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  1. Rather the Storm kept Addo-Carr than Vunivalu. He had a great debut season but for whatever reason has struggled to be as good. Very good athlete who is strong and very powerful. However his passing, read in defence and decision making are awful. Plenty of better wingers around like Addo-Carr, Tupou, Morris, Sivo etc in my opinion. Fiji will miss him though hardly short on Wingers. The Storm will hardly miss him to be honest. If Union are paying A$900K a year for Wingers, its no wonder the game has so many financial Problems!
  2. Chambers is past it and am glad he has gone. Kata was nowhere near playing first grade, so no loss. Koroibete has been gone for ages and the Storm have Addo-Carr, who is much better. Vuniivalu, Koroibete came from Union and Chambers also played a couple of seasons of Union. None are great losses to be fair when they have left.
  3. He is prone to make mistakes especially in defence. The money he has been offered is crazy and cant blame him for taking it. I dont think Melbourne Storm will miss him that much to be honest. His has not really kicked on from his debut season. On his day he is quality, but he is also prone to poor reads and rushing up out the line etc. He is a very good strong athlete but his skillset and understanding of the game is very basic. Certainly the Storm will have money to spend, though they have never been a club thats gone chasing big names. No doubt they will go and look around the youngsters in the game and Union who fit the Storm System rather than bringing a big name in. Rugby Union especially in Australia never learn. They are happy to throw money away on players, especially Wingers, that are not that good, in the hope it can keep the Wannabies a half decent Union side. The money Vunivalu will get would be better spent developing Aussie Youth Rugby Union. The game is on its knees and TV Companies like Fox dont even want to show games. Its only a matter of time before Melbourne Rebels is axed after losing so much money.
  4. Mark Jones has raised over 5000 Pounds so far. It would be great if we can help him bring in more money for Myeloma UK. If you can please donate, as Mark virtual rows around the Welsh Coast. More info on Mark and how you can support him. Myeloma is a blood Cancer that has no cure. Its a Cancer that both Mark and myself have. Mark is being supported by the Welsh RL and the RFL. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56078/marks-on-a-mission-for-myeloma-uk--?fbclid=IwAR1eMVNMAfOMBTTgQydtQ4cvcPIewPXQ8w_g8Io7mnPlpCWBIN-zKXsOJNg
  5. Anthony Mundine-dont need to say much more! https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/roosters/anthony-mundines-advice-latrell-mitchell-roosters-aint-loyal-get-as-much-cash-as-you-can/news-story/46c2e9ffb4b48aba4d23759efb3f7737
  6. Glad Fax are back to Blue and White Traditional Hoops. A Couple of negatives. Hate the Fax Badge-should go back to the coat of arms. Also It seems all Sponsors logos get shoved towards the top end of many Shirts these days-I dont like it.
  7. Never really rated him. Has potential and has his moments. But also goes missing and inconsistant far too much for me. He is hardly one of the better halves in the NRL and dont think Canberra will miss him that much. Still a class signing for SL and the Giants though.
  8. There should be an investigation,though it would no doubt show Wood, Rimmer and the RFL in a bad way. Some awful decisions have been made that has cost the game millions and done nothing, but make life hard at trying to take the Bulls out the gutter.Bradford fans, member Clubs, the game want answers and rightly so. Wood, Rimmer and the RFL dont want it,as it could Destroy them. Why did the RFL waste millions with Odsal, with its Milestone of cost and that needs big Investment in the hope any Bradford Team would always play out of it? Why did the RFL choose Chalmers over others with actual money and better track records? Has any crimes been committed? Plus a hundred other questions need to be answered. The game has been damaged in many ways and struggling to move forward. I hope the RL Media keep the pressure on Wood, Rimmer and the RFL and get info out on the Bradford fiasco.
  9. The questions were there but no doubt Wood as usual didnt answer them or talked in riddles as he is famous for. This interview showed once again Wood is not a straight talker or one that fills me with much confidence as a leader.
  10. Will be interesting how Storm use Croft. I thought the Storm suffered, especially Munster, when he didnt play. They lost the rhythm in attack. With Chambers going, the Storm have an even younger side than last year.
  11. Never going to happen. Union has seen tens of millions pumped in and is still a game most Germans know nothing about or have watched one game. Football is king and then comes daylight to the rest like Winter Sports, Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Ice Hockey, Cycling and F1. The money needed to properly Developers Rugby League in Germany even to host a strong say 6 Team amateur Comp is simple not there or ever will be sadly. No Chance of getting money from Government as First not an Olympic Sport and secondly needs 10s of thousands of members to quality for State help.
  12. The 2 Orange away/alternative shirts Fax have used, are the two that stand out a mile for worst shirt award and both have seen Fax have poor reasons in them.
  13. Some cases in Europe you could quality for say Poland/ Germany, Hungary/Austria or Lithuania/Russia even though where your grandparents it was ruled by a different nation than today. Some areas have been classed as Part of Germany, Poland or Czech Republic in less than 100 years!!
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