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  1. Liam Watts has recently opened an estate agents in Cas.
  2. Like many I used to frequent RLFans, but found many moons ago that one mod started to become a bit dictatorial so I binned it off. I'm a member of trucknet as it reminds me on a daily basis of how stupid others in the industry are/how lucky I am to have the job I have/sometimes theres useful info regarding parking, roadworks etc. I think I might give that mumsnet a peek, sounds fun ?
  3. RAF Uxbridge was the home of the RAF RL for quite a few years. On the evenings that I spent there during the build up to games, we used to drink in the RAFA club which had it's fair share of the old and the bold. Interesting fellas to talk to.
  4. Well despite having had 4 Blackcaps in the garden feeding and a pair of Coal T**s. One of the Coal T**s had been seen going into the nesting box, neither of these took up the tenancy. The box has been nested in by a pair of Great T**s (no puns!) and they now have chicks! I've got some pics off the parents coming and going, I'll post them from my laptop in a bit ?
  5. I see you and raise you, John Joyner 613 games for Cas, 20 years covering 3 decades,also 2 testimonials ?
  6. Tiger Balm is fantastic stuff! We bought a load of it while we we in India and paid 37p a jar for it. Boots sell it for like £4 for the same size jar. Luckily in Dewsbury there is an Asian supermarket that sells it for £1.50 which is the cheapest I've found in the UK so far.
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