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  1. I mean it much better, but surely uve better things to do on a Saturday?
  2. Yeah I think your on the wrong website mate.
  3. Happy with the appointment and sneyd signing is cherry on the cake
  4. Agreed. If we are to keep P & R then I think there needs to be a realignment of when players contracts end and the pushing out of the date when clubs are able to sign players in order to make it an even playing field. At the moment new clubs are on a hiding to nothing with regards to recruitment and end up having to shop in the basement
  5. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/salford-sign-fijian-prop-king-vuniyayawa/
  6. For me the centenary season brought out all the best shirts. Would love to all go back to using those shirt as I can’t think of a bad one. As a Salford fan it was my fav ( probably coincidentally because it was a good season:)) . Brought out a real feel of the history of all our clubs and am sure reminded the older fans of great times.
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