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  1. Looks like a great addition to them team! Good to see the club getting the business done early!
  2. Now I'm not a saints fan... but they seemed very hard done to by some of those calls
  3. we wont miss TWP and certainly won't miss their fans believing the Hype hahaha
  4. 'People like you' .... im offering the realistic answers that some cant take
  5. This type of comment is used everytime either Town or Haven is in a higher league or when they sign someone out the county. Both clubs do it and each set of fans love to mention it. Its proven that to be as competitive as others in the championship you cant just do it with local players.
  6. Of course he would say that! He's not going to say anything else is he ! The fact of the matter is, how would clubs and the RFL be able to change the goal posts so late? Plans would of been set out and sent to clubs before the season was interrupted. If Toronto hadn't been so brass and spent money that they didn't have they could of used that money to pay players wages for 4 months!! If you think you will get players wanting to play for use now after this shambles then you should think again! And if you think anything else then you're a bit deluded
  7. No you're wrong. Wolfpack knew the deal. Seems you have just posted here to get one sided answers and to seem like you're right.
  8. With Haven signing Dixon and Williams it looks like the Doran rumors were same as every year
  9. Great re-signing! Is there a list of the players who are still contracted that can be added at the top?
  10. No idea, either way, be good competition for places which haven lacked last year
  11. I heard that and that fullback is his main position. With him coming, forrester can move to wing to replace carter.
  12. Karl could play 6. Not sure a 21 year old is the answer to guide the team though!
  13. Another new face to the squad
  14. Good signing for Town, wonder why it didn't work out at Barrow for him? Their loss is definitely Towns gain!
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