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  1. And yet here we are 27 years later and only now are wakey getting there backside in gear and Cas are still in what is a delapidated tin shed. I refuse to hide behind the woe is me attitude that they would swap place in a heartbeat. 27 years for god sake to invest in either existing or new stadium and nothing. It's just pathetic that it's been allowed to carry on for so long.
  2. It's the fact that teams like saints, Salford, Hull, Warrington, Widnes all had to give up their traditional grounds. All owned by themselves, great when packed with brilliant atmospheres and loved by their fans. They complied and had to move from these ground to their new ones in order to stay in super league. Many a tear shed by lots of fans at each club having to leave. But was seen as the correct thing to move the game forward. That's where the supposed "hatred" comes from and why Cas and wakey should be both be removed from the league.
  3. We've heard that for years. You and Wakefield should both be demoted for the way you dragged out the stadium saga, whilst other clubs built new stadiums at the expensive of moving from there traditional homes.
  4. Lol, that's a hell of a thing to put on Kevin Procter shoulders. Been coming for years and has just caught up with them. Should have been forced to do the stadium like other clubs, but somehow dragged it out for another 2 decades. Finally caught up with them. Castleford next please
  5. Thought both were superb. Dupree is really banging on the door for international recognition. He's having a blinder so far this season. And still a baby at 23, which is scary how much potential he has. Wright has really settled into it this year and stepped up a gear as well. Looks more of a potent attacking threat to match the work effort as well.
  6. That's a team with the exception of 1 or 2 who have all failed before
  7. I'm definitely not thinking of relegation so balls to that. I'm thinking more of how we can get the next few steps into our game and get top 4. Not there, but definitely potential to
  8. The play acting and constant arms in the air complaining is really waring thin and is embarrassing. Every team does it now and I have no idea why it has crept in? Bit of a whinge but seriously grinding my gears now and getting more disrespectful and like football, every season now. Last whinge as well do we constantly have to have back patting all the time? Can't remember the last time I saw someone get a mouthful off a team mate for a dumb play or mistake. Like a bunch of fragile prince's who need to patted on the back and told there still one of the boys. Just get on with it!! Anyway happy Easter and glad I got that off my chest
  9. Thought we played okay but can do better as should have put that to bed earlier Defence wasn't the best and we missed a lot of tackles. Think if we had a couple of props on the bench instead of second rows then we win that comfortably as we dropped off once replacement front row went on. Big shout out to Chris aitkin who added some pace and urgency to the attack, his pass for one of the trys was superb and worth the entrance fee alone Bring on Cas. HOpefully we can start the improvement now the weather is getting better and follow this up with another win.
  10. Yeah he's not the smartest player, bit is a steady Eddie who will go okay.
  11. Our discipline was terrible as it has been all season and has once again cost us so much field position and additional tackling to do. I've now watched us lose 4 matches and all the 4 teams we've lost to I've though we could beat. Hopefully as the season progresses Rowley can get this plenty count down as currently we are bottom of the table for conceding them and it's absolutely killing us.
  12. No but having constructive informative comments would make the game more enjoyable for the neutral
  13. I've literally no idea what this first bit means
  14. Surely the wrong side of 30 next year. Can't see it
  15. Also a playing style and recruitment of bigger is better. The game has moved on and Hull haven't.
  16. If it bothers people that much, just turn the sound off, watch the match and shut the eff up whinging about it all the time. Jeez
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