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  1. Nigel Wood has alot to answer for in my opinion. But much like his time as CEO at Fax his answer will be to not answer questions and blame others. That he has a box he has at the Bulls is just typical of him. Its somebody I would not trust and he has alot to answer for regarding the Bulls/Odsal deals that should be investigated in my opinion.
  2. Why a FT team when you are not near to being a Super League team? Why not a PT team like Fev, Halifax, York, Swinton etc manage to be and not waste thousands of pounds? Being FT is not needed and has seen further money thrown away by the Bulls who will finish 6th this year behind teams that have spent far less and are PT. Odsal may be a millstone, but Chambers and Co knew that when they "worked" with the RFL and agreed to take on the running of Bradford Bulls playing out of Odsal. He may not have signed the deal, but he agreed to take it on and knew the Costs. Why moan and scream now? Chambers and Co have no money and have no idea. Its OK playing out of Dewsbury fot a couple of years. But how exactly will Chambers get the Bulls back playing in Bradford and where? Each option currently will cost alot of money that the Bulls/Chambers dont have!
  3. But he agreed to take it on. He knew what he/the Bulls had to pay.
  4. But having atleast 22 FT players and paying good money to sign junior players is also a big reason why the Bulls have no money. There is no need for the Bulls to have 22 FT players or pay out as much as they have. And the big wage bill has got them where? Odsal may cost a fortune, but that was clear when Chambers and co agreed this deal with the RFL! And it was Chambers that agreed to the deal with the RFL regarding Odsal. His poor management has helped get the Bulls to this stage, yet he is trying to blame everybody but himself.
  5. There have been some dodgy dealings over the years from people at the RFL and the Bulls that has got us to this point. Its a shame that there will never be an investigation in to a number of things that have happened. I dont like the Bulls. Mainly due to the way they acted in the past and the way many of its so called fans (and Officials) have looked down on clubs like Fax, Fev, Keighley etc. But the fans of the Bulls (and the game) have been treated badly over the years. But answers should be given over many things including the role of Nigel Wood and the RFL over Odsal and the people running the Bulls. Chambers comes across as somebody who talks well but what exactly is his plan for Bradford Bulls to play in Bradford? How exactly is he going to build the Bulls to play in Super League when playing outside the City?
  6. Chambers has no plans for the Bulls to return to the City. All he has in a fantasy dream. He has managed to rip the Soul away from the Bulls that will see even more fans walk away. Him and his little Puppet Mick the ##### can try and paint this as something good. The reality is that it is a sad day for the Bulls and Rugby League. The Question remains-What is exactly his long term plan for the Bulls and how will they achieve it? After a couple of years at Dewsbury, where will they play in Bradford? Still talking about returning to the City to play somewhere doesnt give out that much hope of a quick return sadly.
  7. I am on 4 days Chemo every 28 days which happens 4 times. I am on round 2. I spend 3 weeks in Hospital one week at home due to Immune system being reduced to Nothing each time. The Cancer was reduced from 75% to 5% in my Bone Marrow. Hopefully similar result after this next round. The hope is I will have remission for a while until the Cancer comes back at some point. Its tough not seeing much of my daughter, but if I am in remission then can make up for this. The Cancer I have maybe not curable but its treatable to a point in many cases. Sadly many still die from Myeloma often due to organ failure, pneumonia etc
  8. Well done the Cougars. The Fax Reserves picked up 7 injuries including Will Calcott who left on crutches and Oli Waite with his arm in a sling. Keighley Reserves are no mugs and have beaten Fev, Fax etc this year. Just because the club has gone through some problems, doesnt mean the reserves are rubbish.
  9. Leave Odsal and the Bulls will slowly go backwards and possibly kill them off. Chambers has no long term plan. Its OK saying the Bulls will walk away from Odsal, but he need a long term plan to play in the City. He has ruled out VP and Horsfall would need work to host the Bulls. I think the Bulls will stay at Odsal and in a couple of years Chambers will try and pull the same trick to reduce costs. They could reduce the wage bill as well by not having so many fulltime players, but Chambers will probably ignore this as well...
  10. Not a great season, but forgot about it for a while and still have 20 Swaps! Congrats and all the best for the 16 in the play offs.
  11. I dont think the Rabbits are a quality team. The last month or more they have been poor. They rely too much on Sam Burgess. They looked very tired and predictable against the Storm. I cant see them making the Grand Final at all. Agree regarding Sutton. He is not the best but somehow like calamity Klein, gets the big games.
  12. The news is another boost for RL in Halifax and follows on from the news that Fax have got money to further work with local Clubs and Schools https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/53171/we-are-delighted-to-announce-that-halifax-rlfc-have-been-awarded-sky-try-
  13. Halifax and Newcaastle have been accepted in to Reserve Comp https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/53208/the-rfl-accepts-halifax-rlfc-reserves?fbclid=IwAR20R6kpkVPyr29-TsPj-qOFKfXZwYom294gG3oWrnwxbs_kCD1z6YPlYPo
  14. Cant see the Bunnies going far in the play offs. They had alot of possession and played against a team with a man in the bin and struggled in attack. The forwards didnt really dominate and struggled to give a good platform for the halves to do much. They were lucky that the score was not bigger against a Melbourne team missing a key players like Papanhuizen, Hughes, Brandon Smith, Welch. Melbourne again so dominant and looked like they could score at any time when they had the ball. Munster and Smith killed them and the Storm should again have scored more tries. Missing some key players didnt seem to effect them in any way. Hines at Fullback had a great game for me and looked like he had played all year in the NRL. The System and depth Melbourne have especially in the backs is unreal.
  15. Nigeria have been going 2 minutes and expect to play England Knights. They should focus on having a stable Domestic Comp like Jamaica has, rather than worrying about trying to play against the SL standard Knights. How many Pro heritage players have actually comitted to play for Nigeria? Most Heritage players are Championship or League 1 Players. And would the 2 NRL players actually play in Europe? Nigeria would be better to slowly build up to playing the England KKnights. Why not play Jamaica, Serbia, France U23s, Italy, Wales, Ireland etc first and see how they go. Nigeria need to be more realistic as to where they are on and off the field.
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