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  1. Westfalen Warriors 48-12 Ruhrpott Rhinos TSV Karlshöfen Moortefel 32-16 Green Hill Hunters Round 2 on the 03 August played at RFC Osnabrück Westfalen v Green Hill Hunters Ruhrpott Rhinos v TSV Karlshöfen Round 3 on the 17th August played at Gnarrenburg (near to Bremen) TSV Karlshöfen v Westfalen Ruhrpott Rhinos v Green Hill Hunters Westfalen 2 +36 TSV Karlshöfen 2 +16 Green Hill Hunters -16 Ruhhrpott Rhinos +36
  2. Chris Lister, a director of Halifax RLFC, has confirmed that they have applied. Fax have been running a Reserve Grade for years and have matched and beaten the reserves of Wigan, St.Helens, Hull/Hull KR, Wakefield, Warrington over the years. They lost 30-20 tonight away at Wakefield. Much like Fev etc the Reserve Grade team is financed by the Supporters Trust, with directors topping up any shortfall. The Supporters trust usually raise 30K First Graders like Chester Butler (Welsh International), Ed Barber, Elliott Morris, Sion Jones (Welsh Student International) The Davies Brothers (Welsh student Internationals) Londoner James Woodburn-Hall (England Student International), Conor McGrath are in the Fax First team Squad. Theres Jamaican, German and Welsh Student internationals that played tonight for Fax. The benefits for the International game at various levels is also plain to see. The Welsh boys had never played League until studying at Leeds. Most teams run with a squad of 25. So we have a few players kicking their heels or have only DR to show they are match fit after a serious injury. With the Academy being dropped from 19 to 18 that provides a few players. The rest is amateurs, students, Union players. Jimmy Keinhorst came to Leeds via the Student game.
  3. Excellent news. With the Academy now going to U18, it should give a few more players available and for them to make the grade at their pace. I hope we now stay with this and dont let SL clubs stop running a Reserve Grade team for whatever reason. Newcastle Thunder have applied and you would think Halifax and Featherstone have also applied. The other two are possibly Keighley and Leigh.
  4. Maybe do some research before you post. There is not just a lack of depth in the NRL Match Officials, but most weekends the "Men" have been missing things and making mistakes. Belinda has been part of the NRL Match Officials for around 5 years. She has been Reffing Queensland Cup -the level below the NRL- as well as being a Touch Judge in the NRL. She deserves a chance to show if she is up to reffing at NRL level, both on merit and due to many of the male colleagues putting in poor performances. Will she be perfect and make no mistakes? No, but then neither have or do the men.
  5. Demetriou I dont think will move to the UK. He seems to be happy being an assistant and working with Qld.
  6. s ???? For me a sign of a great Player is somebody who is consistant over a period of years and makes the people around him better players alongside possessing a skill set that sees him the best in his position. Smith fits in to this Category. Strange how over the years unwanted Players go to Melbourne and become better players and often play in Grand Finals etc. I think you will find that them players put that down largely to Smith. Hanley was a fine athlete. Maybe even fitness wise before his time, as many opponents were not Fulltime Pros for large part of his career. Athletically few had his build or strength back then. But he didnt have that great a skill set. I dont think he made others around him better. He is not known for his passing or reading the game. The X-Factor about him was his athleticism for me. And you cant compare Hanley or players from yesteryear properly.Smith play(ed) in different positions in different era under different rules and conditions. Smith is more than a autonom or robot. His ability to stay calm, read the situation and make the right decision, such as find the right pass or kick is something you cant coach. He has been the best hooker in the game for a decade shows this. How he influences games is something only great players do and he has been doing it for the past decade. To call Smith an "Autonom" shows you know little about Smith or the skills he possesses.
  7. The last stage ruined the hopes of a few riders. Not sure how they didnt notice what was happening. It certainly gives Thomas an even better chance of success. It would be foolish to ignore the "unusual" suspects like Buchmann and Mas who both are good climbers.
  8. The NRL have admitted they are short in depth. The last weeks have seen a number of poor performances from match officials. She deserves a chance to show what she can do.
  9. Need to stop the poor management and recruitment. I think whoever is the new Coach has a tough gig. However the solution to getting the Titans part successful goes deeper than just bringing in another Coach. They need to stop over paying players and create a culture where hard work and respect is important. That Starts from the top. I would look to build from using mainly youngsters like Brimson, Arthars, Sami alongside the likes of Arrow, Wallace.
  10. Titans problems are poor management and over paying players. They do have some good kids they have signed however and for me would look to build a team around them and players like Brimson, Arthars, Arrow, Wallace . They need to stop over paying players that really are average - Peachey, Boyd, Rein, Peats, Cartwright are rubbish and offer little. And Ash Taylor needs to decide if he wants to be a Footy player or not. If he wants so much money then he needs to play and perform.
  11. I think the Melbourne Storm have done a great job in promoting not just the Cam400 but the game and Club over the years in a non Rugby League area.This week we have had Trams, Buildings in Melbourne, AFL Media etc focussed on the occassion and sport. The lights out and everything in Purple and the big builld up etc I thought was fantastic and well done. The whole Cam400 felt like a big event-which it is. The UK game doesnt do making events and making a big promotion on its players well at all in my opinion. Many lessons could be learned in Melbourne by the game in the UK. Again 22,700 turned up-mostly Melbournians-as I doubt Cronulla brought many fans.The Storm average 17/18,000 when 15 years ago it was just 8,000. The Club and game has done well in growing the game down there A good game and Cronulla certainly gave us(Melbourne) a fright early in the second half. I thought both teams played some quality football and open flowing Football. The Storm just were too clinical and took the chances, while the Sharks struggled in defence with the injuries and people playing in position they are not used to. My MoM was big Nelson. He was making metres for fun and alongside Jesse Bromwich, set the platform for the Storm to attack so well.
  12. Maybe not in the positions they played, but then none of them could lace the boots of Smith at the hooking role. And the four you mention would struggle to match Smith in the reading of the game and maninipulating and influencing games like Cam Smith does or has done.
  13. I think its worse with the OurLeague Screening which shows Championship games at 3pm on a Sunday. Why not have Clubs play 2 hours earlier (Like BSB did before turning into Sky), Saturday or on delay? I think more people would watch it. It seems stupid that the RFL screen games when most fans are at a game and the potential of a bigger audience is wasted.
  14. Think you would find that a Clubs fan base is usually made up of people from an area or who have ties to an area but have moved or the parents were/are fans. I know people who were born in Halifax and follow Bradford/Huddersfield/Leeds etc because their parents were/are from there for example. I know Halifax has fans in Canada, China, Devon, Oxford, London etc who have moved there. No doubt this is the same for most Clubs including York. Social Media is just as an important development for me as going out to Schools, Clubs etc in a Catchment area. Many young people with ties to an area use Social Media and is a way to inform them of whats going on. A number of these people may return to the Catchment area or think next I am in the Catchment area I will watch Team A and Rugby League IF its promoted right by a Club.
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