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  1. The right to light wont be an issue i once had a conservatory built and next door complain to the councal about it saying it would block the light nothing came of it like i said you have'nt got a right to light
  2. Makes you wonder if DM at leigh knew sumat like this was going to happen with him putting a team like he has together to win promotion then it's a closed shop to the top tier again ??
  3. Try and get Danny Magiure on board if he's leaveing hull kr
  4. They are welcome to take Brian mac from us at fev
  5. I wonder if the conner jones rumour will still go ahead
  6. Well said Mark everything he say's brings merit to our club and rugby in general
  7. Theres a good read on the main forum page about one of our past players and he had good words to say about fev
  8. Andy currier signed for fev got injured pre season think it was againt dews and dont think hw played a league game for fev that season
  9. Will not happen the other SL clubs will not want to reduce there share of sky money for 2 extra clubs in SL
  10. How safe is Daryl powells job at warrington after last nights hammering to leeds
  11. True Robin but you don't need to be brian mac to see whats needed a younger bigger fitter pack who can bully the opp and make good yardage and set a good platform for the backs
  12. It's hard to say but we will not get to SL with the team we'v got we are a top championship team but SL it up another level yes we have lost one game but you can see the difference in players leigh have to ours joey needs a kick up the ar#e or told to take a big pay cut because he's not worth what he's being payed cos he must be on a good crack
  13. Do you really think so ?? Because i dont if you'd watched over the last couple of seasons i dont think he's the answer i'm sure big mac will have seen enough of leigh and us today to know whats needed to compete he even said in is last interview that you need to be full time to play at the pace and impact of rugby at the top level
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