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  1. Oh well might only put 70 points on us then
  2. We have a big forward signed on a months loan and chose not to play him which blows my mind. Riley had to play yesterday, wether he had trained much or not, he’s a handful and with our game plan of 1 man rugby down the middle does he really need to be up to date with our tactics. The Welsh lads go straight into the side when the 1st signed, both of whom are 2 of the smallest forwards I’ve ever seen, and considerably worse hookers than the 2 lads we already have, but glens left out. Baffling
  3. My point is I can’t see us getting ransacked. And stevie will all depend on how he comes back from a serious injury, and there’s more chance of town winning the league this year than there is of Steve scholey leaving
  4. Not sure we have 7 to 10 capable of playing championship if it’s not with us. Cain, Jamie, connor, Marcus and Matty Henson would be the only ones I’d fear us losing, the travelling lads simply haven’t been anywhere near good enough. Maybe Oscar Thomas out of the travelling lads
  5. Where have you heard this callum? I think your mistaken, why on earth would we sign lads to 2-3 year deals when there was every chance we would be relegated thus leaving us having to start from scratch next season. Nonsense imo
  6. Surely he could have hit the deck earlier?
  7. I found the ones we spoke to were good crack and surely singing that is pure banter. Like we wouldn’t have done it if the shoe was on the other foot. And tbf he’s bang on, we are going down with dewsbury
  8. I thought the graft was there today, Oscar was the best player on the pitch and cain was outstanding yet again. How Ethan managed to bomb that at the end I’ll never know, and a point would have been fair on both teams. Why oh why are we wasting Matty Henson as a battering ram? Blows my mind why we’ve decided to bring her another hooker into the club when we have 2 quality ones and Dec who can cover there if needed, so why have we brought another in when we’re desperate for a centre and props? I thought our halves offered next to nothing today in all honesty. Surely trying oscar and stand off when broadbent is fit to play full back is worth a try.
  9. Not a bad centre back in his day was Curtis. Not sure how many balls he’s taken in though
  10. Has Perry singleton left?
  11. wonky


    I think we need to be realistic and admit we weren’t ready or even close to being prepared for championship rugby. The lads brought in just aren’t able to take us to the next level, I just can’t see us picking a win up this season, I really can’t.
  12. I just think the lack of strike in the backs is a killer, sorry Alex shouldn’t be getting picked, I thought he struggled in league 1 never mind the championship, but I think leaving walker out killed us. We were camped in there half for the 1st 25 mins and other than Doran’s kick from the scrum never looked like breaking the deadlock, we need a half with a bit of speed and guile and he offers both. On another day we could have won the game, I thought newcastle were as bad as us in attack, clueless last tackle plays. Though Jordan Thompson was towns best today
  13. According to rugby league daily were linked with Anthony gelling, along with most other championship clubs
  14. Yep. Decs outstanding and can play loose forward where we are pretty short
  15. But can you admit your a bit of a heap in attack, no playmaker and an awful kicking game
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