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  1. He either has an uncanny awareness of where the tryline is or just stuck an arm out and hoped.
  2. I watched his progress at the Warriors and like what he was trying but overplayed it at times. Perhaps the more open SL would suit him better.
  3. If he's as you say he is, just needing a better side to play in, then I wonder why those better sides haven't seen what you see and pick him. Maybe they know more than you do on the subject. The fact is he wants out of the Sharks so we will see if the better clubs step in to make an offer he will accept.
  4. SJ seems to me to be a player who always thought he was worth more than he is. On his best day, he is worth it but is too inconsistent to be paid what he seeks.
  5. I must say the formation and scale of the new comp pleasantly surprised me. I think the regional idea is sensible too.
  6. In a press conference last week Ricky said the defence was leaking about 18 points a game unnecessarily. Is that due to losing the dressing room or about the resolve of some of the players regarding defending? Is getting rid of Josh going to remedy that?
  7. What do St Helen’s supporters generally feel about Christian Wolf as a coach?
  8. Catalans still need to prove that this season they can foot it with the better sides in the UK.
  9. A Hull FC and a Wigan both saying their side will lose. Is that what you call reverse psychology?
  10. I love coming to the Championship thread. Such a happy place.
  11. Is it fair to say the wooden spoon (and relegation) is still up for grabs?
  12. With my father's side from this area and having travelled the coastline here often on my once frequent visits to see relatives, I always like to hear reports on RL's progress here. It seems like an excellent move and hopefully embraced by the public. I wonder how many of the regulars at Wrexham will travel to see the team at its new location once crowds are allowed back?
  13. I read this quote about the proposed expansion: "You have to begin with the end in mind, you have to always keep an eye on the long term and you have to think about what is moving you closer to becoming an even more sustainable and relevant and viable sport." I wouldn't normally associate RL with such sentiments.
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