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  1. Paulo needlessly throws forward pass. Eels pressure comes to nothing.
  2. Freddie Mercury levels the scores... but has the ball touched the ground off to bunker. No try.
  3. Ikuvalu with acrobatic try in the corner. 4-0 Roosters
  4. Butcher forces Mahoney knock on. First chance for Roosters. Now another penalty to Roosters 10 out
  5. Good morning all just getting ready for Eels\Roosters. Unfortunately will only be able to view first half.
  6. On the latest Forty20 podcast. Phil Caplan was stating that Salford City F.C. now also want to play their games there.
  7. Close. Three weeks ago i stated Penrith -Parramatta final.
  8. Olam kicks for Aldo -Carr but Walker gets there first Final Storm 50-0 Rabbitohs
  9. Gagai for bunnies , unfortunately for him the ball had just gone dead,
  10. Aldo-Carr over for sixth try. First time a player has achieved this in 71 years. Another pass from Olam. 50-0. No team has ever conceded 50 points and gone on to win the comp
  11. Aldo- Carr over for his fifth try first Melbourne player to do so Munster adds the two from the touchline 46-0
  12. Good afternoon all it is now 36-0 after further tries from Brandon Smith and George Jennings Update now 40 -0 from Hughes pass to Jennings. Munster conversions attempts poor from the touchlines tonight. 21mins to go Commentator keeps stating no Melbourne player has ever scored 5 tries in a game. Graham are you alright!
  13. Week 9 Good luck to one and all. 30 points: 5or6, Homes: 5 Points: 348 Winners: Storm, Panthers, Eels, Raiders Titans, Cowboys Warriors , Bulldogs
  14. Congratulations to The Red Rooster on their win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  15. When I worked in Royal Mail 5's and 3's was part of the " sports championship " there were about 8 or 9 regions of the UK who sent teams of 6. I had 3 freebies in the mid 90's having week ends away in Bawtry, Chester and best of all Hull were one of the teams had two elderly Wakefield Trinty (Wildcats ) fans who were surprised I had heard of them and were anti super league. Best about it was being from N.I. we flew over on Thursday night played friday and saturday and returned home after a fine sunday dinner. Us and the teams from London and Scotland were the same six blokes every year whereas I remember one year the team that won it stated that their qualifying for next years comp started a month later. Cribbage was another three day freebie. I know one bloke who represented the post office in the London marathon and they flew him home that night. Would Crown Green bowling qualify as a regional sports?
  16. Week 8: Good luck to one and all. Poll: Raiders\ Rabbitohs Aways: 4 Points: 317 Winners: Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans, Panthers Eels, Roosters, Warriors , Dragons
  17. Please with the win as two forwards never turned out on sunday and I had two players who both scored over 100 as non playing subs. One of them shall replace Charlie Staines this week.
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