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  1. RayCee

    Am I Right?

    Thanks for the heads up Cameron. I had no idea they had made those conditions. With the way SL is run in the UK and the covid issues, I have let slip my keeping up with the game in the NH. I rarely come to the site now. I believe that if you're not getting a fair deal in any situation, stand up for what you believe is fair and walk away if necessary. If you let people use you as a door mat, that's sadly how they treat you.
  2. Please feel free to critique the article. I expect plenty of slaps on the back and "Well done" remarks. https://rugbyl.blogspot.com/2020/10/nrl-teams-rated-2020-also-rans.html The top eight will follow after the GF.
  3. I notice other sports such as soccer are playing. Good on them I say.
  4. RayCee

    Am I Right?

    Ironically, the unfair tv deal issue is the WPs best chance of staying in SL. If the 12th team was in England, the TV pot would be divided 12 ways. With the WP it is divvied up 11 ways. The 11 clubs want the bigger payout.
  5. I would have thought a 10 point head start for the WP would be the fair thing to do, considering the draconian deal SL foisted upon them.
  6. RayCee

    Am I Right?

    I think both points of view are correct, both agreed to the deal but was it Handled fairly. I'd like to illustrate why I think it wasn’t. I apply for a job where I have skills that my employer really needs. Others are seeking to hire me and that is well known. The company falls over backwards to accomodate my every wish. I apply for a job I desperately want, yet my credentials are nothing special. Many others could fill that role and I know that. Therefore, I feel I need to agree to just about any condition to get the job. In the two scenarios above, the negotiating favoured one side heavily. An ideal situation is where both sides are on an equal footing so what is agreed to is fair for both sides. Even when the situation farours one side, reasonableness should lead to something both sides are comfortable with. What happened between SL and the WP was anything but fair. Sure, the WP had to agree to gain admittance but SL used their position to gain an unfair advantage. The WP really wanted to get into SL and in the short term at least they needed that more than SL needed them. Therefore, SL was able to to put virtually any condition on them and get what they wanted. So where does the blame lie for what transpired. I blame SL for using their stronger position to their full advantage without concern for the WP's position. A one-sided deal in the end is bad for both parties. Besides, if you get a reputation for doing one-sided deals, eventually people won’t want to deal with you.
  7. I'm not saying that the WP club handled all things well. But DA has poured money into this club and has basically walked away, while 11 SL benefitted financially. It all seems very callous to me. The whole situation that the WP has had to deal with, from a ridiculous “pay for everything and we'll give you nothing in return” philosophy to an unprecedented pandemic Is appalling. The lack of concern and support SL has shown the WP from day one is sadly mirrored here by some of you.
  8. The situation the WP faced wasn’t due to factors within their control. SL should be sympathetic to that and offering support, not making them reapply.
  9. I'd love to see a NA league where the likes of the Wolfpack, Ottawa and and any other potential clubs formed their own league. Then they wouldn't have to deal with this self centered, short sighted and inward looking outfit known as SL. Perhaps they could invite UK teams to join. Of course they would have to cover all travel costs and wouldn't be allowed to to have their own TV deal nor receive any money from the NA TV deal the other clubs would enjoy.
  10. If you cannot get into a ground to support your local team, you should have no problem getting into the AJ Bell if you live close enough. Not a dig but they have struggled with crowds and would appreciate the support no doubt.
  11. This is what happens when those with a financial investment in clubs also run the game. Decisions will be made for their short term benefit and not for the greater good of the game. Until that changes, we can expect more of the same.
  12. I live in NZ and am a keen expansionist, I want to see the WP do well and get treated fairly which hasn’t been the case in my opinion. The TV situation is not fair at all. As for their squad, my comment above I believe is correct and they were in no position to be competitive for this extremely busy end of season programme.
  13. SL has every reason to retain them. The WP cost them nothing, as they give them nothing. The bigger issue is whether DA will keep stumping up the money. This virus has cost the club in a big way.
  14. It was the only decision they could make. A skinny squad to start the season with, visa issues getting some players back and one player leaving the team. Had they played a tight schedule of games in that situation, they would have got repeated hidings. I'm sure even Sky TV didn't want that. I'm glad they have pulled the plug and will be back in 2021, if this virus allows for a normal resumption by then. Hopefully the club will have people in place to ensure the poor decisions made regarding the squad numbers are remedied.
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