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  1. There are two leagues in the world. It's not hard to be the strongest. NRL works fine for an Australian audience. There is no real tradition of Promotion and Relegation in their sport. They are a young country without the 1000 year history attached to some of our towns and cities. Personally, I find NRL anodyne and fairly boring. Yes the standard is high, but there's nothing for the neutral to get excited about. But each to their own.
  2. From an away supporter's view, Blagnac is fine. There was a fantastic atmosphere when I was there earlier this year. It's in very pleasant surroundings and is far superior to a couple of current Super League stadiums and also has the benefit of there not being a smell of processed excrement in the air like one stadium close to the M60. It's less than 10 minutes bus journey from the Capitol/Matabiau area where most away fans seemed to congregate. The bus is free if you've already purchased the public transport pass. I would think it will be more than adequate for their first few seasons in Super League, although I'm not sure how convenient it is for locals, except that the few I spoke to seemed to like it.
  3. No We must be due some more bull poop drawings soon though.
  4. Poetry in motion. I could watch Sir Geoffrey "gerrum in wuns" all day long.
  5. Nope, no second chances, this is sport. It's cut throat and competitive. If there are no consequences for below par performance, all you achieve is mediocrity. This is not JeremyCorbynball. Have you forgotten how dull and boring the 6 years of no relegation were? It's impossible to expand the game without relegation. How do those up and coming teams build a following as they march up the leagues? If there's no relegation then by definition, there's no promotion for these up and coming teams. Where is the incentive to improve? Mergers have a track record of failure. Shuddersfield Giant Eagles? Gateshull Thuindersharks? If you try and merge clubs, all you will achieve is a mass alienation of fans. The sport cannot afford less fans. Shall we agree to disagree?
  6. Which probably means he'll rip it up in the championship next year.
  7. While I like the 8s as a concept, I do recognise it's downsides, especially around ticket sales at short notice. 1 up 1 down doesn't give enough movement for me. 2 up 2 down would be ideal, but I'd settle for a play-off between 11th in SL and 2nd in Champ. Thus keeping The MPG, one of the few times we trend on social media, such is the drama and entertainment generated.
  8. Great post Mr Stottle. There's about 10/15 strange folk on here that have forgotten that this is precisely what sport is about. It's not clinical, soulless strategy and dull business. It's all about action on screen, drama on the terraces, the joy of winning and the despair of defeat. That's why we pay our money. Last weekend was a classic example. In the run up to the game, my head was saying don't go, it's a waste of money, we've only got 15 then 14 men. At 2pm Sunday emotion took over, I paid my 15 quid and was rewarded with one of the top 10 Fev performances of my life.
  9. It was a performance that will live long in the memory and typical of Fev to do it the hard way, that's what made me Fev mad all those years ago. But when you saw the team sheet, did you honestly think it would be anything other than a cricket score?
  10. Very difficult to argue with any of those points. We probably lost 500 off the crowd by announcing a 15 man squad and then a 14 man team. Most Fev fans, me included figured that Leigh would rack up about 114/3 declared. Don't think you'll find many Fev fans who like being Leeds' lapdog. Thankfully, the club seem to have seen the problem, albeit 3 years too late and are now looking to have a reserve set up next year. I'd go one further and ditch the arrangement with Leeds too.
  11. How can Briscoe win it? He's not our player. Not suggesting he hasn't been excellent, but he's gone on to bigger things. In any case, I've voted for Davies. Whose overall contribution blows Briscoe's away.
  12. Can't really believe that. Ended up going in the end, glad I did. Typical Fev, to be down to 14 and put a shift like that in. Thankfully, Leigh looked like they couldn't give a toss.
  13. I just can't be ar sed If the club want fans through the turnstile, a great place to start would be getting a full team together. I know we have injuries. But we have had months to bolster the squad and done nothing. Wouldn't be at all surprised if fewer than 1500 turned up to watch the omnishambles that is Featherstone Rovers RLFC, 2018 I won't be one of them.
  14. Speaking as a Fev fan, this is bloody embarrassing and symptomatic of the drift our club has experienced this year. We seem to have completely given up on the season since Blackpool. I'm just not going to cough up fifteen quid this weekend and watch a club going through the motions. It'll be the first home game I've missed since 2012.
  15. FFS Can we just go a week without rumoured or actual turmoil at Fev? And if Duffy has sounded Leigh out, he either knows MC is going to get shut, or he's a fool. They'll be lucky to have £20 to spend on a squad next year.
  16. Maybe expand the range of drinks too and get some better quality stuff in than fosters and Strongbow. I'd buy cans of pre mixed G&T and my missus shifts prosecco like it's pop.
  17. Agree with the beer prices thing. What about "happy hour" prices before 2:45pm that match or beat pub prices? BBQ at reasonable prices too, with some decent music playing. Create a party atmosphere. The entertainment doesn't need to be just on the pitch. We've got plenty of space to create a socialising zone like Batley's, we just need to give fans an incentive to spend a good chunk of the day at the stadium.
  18. Kids free is a great idea. What about mini season tickets too? Any 6 games for the price of 5. Make the standard season ticket prices so effectively you get 2 games free. Pick a local school each week and give free family tickets away. Even if each weekend only gains a couple of longer term fans, it's well worth it. Have a couple of "Fev Fests" during the year. Live bands before and after the game. Try the fanzone concept again, bounce castles, small rides, hook a duck etc How about a match day creche. Drop your kids while you enjoy the game I'd also allocate one stand for away fans only and close the railway end for smaller games. Getting the Fev massive bunched together makes for a better atmosphere. What about volunteers selling bottles of ale/pop at the front of the stands? All you need is a bin full of ice and a cash box.
  19. True, sky wouldn't like it, but I'm sure sponsors and pitch side advertisers would enjoy a ten fold increase in viewers.
  20. This type of coverage is something The BBC has always done better than the other stations. Imagine what one SL game per week would do for the sport.... No doubt Elstone and the brain trust at SLE are all over this and won't hide us away exclusively on Sky next time.
  21. Sounds like it's nowhere near a done deal according to Fev's chairman at tonight's fans forum.
  22. Shame that, thought he was a good 'un. No fear and no regard for his own safety, which probably why his shoulder is #######
  23. Disagree. The tiered funding only made sense when you had to beat Super League teams to gain promotion. If you only have to beat the other championship teams to gain promotion, there is no need or justification for the tiered funding.
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