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  1. Great news and should see a significant rise in attendances now.
  2. Wembley looks to be on the horizon. Would be a real boost ahead of the new stadium move.
  3. Are Salford in financial trouble. Seem to be willing to offset key men next year; Griffin, Bibby, Jones and Lui? Who next? Can they replace them with calibre players. Hope the RFL is doing it's due diligence because the signs to me are of Salford implosion. Would hate to see a team relegated this year only to see Salford implode next year. Worrying times if you are a Red Devils fan.
  4. Some progress but what about the farcical obstruction rules now.
  5. Sorry guys but you might be seeing a little less of Lee Just got the man of the match for Trinity v Rhinos including a 70 yarder for a try.
  6. 26 tries in 27 games doesn't suggest that he is a journeyman at all.
  7. A dozen of us coming over from Wakefield. However with split family connections to both Halifax and York camps I think it will be safer to wear my Wakey colours. Really looking forward to my first game at York since the Wigginton Road days.
  8. Good win after being 12 down. Hope the Trinity contingent did you proud.
  9. ricardo07

    York Game

    Expect the crowd to be in 4 figures. Last week's crowds were good and York will bring plenty.
  10. Great news Essex. Hope the Metro give their support to the Broncos this season. Just wish that London had splashed out on an antopodean marquee signing to give their season a boost. With 11th spot a guarantee of SL in 2020 I think this would have been very worthwhile.
  11. Think that in the long run this best for TWP. The qualifiers have shown them that there is still work to be done. Good effort to get 10 pts and only lose out on points difference but they would have really struggled in the higher division. They really need better half backs, McCrone is not the answer, a top class centre to unleash MCB plus at least 2 top class forwards. A little more investment and more crowd support will see them as firm favourites for promotion next year. Today's defeat may yet prove to be a blessing in disguise as events have proved that they were not quite ready to go up. Well played London, I hope that David Hughes provides the necessary investment to keep you up next year.
  12. Great signing for you. Will coach you on the field as well. Hope that you have plenty of pace outside him.
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