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  1. Been told this morning he passed away earler this morning a true fev fan who will be missed at the matches lets do it for scoff today am sure he will be cheering the team on as always
  2. Just been reading total rl and they are saying Josh has signed for London broncos for the 2020 season hope its just gossip
  3. This dun't sit nice with me i know he said he is focused on the fev job but think we will be looking for a new coach for next season and he will prob take cam king with him too the lure of SL will always win over the championship
  4. Dun't time fly by when your haveing fun being a fev fan
  5. Also did'nt Brad Dwyer score was it 4 or 5 tries in a game this season ???
  6. Just seen the promo video on you tube for the summer bash about fev nice piece of work congrats to all involved
  7. How does the rule stand with the 1885 cup IE loans and DR is it the same as the challange cup or are they ok to play for us if we get knocked out of the challange cup and there own clubs still in it
  8. My son's just rang me to say cas have just announced the signing of Dan smith from huddersfield so no dan smith for us then in the future
  9. Just been looking at the leeds score newman scored first two trys for leeds dun't think we'll see much of him this season if he carrys on like this for leeds
  10. Theres a rumour that Leeds are keen on signing Cam king and have made it known to us that there intrested in his sevices
  11. Just been reading on the main total rl forum that we are in talks with toronto about bringing ryan brierly to fev also in talks with a SL team about a forward too
  12. plug

    Rovers tv

    Ok cheers must have done something wrong with my phone will give it too my 3 year old grandson to sort out what he cant do with a phone i'nt worth knowing
  13. plug

    Rovers tv

    Not yet Maureen because knowing my luck it will be something i'm doing wrong with my phone because i am rubbish when it comes to tech
  14. Anybody else haveing problems with the rovers tv keeps saying unable to contact the server for the last couple of days hope its sorted for commentry of todays match
  15. Is it me or does brett delaney not look interested when he's on the pitch
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