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  1. Two going from Somerset. Always look forward to GF Tickets & accom booked months ago.
  2. For anyone planning to park at Hillingdon tube station next Saturday - and I usually see a fair few fans there - please see below from Transport For London website. METROPOLITAN LINE: Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Bank Holiday Monday 26 August, no service between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge. Replacement buses operate. May be worth looking for a Plan B ?
  3. First game for me was 2009 CCF. My RL mad work-mate kept telling me how great the game was - so I told him if he could get tickets for Wembley I would go. (I actually thought it would be like the FA cup final with tickets impossible to get) So went along knowing nothing and expecting very little. BUT....I loved it. And that included the whole 'occasion' element of it - the many groups of fans from so many different club, the happy mood, the RL family feel. Been to CCF every year since then - a must do event in my personal sporting calendar. Now we also make a couple of trips up north every year - One for GF, one for SL. Did a 3 match weekend to Cas/Dewsbury/HKR back in May. Tickets and accom booked for Wembley & OT for this year. Being in Somerset, location / distance is the biggest problem - Is it possible some fans in or near the Heartlands may not appreciate how lucky they are to have so many game watching options to hand ?
  4. Bag packed. Car loaded. Thermals at the ready. Hitting the road in the morning and I'm excited. Any last minute advice ?
  5. Not a Broncos fan - But I guess there's a bit of a southern connection. I did buy a replica shirt on a visit to Barnet. Plus, I have a Harlequins RL shirt from the Stoop. It confuses the locals when I wear them round town. For a London game it's a 300 mile return drive plus tube time - so it tends to be CCF only these days. We started making the trip up north a few years ago for GF and decided we wanted to see more games in more places. This way we get to fit in 3 games for around 600 miles and experience some club grounds rather than Wembley & OT.
  6. Planned a Triple Header weekend with my workmate weeks ago and booked accommodation. Fri. Cas v Wire Sat. Hull FC v Cats Sun. Giants v Wakefield Now with 2 games rearranged it’s onto Plan B Fri. Cas v Wire Sat. Dewsbury v Toulouse Sun. HKR v Saints Does it still look like a decent line-up for a southern neutral ?
  7. The 2009 Final was my first ever game. I remember the Churchill Dog T-Shirt....."Wigan v St Helens Final ? No No No"
  8. Gutted. Bought tickets months ago and booked the B&B. Mate rushed to hospital yesterday. Trip off. B&B cancelled. Tickets posted to friends near Manchester. At least a couple of newbies get the chance to experience the GF.
  9. For a casual/neutral fan like me it has to be Wembley. It was the lure of a trip to a Wembley final that got me to attend my first evr RL game. That in turn has led me on to attend GF, Magic and SL games.
  10. Loved it - great day out in London, Enjoyed the game and the tense finale. Small crowd - No problem. On the tube 15 mins after the final whistle.
  11. I bought early - Top tier, front row, Catalan end. Got the Upgrade e-mail - Didn't fancy being too low so phoned them and negotiated a 'vertical upgrade' to Club Wembley, again Front Row.
  12. Me too. Was told relocated to Cat 4 behind posts. Phoned up - now in Club Wembley front row.
  13. I'm a southerner with a casual interest in the sport. This started when I was convinced to go the 2009 CCF. It instantly became a 'must go every year big event'. After a few trips to Wembley my interest increased and I tried the GF - this is now another must do big event. The double header semi has now caught my eye - If it is announced far enough ahead to make arrangements (work/B&B)I believe this will be my next must do big event. PS I personally find Magic OK, but lacks that Winner take All element.
  14. Anyone else get one of these in their e-mail ? I was in front row top tier - booked in March - a quick phone call later and now i'm in front row of Club Wembley. BTW speaking as a south west casual follower, I think the CCF is a great event the 2009 final was my first ever match and now it's a must do event. Love attending - doesn't matter who makes the final. Plus now the GF is another must do. (Booked that one, plus B&B back in April). IMHO it's these big events that get people aware and following the game.
  15. A few random notes from me - a casual/neutral follower from the West Country. The CCF is a 'must go' for me - great event, big stadium, day out in London - what's not to like ? My main sporting interest (football) takes a back seat for this one. Had a panic when my niece told me her wedding was the last weekend in August.....luckily for all parties it was on Sunday. Always buy tickets early as not worried who reaches the final. Always travel up early on the day to fit in a morning of tourism. Usually drive, but this year found a bargain £20 return train from Weston-S-Mare - which even ran on time both ways. Always find the tube gets me to and from venue without any problems. Attendance /Ticket availability & price amazed me the first final I attended (2009) but now I've got used to the cheap price - £17 for row 2 of upper tier. Hull corner of stadium but was sat by a lovely young lady from Halifax (cue comments ?) Every year I try and convince my football following work colleagues to attend - but they seem to think wearing a Man U / Chelsea / Liverpool shirt and never attending a game makes them a super fan. Saw plenty of fans around Paddington afterwards. Spoke to a family of Wigan supporters from Exeter, plus our train had a family of fans from Weston-S-Mare. A few others also onboard heading west or south west. Finally, I agree there are less neutral fans shirts on display than in previous years. However, I myself opted for a weather friendly, light weight summer shirt complete with handy breast pocket for tickets and glasses. When twinned with practical cargo trousers I reckon I pulled off a smart, but working class look. PS. Next stop OT - Tickets & accommodation booked for ages - I do love a big event.
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