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  1. RAF Uxbridge was the home of the RAF RL for quite a few years. On the evenings that I spent there during the build up to games, we used to drink in the RAFA club which had it's fair share of the old and the bold. Interesting fellas to talk to.
  2. Well despite having had 4 Blackcaps in the garden feeding and a pair of Coal T**s. One of the Coal T**s had been seen going into the nesting box, neither of these took up the tenancy. The box has been nested in by a pair of Great T**s (no puns!) and they now have chicks! I've got some pics off the parents coming and going, I'll post them from my laptop in a bit ?
  3. I got a 5 terabyte external drive for my sons PS4 (definitely not mine ?) when I learnt that GTA version whatever took up near on 100gb of the 250gb on the internal drive ?
  4. Either way I'm happy to have something using the bird box........would have been nice if they were Blackcaps.
  5. Not the best picture, taken on my phone camera. This was taken last week.
  6. I've set my camera up to record the box. Someone has told me they could be coal ####, so now I want to know for sure. We had 6 feeding on the garden last week in a little group and they all looked like Blackcaps to me. We're lucky if they are.
  7. Me and my son (10 yo) made some bird boxes a couple of months back and put them up round our garden, more in hope than anything. Happy to say we have a pair of Blackcaps nesting in one and we think they have young. I'll try and get some pics.......proper made me happy,and we've also seen an influx of birds visiting our garden this year. It's nice to sit and watch them.
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