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  1. Mybe so but we still got to the twin towers and beat the red hot favourites on that day to remember
  2. If twp don't get there place in SL back ?? Who is it everyone thinks leigh should replace them in my eyes it should be fev who replace's them they were runners up in the million pound game in other sports if the winner gets demoted the runner up always takes there place as the winner
  3. Just been reading the interview he gave sounds like he wants to buy TW to promo his new brand of wolf grooming products and he also says he's only intetested in SL so what if there relegated next season to the championship will he loose interest and walk away
  4. York have just signed Danny Kirmond from wakey we should have tryed to sign him would havr done a good job bringing the youngsters along with his experiance
  5. I am sure i read somewhere it was ponte coll who wanted to ground share at one time
  6. Just been reading the main forum and barrow are opening the ground and makeing there pitch into a massive beer garden for anyone who wants a pint maybe we could do the same to bring some coffers into the club and mybe show some past games on our scoreboard in the corner
  7. I was thinking what happens when a club furloughs its players is this just full time players or part time players too so if a part time player has a full time job outside of rugby and is furloughed from his job will he be furloughed from the rugby club too so can a person be furloughed twice for club and employer ???
  8. Brendan tuta in his playing days his nick name was the baby assasin
  9. The bbc will be showing fevs win over Bradford at wembley in 73 as part of there look back at classic finals
  10. Looking through your list and did'nt realize Tex Hudson started playing for us in 1968 so did he leave then come back to us at a ltr date
  11. Just been reading that the french federation have cancled the season for elite 1 and 2 clubs with no team being crowned champions just wonder if the rfl and SL are thinking of doing the same the longer the lockdown goes on to the population
  12. Not sure but did tim sharp and john sharp play at fev at the same time at some point
  13. Yes i understand that but if he was'nt a mate of Agars would he have been in the frame for the fev job when Carr left
  14. Been watching the match on sky and noticed James Webster sat at Agars side with a mike in his hand ?? Is james now Agars assistant at Leeds and if so makes you wonder who is running our club the fev board or Leeds's board saying you pick Webster as your new coach and we will help you out as much as we can through the season
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