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  1. wonky

    Town shirt

    I think it’s the 2 ansaldo sponsored blue and white. There’s the zebra shirt and the pink one we beat haven in
  2. wonky

    Town shirt

    Afternoon people, hope your all keeping ok. I was wondering if any of you had a 2015 or 2016 town short. Either home away or charity shirt. I’m willing to pay or if anyone has any to donate it would be hugely appreciated. It’s all for a good cause and will be auctioned off at a later date. Thank you
  3. Hopefully corona will get some games called off To get lads back
  4. Jamie is a defo no, don’t be surprised to see Gordon at haven though
  5. Nah, and as for merchandise and shirts, ours are probably some of the best in all of rugby league.
  6. Shacks slimmed down, seeing him in that ike game he must be wearing a large boys jersey these days because that thing was tighter than towns defence on sunday
  7. Games played on derwent park every Saturday since well before Xmas but hey don’t let facts get in the way of an opinion
  8. I don’t buy this experience crack. Have we not got scholey, Miller, forber, Doran, Dawson, maudling, etc????? The likes of fell And Dec as well have experience in the championship. Super league experience means nothing In this league it’s totally different. Did Lupton, dowes, tansey, snd the like solve our issues because of the level theyd played at? Not at all, people seem to get hung up on these experienced older players. Just crazy talk really
  9. wonky

    Away shirt

    Any info on this years away shirt. Seems to be later than normal
  10. wonky

    Ged stokes

    It sounds like ged is in a bit of a bad way back home. So get well soon ged
  11. wonky

    2020 Squad

    Well don’t think Carl has put that much weight on in the off season
  12. wonky

    2020 Squad

    We don’t need to as he’s not leaving
  13. wonky

    2020 Squad

    Why are we replacing fui?
  14. wonky

    2020 Squad

    Pretty sure penky has hung his boots up.
  15. wonky

    2020 Squad

    Massive shame for ryan and he had some good games in a town top, but if he is it might be a blessing for town to get him off the books, paying for an injured player isn’t ideal when we will have a relatively small squad again
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