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  1. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/52051964
  2. I like your optimistic spirit Kman.
  3. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/toronto-wolfpack-was-set-up-to-fail-says-brian-noble/ I think that analogy is a bit harsh but the terms the TWP club have been subjected to are unfair and self-serving IMO. It's not about making them fail but getting as much out of them as possible, for the SL team's benefit. It's far from being an even playing field. The NRL was good at it too. Hopefully SL (and the RFL) will see the error of its ways and be fair to all clubs in their competition.
  4. You clearly haven’t been the the AJ Bell Stadium for a Salford home game. Just kidding Salford fans.
  5. Toronto were in a hurry to get into SL so they couldn’t use local players. The point I got from Eric Perez is if they hang around in the Championship without pressuring themselves about SL, they can introduce a few Canadian players. If that costs them some competitiveness, so be it. Of course, even those local players will be a challenge to find unless some sort of structure and pathway is put in place.
  6. Thanks for that Manu and sorry for not answering sooner.
  7. My spelling didn't help.
  8. You may be making a good point but your comment was too lean on detail to add to my understanding of the situation.
  9. I'm sure that RL won’t have some divisions playing and not others. I also think this may be the last weekend with RL played before it joins other sports. If RL was to continue with limited crowds, only League One would be financially unaffected. I don’t expect that to happen, I saw the irony in the poorest suffering the least. That doesn’t happen very often in life.
  10. Just watched the game on delayed cove rage in NZ. I avoided the score to keep the game more exciting. At half time I thought Salford had no chance and even well into the second half thought Wigan would prevail. Well done Salford for hanging in and getting a much needed win.
  11. Do you live on pararie?
  12. Are you aware I was replying to concerns regarding the impact crowd limitation of 500 would affect RL clubs? I was pointing out that League 1 clubs wouldn’t be badly affected. Pricy got my point and replied with a reasoned response.
  13. A limit of 500 at a game wouldn't impact too much on League 1 attendances and therefore their income.
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