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  1. I was being sarcastic about the solitary quote. I should have added an emoji to convey that.
  2. It only takes one example and you're blown out of the water.
  3. If the top teams in the Championship were admitted into a larger SL comp, then...
  4. A tragic situation for all concerned. Condolences to the family. RIP.
  5. I do like cycling but have to give it a pass sorry. Thanks all the same. I would have loved to be part of that.
  6. Glad you liked it. Fair enough. Any intended improvements would need to be trialed because it is hard to predict if a change would work as expected.
  7. Fair point. Surely, less velocity has to count though. I've put together a slightly wordy article on my blog. I haven't posted it here as I don't want to have a tome -like comment. It's there if anyone wants a look. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-future-of-contact-sport.html
  8. That would reduce the severity of impacts as the game progressed.
  9. Your comment is spot IMO. As you say, 5 metre defence will reduce impact. It still wouldn’t guarantee no concussion but greatly reduce the risk. It would require a rethink of tactics, less up the middle third of the field. Watching games from the time before the 10 metre defence saw more sidewards passing, more of the field being used.
  10. Even the soft sort used in RL, which is what I referred to? I've not seen RL players such as JT lead with the head. As to how effective they are is a moot point. A quote I just found: A recent laboratory study of the impact energy attenuation properties of headgear showed that current models have a very limited capacity to reduce the likelihood of concussion. Reducing the impact of tackling with a 5 metre defensive line would be surely worth looking at.
  11. It's becoming an issue but I do feel RL and contact sports will disappear unless something is done. Mandatory head gear (not helmets) could help but a return to a five metre defensive lines would reduce impact in tackles. It may be too little too late. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/114909303/rugby-codes-will-cease-to-exist-within-a-generation-says-medical-pioneer Some may feel its hyped but the way the world is going, risk is being taken out of everything and sport cannot expect exemption.
  12. The above title is taken from this article: https://lastwordonrugby.com/2019/07/23/canadian-rugby-league/ The early part of the article is going over stuff RL people would know but further down gets into some interesting details.
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