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  1. Isn't their season opener the local derby against Shaw Cross? I would imagine they're expecting a bumper crowd so want to make a bit of brass. I've heard or seen nothing to suggest they won't be playing at staincliffe road again this season.
  2. I remember him being a guest on Good Morning. He was given an item of tudor clothing and asked if he was getting anything from it.......his response "this was worn by a man.....or possibly a woman", nice Derek, well done
  3. Me and the missus love India. We've only been to Goa but its fantastic, great people. I'd recommend a trip to dhudsagar falls. My parents went to India every year for about 8 years until my mum became to ill to travel. They went to Mumbai and Mapsa among other places. My mum (god rest her) described India as "paradise in a wheelie bin", it really is a lovely and beautiful country.
  4. I usually arrive about 2 hours before KO. Have a sarnie and a drink. Then go check the changing rooms are clean. Then stand by the front door to the club, with my old fella, and greet the arriving players, officials and direct them to their changing rooms, also direct supporters to the bar, toilets etc. I'm also on hand to assist the players, officials and supporters with any enquires they have. Past 2 seasons I've then done a bit of a social media pre match build up then videoed the game. Afterwards i do the post match speech in the bar including MOM awards. Then i have a few pints. Before anyone asks its amateur rugby not pro.
  5. Our Christmas tradition for some years now has been to eat out on christmas day and then have a hot/cold buffet lunch on boxing day. Due in part to my tightarsedness I've decided to do it the other way round this year and save £30 per head! My wife and kids still aren't convinced but my old man is up for it.....if they don't like it they can pay for it next year
  6. Just checked and i joined in 2007, although i think i may have been registered prior to that under a different name
  7. Mourinho appointed as new manager on 3 1/2 year deal according to BBC sport.
  8. Papers saying Mourinho the favorite, i struggle with that concept! A manager that wants millions to spend coupled with a chairman that won't spend
  9. People, especially sports coaches or players who, when asked a question start the answer with "yeah, no" Reporter - "charlie big bananas had a good game today?" Coach - "yeah, no he's been training hard.....etc etc"
  10. People who say axe instead of ask......i want to axe a question
  11. A maroon H reg escort eclipse......it got written off in a rear end shunt a month or two later so i upgraded to an Orion 1600i ghia
  12. I always thought Paul Heaton was from Sheffield, turns out he was born in Cheshire.
  13. When people talk about the standards being diluted, a quick check shows that Wyke's clubhouse is a 25 minute walk away from their pitch.....surely that can't be right?
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