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  1. we dont have a spare 20 million either, but we do have a proper league stadium that belongs to the club,but the so called elite dont want use in super league.
  2. funny how most of the so called super league clubs dont have there own stadium .
  3. not giving up just areply from mark campbell to the super league clubs, who seem to want to rule the roost over every one else,and ensure they take all the monies from sky and elsewhere,wigan cannot even garuantee home games going ahead,due to a ground share,looking at the league at present alot of the top sides are afraid of the super 8 set up.
  4. not the first time this has happened at wigan,looks like your second rate to a second rate football club.
  5. well they have got the crowd control up with the fencing.
  6. anyother club other then ex superleague
  7. what happens to the other waste of space,the eagles.
  8. they would!nt have given a dam if they were one of the so called super league clubs,put them champ 1 and let them rebuild if they can,don!t want to see them go under but how many chances do you need???????
  9. also use to be used by wingers to keep there hands warm,cos they never got any ball.
  10. lets give it to peacock seems tohave his finger in every pie,by the way can someone tell him championship players are in scotland squad,the so called clubs who dont need to get any better or super dupper cash.
  11. why when we play as england do we have to have god save the queen,surely this is the anthem for great britian,all the other nationals have there own anthems why not use as england,patriotic but this takes the biscuit.
  12. hes at it again, look at what you charge at the ground you no longer own. see you next season ,oh the sneak in gates are now locked.
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