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  1. So haven are safe and keighley come back down, throwing money at it like they done last year really hasn’t paid off
  2. Swinton pulling away. Looks like it’s going to come down to the cougars game on where haven will be playing next season
  3. Well at least we’ll have a derby to watch next season
  4. Yeah it’s just been the loan where he’s still hardly played
  5. Be amazed if Brad isn’t at town to replace Sean next year
  6. Easily the worst refereeing performance for years. We could and should have won by a wide margin had he not pulled us back time and time again for no reason. Jake Bradley is outstanding, comfortably the best player on the pitch yet again. Matty Henson was top draw and Sean is possibly the best diffuser of a bomb we’ve had for some time
  7. Probably to bring a bit of positivity after the disappointment of Sunday
  8. Donny seem to be a team that falls away towards the back end of the season. If town turn ip and kieren is on form then we are more than capable of doing the job
  9. Not sure why people aren’t too chuffed, Liam’s as solid as a rock in defence and a great engine for a forward. He was all set to come back when we got promoted until haven deadline to decide if he was designing for them before we played the playoff final so you can’t knock him for wanting to guarantee he was staying in the championship. Plus next year you’d think the likes of forber and mossop will retire so we need some experience if we can persuade him to buy into the project
  10. 6 points clear and a game in hand should be enough to see us into the playoffs without worrying about this weekends result
  11. I’d rather have Jake as you could imagine him and Kieran would be dynamite together, but I have to disagree massively, Marcus was outstanding for town and rightfully wanted to stay at that level, but I would assume if they’ve walked out would they be even allowed to sign for town? Or because they haven’t been paid does that mean there contracts are void?
  12. Well Liam is definitely one you would see back at town. I think Tom burned his bridges and it should stay that way
  13. Come on guys I think if Jamie and Marcus wanted to come back we would bite their arms off. They didn’t jump ship because of money to be fair, they went to play at a higher level. I would also take Liam mcavoy in a heartbeat
  14. Just a question for haven fans, in a season where the board repeatedly put out statements about how hard up they are, how much there struggling etc, go fund me pages going up for you all to invest your hard earned money, do you think it’s right that there bringing in new players such as Jake Carter (a position you probably didn’t need anymore cover in) when yous have already had a pretty strong campaign so far without him? It looks like Newcastle are doomed as thorman persists on trying to recreate the awful town team from last season without the only decent players we had (the locals), so it means one from haven, barrow, York, Swindon, keighley or Widnes to join them. Surely you have enough quality and good enough home form to keep afloat without spending on any unnecessary acquisitions like Jake.
  15. I don’t think Ethan’s showed an awful lot this season either tbf
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