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  1. Just checked and i joined in 2007, although i think i may have been registered prior to that under a different name
  2. Mourinho appointed as new manager on 3 1/2 year deal according to BBC sport.
  3. Papers saying Mourinho the favorite, i struggle with that concept! A manager that wants millions to spend coupled with a chairman that won't spend
  4. People, especially sports coaches or players who, when asked a question start the answer with "yeah, no" Reporter - "charlie big bananas had a good game today?" Coach - "yeah, no he's been training hard.....etc etc"
  5. People who say axe instead of ask......i want to axe a question
  6. A maroon H reg escort eclipse......it got written off in a rear end shunt a month or two later so i upgraded to an Orion 1600i ghia
  7. I always thought Paul Heaton was from Sheffield, turns out he was born in Cheshire.
  8. When people talk about the standards being diluted, a quick check shows that Wyke's clubhouse is a 25 minute walk away from their pitch.....surely that can't be right?
  9. To be honest when i first started to use it (many years ago), it was great. Being able to get in touch with old school friends/work colleagues/military friends that I'd lost touch with. But nowadays people seem to think that everyone wants to know exactly where they are/what they're eating/their inside leg measurement.....then there are the keyboard warriors that can now mouth off knowing that they never have to face the repercussions of the bile they spout.
  10. Facebook. Finally got fed up of the amount of dribble that some people post and the absolute bile they spew at you when your opinion differs from theirs......and these are people i classed as friends. Although i class myself as a mentally strong person some of the abuse really did start to bring me down, to the point that my family noticed a change in my persona. A difference of opinion...yes, abuse...no. So no FB, insta, snapchat, twitter for over 2 weeks, and funnily enough life has become so much nicer. I cant help but think that alot of mental health problems are caused by the social media lifestyle that some have.
  11. Too true! I can't help but feel that had the England players not gone back out for the 2nd half UEFAs hand may have been forced into some kind of meaningful action. The flip side of me says that meaningful action would probably have been to sanction England.......UEFA/FIFA are no more than a corrupt busted flush!
  12. Hmmmmmm I seem to remember this year's final being between 2 NCL clubs....hardly yorkshire pub teams.
  13. How about bonus points, like the rugby union system but a bit more. 2 points for a win. 1 point for draw Score 5 tries = 1 attacking bonus point Score 8 tries = 1 extra attacking bonus point Finish the game within 3 tries of opponent = 1 defensive bonus point Keeping opponent tryless (is that a word?) = 1 defensive bonus point It keeps the emphasis on scoring tries rather than kicks, rewards defence and the bonus point for finishing within 3 tries gives teams getting beat something to aim at rather than just give up. It could also give the final table a bit of a twist?
  14. I like that the reasonably priced car is no longer so reasonably priced
  15. The British Coal GB shirt with the red/blue/white diamonds. I also liked the puma John smiths GB shirt.
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