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  1. Sad result ..didnt make the game any positives to pull...
  2. Well done York ..I was way out with my score prediction. ( 48-18 Wp) You deserve promo..all the best..
  3. Nearly kick off time ...any predictions of the final score.? Sorry but mine Is 18 - 48 Toronto. ....
  4. Shame about that it's good to have cheerleaders especially when we start getting on top again . I think the club should advertise in the programs , Twitter, Facebook, the website or where ever .they may not but they could and possibly maybe find someone else.
  5. Progman you seem a bit informed about things, do you know what happened to our cheer leaders? Not seen them all season.
  6. Banned eh .. Why's that ? Posting Inapropiate comments ?..
  7. You don't think he is a current director?? Probably a decent bloke Ok....but being a successful business man does not give any right or credentials to make such disparaging remarks about the balls, the wife's and shopping habits of other club supporters who probably also care(d) about the club as much as any of us do.
  8. Totally agree with you and I also think Mystic Meg is a director as well as a hard wired Rhino supporter who's ###### comments about Hunslet (possibly now ex) supporters and there balls is absolutely disgraceful and has no benefit for the club whatsoever along with his irrelevant comments about director's decisions and "The Big Screen" pitiful and pathetic
  9. So where and who to start with ? Top to bottom.
  10. Well put but like any organisation success or failure, positive or negative starts at the top and works it self downward to the shop floor or playing field or whatever the case may be, and I don't see any difference with Hunslet.
  11. Same same, didn't stop going although I was well miffed especially when sometimes I saw McDermott and Eaton Sat together it left me thinking who really picks our team....
  12. Wow Do you re-read what you write ? ?
  13. Ok they would rather go shopping with the wife than pay 15 quid to be subjected to the xxxxx and drivel that's been on offer over the past few years. But who are you to insult and say what kind of balls they got you never gonna get them to return with idiotic comments like that. I don't know who you are but something in the back of my mind tells me you are a board member with this and previous comments and postings you have made also I bet you are a leeds supporter at heart.
  14. And what did they really do for us ? Zilch...They got a lot more out of the job than Hunslet did, they really didn't help the club they just used the club which was quite obvious with the coach we had and the players fielded which was a real financial benefit for Leeds they didn't need to run to the cost of a,,,A team to give players game time they used Hunslet for that which led to us never having a settled team where some players were just dropped to make way...
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