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  1. They are supposed to be penalised but how many more 6 agains can we put up with it mostly depends on what team is doing it. You will be asking for those ref assistants to spot forward passes next.
  2. Most of us could see this result coming perhaps a good thing as we now know fev are nowhere near as good as everyone has been shouting about so just maybe a new coach and offload some more oldies and go back to the drawing board. Our defence has been woeful most games and not a prayer of super league with this set up. I honestly believe this year is the last chance saloon for rovers but I suppose playing in the second tear of a 10 team super league is all we deserve. However if rovers do manage to sort themselves out who knows in the play offs. utr...
  3. I thought Mac was going to be our saviour but it appears we may have made another big boob it would certainly help if he could communicate with the media god help us if he is the same with the players. He reminds me of that abba song "if you change your mind I'm the first in line take a chance on me and our eurovision song making your mind up" oh well there is always next year OH NO THERE ISN'T.
  4. well rovers biggest certainty since arkle with the bookies but we fell at first fence we may now just get the clear out which is needed but hey staying in the championship is a given.
  5. I cant fault which players we have offloaded recently and expect hall and maybe a couple of old forwards to be got rid off hopefully making way for some decent forrads to come in. Hall is a great championship player but seems reluctant in defence at times.
  6. I take it this is their share of the cash wakey are getting lets hope rovers will get their cash pronto. Wakefield Trinity have been given some superb news this afternoon. £8.8 million has been released to help the West Yorkshire redevelop Belle Vue in order to secure their Super League status. A report to Wakefield Council’s Cabinet stated: “Failure to secure improvements to the stadium presents a direct threat to the future of professional sport in the district and the future of the club itself,”
  7. Well now that the dust has settled Im hoping that my first thoughts about the game will come to fruition i.e. if we only just lose we shall stick with the same squad whereas if we get well beaten which we did its back to the drawing board and offload some more players and replace them with some stronger younger forwards in the pack. I feel this is the last chance saloon for rovers as we are surely going down the route of a closed super league shop again or the 2x10 idea.
  8. simply as I keep saying rovers forwards are no where near leigh standards its either get the cheque book out or stay in the championship but I honestly believe with a fit team and 3 good strong forwards we could reach superleague.
  9. we may just hold leigh for about an hour before our oldies run out of steam just hoping connor jones may make a big difference. utr
  10. if rovers tackle like lions they can win it but alas our goal line defence is often poor and cant see it ever improving with lets say the older generation we have on our books . The only way of dealing with big brute players is to target them repeatedly until they soon become bug.....red just like a couple of the big bradford players.
  11. Could be a player we really need but if we get him playing some good rugby wakey will probably recall him. Rovers desperately need some younger players in the squad.
  12. Bang on mate I may be out of sync with this one but since day 1 I have and always refer to the 1985 cup as the mickey mouse cup.
  13. Briscoe is one of our best players gives his all however rovers problem lays at the door of his team mates who hardly ever give him any cover or support when left alone to deal with the high bombs.
  14. not surprised fev need some young big forwards we are carrying too many oldies which will outdo most championship teams but taking anything like this team into super league will lead to a fair few trouncings. Just hope we get some new better forwards however I do feel if conner jones had played we would have done a lot better.
  15. Give it some 83 spirit today and its in the bag but leigh are big bu.......rs so defence is vital we can match them in attack but can we defend today. Just hoping it is not a case of the ref helping one side more than the other wait did I here 6 again ugh.... utr
  16. Bibb was excellent much better tackler also harold box was pretty good in defence I also really liked john marsden but he dropped a few high kicks under our crappy floodlights yet khierallah is the best of the bunch in support and attack however not as good in defence as the others but time will tell.
  17. no comment might tell you what some fans including myself thought of this man as nobody wants to speak ill of the dead unless it is the likes of hitler and putin once the latter has been terminated.
  18. Unless there is a marked improvement in defence rovers will certainly lose this game and probably some other games so the ball is in rovers court step up with the poor defence or remain in the championship. Just hoping they do somehow manage to win.
  19. Zak is definitely a bit of a loose cannon wherever he goes he may be just what fev need but could go off the rails at any time costing rovers their chance of super league so it's risk versus reward anyway Rhinos will soon find out.
  20. As I have previously mentioned rovers tv seems to be having some problems. I recently contacted the CEO (after repeated emails were unanswered) to ask why I have been unable to pay for another tv subscription which has not working for several weeks now for my account. He passed my comments on to someone else who in turn passed it on again but still the same problems persist so I have given up trying to get a subscription hopefully rovers do not lose too much money with these failings.
  21. looks like my problem not being able to pay for rovers tv today was a blessing judging by the score no doubt batley were up for a fight and rovers just thought they had to turn up. lets hope its a wake up call otherwise super league is going to be yet another pipe dream. utr
  22. no I do not auto renew I upgrade when I need it thanks and have never had a problem in the past.
  23. Just tried paying for another months tv subscription but its not working today anyone else having a problem. My guess it is something to do with the new security for card payments introduced everywhere last week. It goes through all the usual log in and upgrade but after entering card details and selecting pay nothing happens.
  24. nothing whatsoever but fev website states live uninterrupted commentary from 2-50pm some backsides need kicking what a total farce
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