. The last World Cup final we had. 1. Widdop 2. M
  16. Do you think so. I think the following (if fit) could be an exciting a backline 1. Tomkins 2. Makinson 3. King 4. Newman 5. Johnstone
  17. Coates ruled out in the warm up for the Broncos so a reshuffle has seen Farnworth on to the wing. Pity, I was looking forward to seeing him at full back.
  18. Agree he has looked pretty good. I also think he is a better (right) centre then he is winger as his hands are very good as well. Although I expect he is glad he is not defending that Souths left side attack!
  19. Only really Harry Newman from the current crop of young kids in the Super League (and Farnworth stood down from the squad).
  20. Very well deserved, for both his services to rugby league and charitable fundraising.
  21. Dominic Young gets a start on the wing for the Kights against the Rabbitohs tomorrow morning. Hope he goes well.
  22. That would be a really strong argument if it wasn't for the fact Conner has played 8 tests and Ratchford 6.
  23. Completely agree. The public loves success for the national team and they won't question its merits in any way. Some may criticise, but those are the people who would hate an English RLWC win and we know who they are already so sod 'em.
  24. So to summarise, England winning the World Cup will be negative, England not winning the World Cup will be just as negative but you would prefer that to the even more negative alternative. That's a cheery outlook!
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