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  1. At a French RL forum they often complain about how the media there largely ignore the code. Hopefully this will make that stance less tenable. As for Sydney, would many know RL that is played in France?
  2. I wrote this a while back: https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-future-of-contact-sport.html
  3. I thought for example Jason Taumalolo said he would come. I understood they couldn't stop players attending. Some would yield but others not. So no NRL players would be allowed?
  4. I believe the WC can be held in 2021. It wouldn't be as profitable as a full compliment of teams but I doubt it would run at a loss if it went ahead. The only other reason it would be delayed if there were mass defections of attendees but I don't think that would happen. I think the monetary side and maximising the return would be a major factor in the decision to postpone. I think the committee has also tried too hard to appease and seek consensus. In the process, the protracted wait for a decision only to it putting it back a year has come across to me as somewhat feeble, when decisive leadership was needed. If true, I don't feel any interest in the 2022 version. I may feel more positive in a years time but right now total loss of interest in it.
  5. If it has been postponed, what a tin pot sport RL is.
  6. This thread seems to have been derailed by posts that have nothing to do with the thread title or am I missing something?
  7. I don't agree with all you say but the delay in a decision is frustrating. The organisers will say it's best not to rush a decision to get the best result and I get that. But for people who have bought tickets or contemplating doing so, the lack of certainty is problematic. Whether it ultimately puts people off altogether I'm unsure. However, I'd go to a game with a replacement team to Australia because to do otherwise is to agree that RL is Australia. They say there can't be a WC without us and you agree. Hand the reigns over to Australia now. Let's capitulate.
  8. Trying to get a handle on the culture of Australia helps to understand their insular attitude to RL. The world is moving toward non-fossil fuel cars. Countries are providing generous subsidies and even putting in place dates to ban the sale of ICE vehicles. The uptake has been slow down this way so the NZ government has just implemented incentives. In Australia incentives are decided by each state and efforts to change buying habits hasn't really taken off. Two states decided to tax electric vehicles road user charges rather than give even that tiny incentive. The world is changing in moving away from fossil fuels and the take up in Australia barely registers. Vaccine take up is poor too. That insularity is part of how things are over there. Perhaps a local can add to my perception.
  9. I'm not a big media follower (can't trust them) but from what I have seen in NZ is it's barely news worthy. In this case not a pro-NRL stance but an acceptance of what they've been fed, that's it's too dangerous to go.
  10. Regulars to this site would know I made a bit of a mission following attendance stats in RL but since Covid I haven't bothered with UK figures because they are not a reflection of the real picture. Once 'normality' returns I'll get back into it.
  11. I'd like them confirmed now but P/R obviously doesn't allow for that.
  12. They may be allowed to enter if they accept the position without TV money a la Toronto.
  13. The ARLC and the NRL do not want to be part of the WC regardless of any perceived health issues. They have also been economical with the truth on player opinions and other matters. The fact is the COVID situation is simply a convenient untruth (to reverse Al Gore's famous line).
  14. I wouldn't know. I never follow attendance figures.
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