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  1. Hearing Town have signed an ex-player recently released from Haven...
  2. Town have got a great player in O'Brien, surprised he wasnt snapped up years ago! Played 13 more recently at the mont. I heard you had signed Henson too? He's a great 9 for Egremont.
  3. New signing or re-signing tomorrow?
  4. Considering I'm not Australian your comment makes no sense
  5. Surely there's a better option than Austin on the wing?! Widdop to FB, Austin to HB, Lomax to Centre, Connor to Wing.. off the top of my head! This GB tour is awful!
  6. " When the Kangaroos tour England ".... doubt it'll be in Toronto
  7. What ever you want to believe
  8. Cant help but think that money could be used to help kick start grassroots rugby in Canada to make it a sustainable sport....
  9. Boas announced tomorrow?
  10. Surely Town can attract better than Goulding.
  11. Heard a crack Burns may be going!
  12. Incorrect. Both played this season, and although limited, both realised they would struggle for game time at champ level
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