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  1. I very politely mentioned your unnecessary comment added nothing to your comment and if I’m being frank it was vulgar. You thank me, criticise and then seek forgiveness. As contradictory and disingenuous as a person could be.
  2. That was a reference to someone else. I wouldn’t claim such a title for myself. It pays to read the comments properly before making incorrect assertions.
  3. In fairness, when you see the calibre of player leaving it’s hard to see how there won’t be a loss of quality. The coach is brilliant and the recruitment astute so just maybe. The last comment didn’t add anything constructive to your argument.
  4. I get your point, with how money is doled out. In other words a team in Salford's situation is between a rock and a hard place.
  5. It makes the comment more suggestive rather than insistent. You must have heard anyone doing that? See, I did it again.
  6. I would have thought more embarrassing for Lebanon. There will be some flack in the press maybe, but it is what it is. There will be a capable candidate to cover. I don't Lebanon was/is going to have the success as it did last WC.
  7. If the Lebanon end up being relieved of their spot, I guess this game could become academic. Speculative comment I admit.
  8. It is a difficult situation but with more teams wishing to join from overseas, it's going to happen. Had Fev come top of the league, it would have negated this scenario. Top teams deserve the better run. The final being played in England has seen two seats confirmed already. Any takers for a third seat?
  9. It was lazy and posted with a critical tone, yet almost devoid of any substance. The sort of comment that leads to pointless debate. I've seen plenty of incorrect grammar and never.mention it. When it came with the above circumstances, I made an exception in the hope he could reflect on his style of delivery. And try to remember that being patronising isn’t good argumentation. Oxford. Salford do bring something to SL. Every team brings something. It’s just they are doing it tough.
  10. A reasoned response like everyone iis all that’s required on any post. Sad for you that you now have to make it personal.
  11. I burst out laughing at reading this. I thought you couldn’t make this up. Then I realised GE just did.
  12. A top player too. It happens in the EPL too, less financial clubs having their players poached by those with deeper pockets. This 2019 Salford exodus seems a bad one for the club. Maybe the Championship is their financial level.
  13. Yes, although they seem to have made fewer acquisitions and relied on last year’s squad. Agreed.
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