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  1. All quiet on the signing front... wonder when the next news will come?
  2. Heard they're maybe looking at a different league structure for next year and felt it wasnt fair on any new teams who got accepted this year
  3. Is that confirmed mate? If so what stage did teams get to? Was it the clubs who voted or the league?
  4. What a shame for an amateur club!!! Should maybe be like other clubs and have players who play for the club, not the money!
  5. Let's not forget, Doran was at Wigan where they would of instilled this into him! He should know by now what it takes especially being Captain!
  6. Weren't a few players at weddings etc this weekend ? good time to be injured!
  7. Signed for Barrow I'm hearing, doesnt want to play at a higher level than league 1, got a job outside of rugby to focus on now and his fitness levels arent good enough for Championship. Will rip it in League 1, quality player.
  8. Think Town could do with taking a bit of a stand with players not turning up etc, Olstrom done it ( he did at Haven too ) and now Rooke... maybe Thorman wants to send a message to the players regarding commitment etc and now might be the time to do it....
  9. Only one PNG half coming now instead of 2, one from Town wants too much coin
  10. If town win how does the plays off work after this week? Newcastle v Town? Doncaster v Oldham? Then the winners in the final?
  11. Great addition to the team!
  12. Reckon he'll be an added bonus for Haven, cant be easy going through the shift pattern like him and Stack do and with the added pressure of travelling on top of that. With less travelling he might be just what Haven need.
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