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  1. The current criteria are only provisional so IMG can still tweak the system to give London a fairer score. I assume a new score will be lower than some think it should be but the existing rating of the Broncos seems unreasonable.
  2. The women's game has a future. York RLFC has seen that potential and has been quick to react.
  3. I was hoping Sir James would extend his Manchester sports investment and add Salford RD to said portfolio. What a shot in the arm that would be for the RDs and it wouldn't cost that much to do so. I guess profile is everything.
  4. Based on quality = 4. Based on spreading the GG = 20. Based on current media earnings = 10. Based on avoiding loop fixtures = 14+.
  5. Everything has been thrown out except the kitchen sink....although I'm sure Trin could now arrange a DIY one of those too.
  6. A mixed bag. SL getting all matches covered by media is a positive. Attendance at matches is excellent. 12 sides in SL playing a long season with loop fixtures is repetitive. Lack of funding below SL and uncertainty over League 1 is poverty level stuff. Competitive NH international RL has reached an all time low.
  7. I've updated the article with a summary of the women's regional league setup at the end of the article. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2023/10/womens-uk-sl-2023.html
  8. I'm in bed about to put the light out and read your comment. So I'll revisit what I wrote in the morning. The term League 1 was I'm sure meant to read Group 1 so I've corrected that. As for the structural change, I read somewhere that Group 1 will continue with two extra teams but Group 2 is to be dissolved and the lower sides will go into a regional setup. I don’t know more than that, hence I didn’t say anymore than that. If I can find out more, I'll let you know but all I can do is scan the 'net for more detail. I think it’s mentioned in the Wiki article about the women's 2023 season. Off for some shut eye.
  9. Comparing the UK game with that in Australia is unbelievable on so many levels.
  10. RL is so big in NSW and Queensland that it cannot be ignored. Comparing it with UK RL is pointless. RU in the UK attracts much wealthier sponsors that RL does so tell me again about the working class angle in the UK being dated?
  11. I would think Toulouse ticks more boxes but surely whoever wins the final goes up.
  12. At least it will save on travel for the Yorkshire based clubs. Hopefully, better away support too.
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