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  1. No idea where to start after that performance today... Jonty summed it up perfectly in his interview and got to admire him for such honesty. He certainly pulls no punches. We were second best in every department and it's not because Batley were that much better than us, seemed they just wanted it more. Think some need to have a look in the mirror after today and question weather they actually want to be here. Pains me to say it (a lot probably won't agree) but Jammer is not the answer for a championship team playing half back. Next 2 weeks will be tough but let's hope we can put in better performances to build for the rest of the season.
  2. Congratulations on the win today, thoroughly deserved. Think this could be a springboard for Batley now. Good luck for the rest of the season
  3. Confirmed being covered by BBC radio Cumbria, full coverage from 14:40pm
  4. Hi Roger, It normally is so can't see why it wouldn't be this week
  5. A lovely sunny (for now!) day up here in Cumbria, safe travels to any fans making the trip, remember to call in the clubhouse for pre/post match drinks
  6. I might be wrong here, but if he's retired I don't think he'll need to give any signing on fee back. Would be more a gesture of goodwill but I can't see it happening. Shame for York as I thought he would be great for you when you first signed him.
  7. TBF, I'm not sure how easier it will be for you, the few games he did play he was a bit of a liability in defence for penalties, didn't carry the ball well and didn't last long minutes. We've brought in the current reserves player of the year from St Helens who is a young lad but I'd imagine he will offer us a lot more than DDW.
  8. St Helens current reserve player of the year Brett Bailey signs on a 2 week loan deal However DDW no longer at the club... No idea what's happened here.
  9. If we didn't have any conspiracy theories the world would be boring mate What bare bones are you down to?
  10. I don't doubt it. Recalls him and won't play him all to help his old club
  11. Hill recalled by Castleford for this weekend.. would hate to think Lingard is doing his old club a favour by helping us lose a body
  12. TBF I'm not surprised, you guys played some great stuff
  13. Glad to see you think so, I was going to say the same thing but didn't want to seem biased I suppose if you don't want to listen to the radio you'll have no choice but to attend the game Hope to see a few of you guys at the game on Sunday, remember to come inside the ground for a pre-game beverage rather than the club on the way to the ground
  14. Well where to start today... At times we were our own worst enemy but that being said, credit to Sheffield who were clinical in the 15 mins spell we switched off. 10-12 at HT looked good then Sheffield found more in the second half.. they're a good team who are unbeaten for a reason and have obviously invested heavily in their squad. As for Haven, lot to work on for a big game next week against Batley. Hopefully the injuries mentioned post game aren't to serious. As for Gebbie, heard it after the game, he's simply not fit. IMO that speaks volumes of him wanting to be here or not, he's been over since January and is basically full time, if he can't get himself fit in that time and we're now heading into the 4th week of the season then send him home and get someone else in. The ball is firmly in his court now. Doran isn't fit enough to defend on an edge, thought Guy Graham went really well when he came on the field. DDW offered very little in today's showing unfortunately. Onto Batley next week.
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