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  1. I would imagine pushed to meet the standards. They wont push them out the league as long as they fulfill fixtures which everyone has
  2. Was 1 league, each played each other once and then league split, then played each other in that league once, venue depending on where you played them earlier in the season. All points/results obtained in first league didnt carry over into the 2nd phase. Hope this helps
  3. How do you propose the others left can sustain a reserve team? They'll have no funding, no league ( if they made their own who would run it as I doubt it would be the RFL ). The clubs would need to find massive amounts to fund it which would take away from their first team budget?
  4. Personally I cant see them getting rid of duel reg even when the reserve league starts back up
  5. Will at least one not be accepted with Salford dropping out?
  6. And who would they play? Some of the teams they will of been playing will be the ones going in this league!
  7. Decent idea mate but, who is going to pay for it all? Out of the teams already rejected (supposedly as no word on some) I would say only maybe Newcastle could? I cant see Haven or North Wales for example being able to pay for it all of their own backs, even if they did get sponsorship. Very short sighted from the RFL who it seems are rejecting everyone outside of Super League. You would think they would want to encourage and expand the game..... silly me! This is the RFL we're talking about!!
  8. Think singleton signed a 2 year deal not so long ago, kelly signed a 1 year deal with another optional year ( I think ) but didnt kelly have a trial at Barrow and was deemed not good enough?
  9. Would they fancy going to Barrow now? Barrow had their chance to sign them and over-looked them. Haven/town gave them the opportunities.
  10. If Barrow could keep the majority of their team I would fancy them to bounce straight back up, but if Haven go up I would expect a couple to head there if the chance was there
  11. Great crowd of 2360 at the Haven v Town game yesterday
  12. Got to disagree about the forward pass, it was forward no doubt. Agree about Penky, best 9 on the field today was Dowsett, cant understand why he didnt play longer. If Doran was a little bit fitter he could be playing top end Champ rugby no bother, great try he scored.
  13. Crucial point for haven, town best team today. Haven were knackered due to all the defending they done! Kicking in play was the big difference today, Haven were very poor in that department.
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