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  1. Think that's the same with the other clubs in Copeland who havent been mentioned....
  2. It may not count on the cap as such but he wont be playing for free will he can see a points deduction coming for Toronto next season!
  3. Top and bottom of it is, Town Haven and Barrow wouldnt survive in the Championship nowadays, there's too much money about for other teams and easier for them to get loan/DR players in. Only way a Cumbria team would work is if a merger happened which will never happen.
  4. Adapted dispensation why? The money the clubs have put in to building a youth pathway will of cost thousands of pounds anyway so it balances out anyway.
  5. You guys are doing it tough at the minute, but to go into SL and start wanting salary cap dispensation and the cap scraped is a bit of a joke really. It's been that way forever so it's not just going to change now because use are struggling. Your club will of known what the cap was so should of budgeted to it. As for other clubs, when they get injuries, they can promote from the reserves and u18s. Now I know Toronto are a new club, but... SL has been the target from day 1, you've had more than enough time to get something in place.
  6. Wigan keep playing like this I can see them lifting the trophy in October
  7. If they're good enough to be there then they shouldnt get special circumstances. You could say that when Leigh/Widnes etc got promoted!!
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