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  1. It is important the best players are able to play. The skinny squad is definitely the potential fly in the ointment, which - as has been said - may be the reason for Nobby's departure,
  2. For what it's worth, I'm still convinced there's enough quality about the TWP to stay up in SL.
  3. Of course there is a conflict of interest. Everything about RL has that issue. As long as the NRL and SL run the show, the game will be held back by self interest instead of the overall benefit of the game. The two pro comps generate the money so they call the tune. In fact, over the last few years, they seem to have tightened their grip on proceedings. The expansion of the game in Australasia that was going on a few decades back has been stalled for some time now. The opportunities of France and North America (the latter handed to SL on a plate) risk being lost. Nothing will change unless those guiding the game can do so without conflict of interest. I can only assume that paying Robert Elstone big money was to use his expertise. Is it now a case of SL clubs can’t help themselves interfering and limiting his influence to ensure they get what they want? If so, what a waste of money.
  4. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity for both Sweden and the Netherlands players. Will you be popping down DP for the tripple header?
  5. It's important to start them young.
  6. I'm not much of a TV viewer (and don’t have SkyNZ) but happened to glance at the Prime TV programme guide for this weekend to see SL featured. For any Kiwis who haves been missing this as I have, here are the times (delayed coverage). Sat 15th Feb: 2.30 pm Wigan v Toronto. Sun 16th Feb: 10.30 am. NRL 9's highlights day 2 2.30 pm Salford v Hudds 6 pm Wigan v Toronto highlights
  7. I would agree with the first point you make. Morally for many is selective, regardless of the context.
  8. Having the WP pay for travel and have to fall over backwards generally to have privilege to be in the comp has RL precedence. The Perth Reds had to do it and went belly up pretty quickly. The NZ Warriors had to do it for many years. I saw. doco on it a while back and a former CEO (still feeling bitter after many years passing) explained it drained much money from the club and nearly led to its demise. How SL clubs have and are treating the WP is an absolute disgrace. RL as a sport is about protecting the incumbent pro-clubs at the expense of growing the game for its long term benefit. RL is a tiny sport - not because of the product - but because of the way it is run.
  9. Or you missed what I thought was the more likely one. That moral outrage is strangely selectively.
  10. You are too modest Manu It’s a great initiative for both clubs. I was worried about the WP having enough cover if an injury run occurs so at least they will have a full squad at all times. The chance for the dual training, WP players being loaned and exposure of Hornet players in SL is too good a chance for them to ignore as well.
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