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  1. More than happy with O'Brien replacing Wilkinson. Agree about Doran but if he did that would be a good signing. Same rumors every year with him though
  2. Is the 11 names on the top post all we have?
  3. I'd push Knowles up to front row with Oledzki, Burgess, Thompson. Batchelor & Bateman second row with Radley at 13.
  4. Hearing Dennis betts is linked to your vacant coaching position
  5. After seeing the Jamaica squad, I fancy Cumbria to beat them!
  6. Great to see signings announced, looking at the highlights looks like great additions! Happy to see Josh Eaves back
  7. If I was Workington I'd be trying to get Adam Jackson back, think he's a great player, just not had the chance
  8. I can't see him leaving either, I like Jamie and on his day he's been unplayable at times, but he would need to lose an awful lot of weight to be that player again and I can't see it happening, league 1 will suit him more
  9. Heard Barnes was finishing
  10. Is that confirmed or just hearsay?
  11. Wilkinson will end up at Barrow before the start of pre-season!
  12. More departures announced, surely time to announce some signings or is it doom & gloom?
  13. Can play anywhere in the pack, but probably 2nd row in league 1
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