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  1. 1.Rugby League After that theres a big gap until other sports like Cycling, Soccer, Winter Sports (Skiing, Luge, Bobsleigh, Biathlon, Handball, Cross Country Skiing), Handball etc that I enjoy watching. I couldnt say which i would put at 2nd or whatever.
  2. Glad to see the back of 2019. I spent around 37 weeks in Hospital for one reason or another (Stem cell treatment, Chemo, roblem with the lungs, low blood results (Thrombozyten, Leukozyten and HB) etc). Still am here and feel OK considering. I had Stem Cell treatment to try and repair some damage to my Bone Marrow in November. This looks to have worked to some degree but my Thrombozyten after rising to 94K are dropping again and at mo around 50K. My HB is around 11-which is the highest its been in 18 months! I hope to take a new anti-body this week and then every 3 weeks in future. Hopes are high this new medication gives many patients a good remission time. So I am feeling good and positive , as well as a bit frightened, as my blood levels are not the best and why I cant often get on a "Study" with new meds. I feel so useless and angry at myself at times for ruining or making life so hard for my wife and daughter as well as other family members. They just drop everything so often for me when I end up in Hospital etc. I feel so guilty that sometimes I physically cant do much as am so tired or my back with 5 ermanent fractures, means I cant use a vac, cut the grass etc due to putting pressure on back and possibly risk more damage. I just feel like a burden. I think mentally having an incurable disease like Myeloma is tougher than the physical battle. Least I can still walk the dog and fill/empty dishwasher etc. And I have a much better life than many others. Life is tough, but there are others like Rob Burrow, who have it harder and whi I get much inspiration from. I feel 2020 will be a better year for me . Very lucky to have great family and friends around the world for support. Many dont have that.
  3. Roosters internal problems with Mitchell could cause problems. Kyle Flanaghan is set to replace Cronk. Thats a big task for anybody esecially a kid with little experience. Having a young half and trying to get him to gel with the rest of the team will also take some time in my opinionn.I think they will struggle at first but would not be surprised to see them make a Grand Final. Canberra for me are my favourites for next year-They have recruited well again and dont really need to change too much. Storm, Bunnies, Eels, Cowboys will be up there challenging for a Grand Final Spot but feel they dont have the strength, experience and depth that the Raiders and Roosters possess in some key positions.
  4. Of course everything was done above board, with no questions needed to be answered. Some things that happened at Bradford, has no doubt been seen before at Crusaders, Wakefield, Halifax (Funny Mr Wood was involved there too) etc etc. I doubt any lessons will be learned from this by anybody. Bradford Bulls and the RFL for example are quite happy to have no transparency and feel they dont have to answer any questions on the matter. No real surprise that the game as a whole seems to have a similar attitude. Its why people often dont trust Clubs or those running the game.
  5. Gutted. Dont really know what else to say. Awful disease and makes you think how lucky we are.
  6. more money being thrown away by the RLI. Money should be used on development, not wasted money being paid to Nigel Wood and his friends.
  7. Keighley and Dewsbury are both awful. Like London sticking to same colours and design each year. Gives them some identity.
  8. Mark Jones has raised over 5000 Pounds so far. It would be great if we can help him bring in more money for Myeloma UK. If you can please donate, as Mark virtual rows around the Welsh Coast. More info on Mark and how you can support him. Myeloma is a blood Cancer that has no cure. Its a Cancer that both Mark and myself have. Mark is being supported by the Welsh RL and the RFL. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56078/marks-on-a-mission-for-myeloma-uk--?fbclid=IwAR1eMVNMAfOMBTTgQydtQ4cvcPIewPXQ8w_g8Io7mnPlpCWBIN-zKXsOJNg
  9. Anthony Mundine-dont need to say much more! https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/roosters/anthony-mundines-advice-latrell-mitchell-roosters-aint-loyal-get-as-much-cash-as-you-can/news-story/46c2e9ffb4b48aba4d23759efb3f7737
  10. Glad Fax are back to Blue and White Traditional Hoops. A Couple of negatives. Hate the Fax Badge-should go back to the coat of arms. Also It seems all Sponsors logos get shoved towards the top end of many Shirts these days-I dont like it.
  11. Never really rated him. Has potential and has his moments. But also goes missing and inconsistant far too much for me. He is hardly one of the better halves in the NRL and dont think Canberra will miss him that much. Still a class signing for SL and the Giants though.
  12. There should be an investigation,though it would no doubt show Wood, Rimmer and the RFL in a bad way. Some awful decisions have been made that has cost the game millions and done nothing, but make life hard at trying to take the Bulls out the gutter.Bradford fans, member Clubs, the game want answers and rightly so. Wood, Rimmer and the RFL dont want it,as it could Destroy them. Why did the RFL waste millions with Odsal, with its Milestone of cost and that needs big Investment in the hope any Bradford Team would always play out of it? Why did the RFL choose Chalmers over others with actual money and better track records? Has any crimes been committed? Plus a hundred other questions need to be answered. The game has been damaged in many ways and struggling to move forward. I hope the RL Media keep the pressure on Wood, Rimmer and the RFL and get info out on the Bradford fiasco.
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