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  1. Brian Noble once again tried to buy big and made a hash of things. His whole philosophy seems to be sign experienced players at any cost with little or no thought about looking at youngsters who could make the grade on low wages. His signings have mainly been over rated has beens or not beens on too much money. He talks a good game but sadly he has no idea about building a team for the future using youngsters and players that maybe are not headline grabbers but are reliable and wont let you down. I blame Torontos problems very much on Brian Noble and his poor management and recruitment. Using FT players to win mainly Part time Leagues was not what Toronto needed to do. Hopefully Toronto find a Player Recruitment Manager that knows the game-especially the younger end of the market in the UK and Australia/NZ/Pacific Islands to rebuild using sensible money and a realistic plan. Maybe a couple of experienced old heads to guide them. Toronto has potential and the game needs to look after them better than what they have. This small world attitude is why League is where it is in my opinion. Toronto also maybe need to look to recruit one or two North American Young Rugby/American Football guys and loan them out to a League 1 Club (Maybe Ottowa/NY or a club that has a good Coach with youngsters, to develop in time. Get them game time at a level they can deal with and hopefully in time one or two in a decade or more will make it in SL. But that is a long term thing requiring much patience and understanding from all.
  2. Will Try not to bore you but basically the following is what happened to my family and how I moved to Germany I was born and brought up in Halifax, but my Mum is originally from down South (Dover area)and my Papa from Germany (Family from Hamburg area). My Family were moved from Altona, Hamburg to a place 1 hr South Called Walsrode during the war due to the Bombings. My Oma/Grandma and Opa/Granddad were both in the Luftwaffe in Appen, North of Hamburg during the war. Sadly my Opa/Granddad died in a Bomber plane over France in 1944-the year my Dad was born in Eppendorf Hospital in Hamburg-where I used to get my Chemo/Therapy funny enough! Myy Dad never got to meet his biological Dad-probably like many at this time. I am not sure what my Oma did but here and her Twin sister maybe cooked and cleaned etc on the base which still exists today. Sadly many records in Germany from this time was destroyed by nazis etc so difficult to get much info. I do have some paperwork though from Family as people in Germany had to do Family Records of past to show no Jewish line. So this Negative has helped us piece somethings together about my familyy and here they lived and worked before the war in Altona, Hamburg. After the war my Oma/Grandma met an English Soldier and moved to Andover, England with my Dad where he was brought up then. My Mum and Dad met in London in the early 70s and moved North due to cheap Housing etc compared to what London had to offer. My Father was born Remstedt, but the English Soldier adopted him and his name changed to Cooper. My Dad always wanted Germany to win at Football and so we kids just followed and though we ws born in England we all probably felt more German than English. I got a fair amount of stick as well as a Kid with a German background. But I was and still am so proud of my German heritage, despite the "Nazi Time" which has sadly distorted many peoples view of Germans and Germany in my opinion. It was always my dream to live and move to Germany as I felt that was where my home was. I moved to first Munich in 2002 aged 28 as had friends that got me work. I was lucky and got working first with a Gardener and then moved on to a Job Agency. Job Agency job ended up being a Permanent one with good pay for working in a Warehouse at develey (Well known Bavarian Food Company). I met my wife who was studying to be a Special Needs Teacher for the Deaf and Mentally disabled. She finihed her studies and in 2012, we moved North to near Hamburg, as that was where my wife was from and we basically could not afford to have a family in Munich-Its the most expensive area in Germany! I have both German and British Citizenship-mainly for my daughter so that she may get a UK Pass later in life if she wants. I m also not too far away from my Family that are now back in Hamburg after the war. The House the Family moved to in Walsrode (about 30 Minutes from me) is still there! I have used connections and used Rugby Union at times to push league and get people playing in Germany first in the South-sadly nobody really wanted the responsibility of developing the sport there after I moved North-plus the German Rugby Union especially in heidelberg caused many problems as usual. Fortunately in the North an Ex Pat in Bob doughton is carrying on the development alongside a couple of others so that rugby League has been played in Germany since 2005. We was alongside the dutch, Serbs and Czechs, one of the first Europpean Nations to develop the Sport with no years where nothing has happened. Its not easy in germany as we areentitled to no Money or Help from the Government and so often have to use our own money of the very small amount we get from the RLEF to do things. ALL players-Heritage of Native pay to play in the Domestic and National teams. Even Jimmy KKeinhorst, Brad Billsborough, Anthony Seibold who are or were Pros paid everything themselves!
  3. been told no more Chemo or Therapy can help. Cancer cells now in my brain etc so realistically I am looking at a few months to live. Still I will keep on fighting and in a way it helps me and my Family prepare for things. Been putting photos and videos on a Saving device-Festplatte in German but dont know the English word! Sorry. M Rugby League history the Rugby League Deutschland have taken-first ever German playing shirt etc that can be displayed one day for example. Its tough to know you dont have long left, but for me its just made me more determined to enjoy life and make memories especially for my 4 year old daughter-thats the hardest thing knowing I wont watch her grow up. I have been lucky to set up League in Germany in 2005 and see it still going. I have met some great people along the way in the European RL Circuit like Ian Thompson (Yanto), Steve Davy (Bob8) and others like JWAD (Justin Deegan (Ireland RU and Touch), Kevin Rudd, Tony Palacios (spain RL), Martin Crick (RLEF) etc. The game has brought me so much joy and heartache! Thinking also of a number of others on here with various Health Issues. I hope you are doing OK in the situation. Its been a pleasure to interact on here with you all over the years and hope to still do for a while yet and hear how you are doing as well as read your views on the game etc.
  4. I have been told am on the Last line of therapy and on 28th February have Meeting in Hamburg on where we go. The reality is that I have maybe around a year to live. But there are cases of people living years with no therapy. Maybe I have some luck. I will keep on fighting as best I can.I am so angry and hurt and the hardest thing is how to tell our 4 year old daughter. Its so cruel on her. I have built up a gallery on my E Book of Photos and videos so she can have atleast some memories of me. I dont leieve in Heaven and Hell and certainly not in any god. Naturally in shock and cried. Very hard,to understand or get my head around. I dont expect anything from people and there is nothing to say really. Thanks for your support over the past and also in future times.
  5. Glad to see the back of 2019. I spent around 37 weeks in Hospital for one reason or another (Stem cell treatment, Chemo, roblem with the lungs, low blood results (Thrombozyten, Leukozyten and HB) etc). Still am here and feel OK considering. I had Stem Cell treatment to try and repair some damage to my Bone Marrow in November. This looks to have worked to some degree but my Thrombozyten after rising to 94K are dropping again and at mo around 50K. My HB is around 11-which is the highest its been in 18 months! I hope to take a new anti-body this week and then every 3 weeks in future. Hopes are high this new medication gives many patients a good remission time. So I am feeling good and positive , as well as a bit frightened, as my blood levels are not the best and why I cant often get on a "Study" with new meds. I feel so useless and angry at myself at times for ruining or making life so hard for my wife and daughter as well as other family members. They just drop everything so often for me when I end up in Hospital etc. I feel so guilty that sometimes I physically cant do much as am so tired or my back with 5 ermanent fractures, means I cant use a vac, cut the grass etc due to putting pressure on back and possibly risk more damage. I just feel like a burden. I think mentally having an incurable disease like Myeloma is tougher than the physical battle. Least I can still walk the dog and fill/empty dishwasher etc. And I have a much better life than many others. Life is tough, but there are others like Rob Burrow, who have it harder and whi I get much inspiration from. I feel 2020 will be a better year for me . Very lucky to have great family and friends around the world for support. Many dont have that.
  6. Ta mate. Yes I am lucky with friends and family. Many people dont have that support ,especially many pensioners with illnesses. I am very lucky.
  7. I am getting a new Drug that is still to get the Green light in Europe. Its being shipped in from USA, where its just got the OK. Very grateful that my Onkologist cares so much that she goes was beyond just doing her Job. She looks at every possibility and has a Nummer of Plans now for the Future. Blood Checks showing Cancer has been hit hard by Chemo had in summer. The Myeloma Cancer attacks the Bones leaving them like swiss cheese. Sadly I have more fractures in spine this week and am currently in hospital as pain so much and need wheelchair to get around. Hope that in time pain better and can walk. Have to keep fighting und stay positiv. Lucky many friends around world keep me positiv with messages, falls and visits etc.
  8. There are a few missing as well. A number of players like Tom Johnstone (Wakefield), Andrew Hoggins (Oxford), Connor Hampson (Halifax Reserves) were born in Germany, due to parents being stationed there or like Brad Billsborough (Former St.Helens Academy, Swinton and now Grafton Ghosts) a parent was born there due to the father being stationed there. Adam Quinlin is another with German Heritage as is Paul Gallen and David Klemmer. Brisbane Broncos Coach Anthony Seibold played one game for Germany in 2006. Its a bit complicated in some instances. Some Parents or Grandparents were born in a land that was formerly Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia/Soviet Union etc, but are now in other Nations like Poland or a new Nation has been formed since then like Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Kosovo, Ukraine etc
  9. Not a fan of Sam Burgess but do think he is right to blast the NRL Judiciary System. Its a lottery and has got worse this year. Sam sails close to the edge like JWH and both deserve to miss games for acting like grub. But there is no consistancy or understanding in how decisions are made. And its frustrating! I think Todd Greenburg has no idea on running the game and threatening Sam, for speaking his opinion, is another sign of this. And then to threaten a lawsuit is a joke. Greenburg ignored things and get upset when people question things. He need to come and Speak to fans,players etc and Unterstand why many are not happy. Sadly Greenburg has his head in the Sand and refuse to see the Problems in the game.
  10. Sam Burgess is an enforcer, but he is also a loose cannon who hurts his team often more than helps them. His discipline is shocking, despite being Captain. He is also 30 and has missed a few weeks due to injury etc. Yes he is tough and can play quality Football at times. But he is also a liability! And why he feels the need to pull hair and grab the balls of oppponents I dont know. He just does some really dumb things. I think there are better, more consistant forwards on less money that offer more than Sam- David Fifita, Big Nelson for example.
  11. I am on 4 days Chemo every 28 days which happens 4 times. I am on round 2. I spend 3 weeks in Hospital one week at home due to Immune system being reduced to Nothing each time. The Cancer was reduced from 75% to 5% in my Bone Marrow. Hopefully similar result after this next round. The hope is I will have remission for a while until the Cancer comes back at some point. Its tough not seeing much of my daughter, but if I am in remission then can make up for this. The Cancer I have maybe not curable but its treatable to a point in many cases. Sadly many still die from Myeloma often due to organ failure, pneumonia etc
  12. This is wrong. The NRL make a big thing about head contacts which Sam Burgess did and concussed a player. Moylan has to miss a couple of games, game due to failing the tests. Sam Burgess (15 foul play charges) will not miss a game while the victim is so heavily concussed he can’t play for a fortnight. Brilliant! Why was Moylan allowed to go back on and play last week,but is out for the next fortnight due to the concussion tests? Something is wrong somewhere.
  13. We dont have anything like MacMillan in Germany. I do have contact with Myeloma UK even though I live and receive all treatment in Germany - which lucky for me offers more medication and less Stress than sadly UK citizens get. After my wife chatted to Doc they want to see how I go with much higher Chemo and higher Dosage of what I am taking plus 4 NEW meds. This could see me Halluzinationen the first cycle that will last 4 days! The 3 weeks is also to see how I respond in this time. They expect some tough days they said So my panic attack is way OTT and we hope a positive outcome with Stem Cell Treatment at end wi my Sister. Thanks everybody and know others have health problem. We are wi each other in thought if nothing else.
  14. UKE HAMBURG rang yesterday. Want me in Thursday for another 3 weeks for New treatment and development I think. My head is spinning and am scared so got about 50% of what said. My wife and 3 year old dazghter come back from there 3 week Rehab today. The hospital will Ring my wife and go through with her whats happening later today. Normally I am strong and can handle the negatives but at mo this has weakened. My wife again faces a 2.5 hr round trip to visit me. I feel angry to put her under this problems AGAIN. I feel such a burden to her and others.The mental battle with Cancer is probably for me harder than the physical many times. Its important to stay positive and focused but so %=÷%$% hard to do all the time. I know I must find the strength to get back to being focused and being strong not just for me but my wife too. Just lucky to have duch a great partner and not have to face this alone.....
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