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  1. I was just reading the release on season tickets for next season and the offer to get new season ticket holders signed up by offering them one at a reduced price of
  2. Cheers for that. Does anyone have a stadium plan to see exactly where we have been allocated???
  3. We are going to be seated and was wondering if the seated tickets are for anywhere in that block or are they specific numbered seats???
  4. Were all the raffle prizes claimed??
  5. Just out of interest what have been our average league attendances from the year we were relegated to the current total? MLP got the answer??
  6. Just wondering if adult and junior season tickets will be valid for the qualifying play off match/matches???
  7. Thought the young lad today didn't do that bad, at least he was consistent in his allowing both teams the extra few seconds laying on and a few iffy tackles, but at least he wasn't constantly blowing his whistle and interupting the flow of the game. Much prefer his methods over say Hicks, Leahy and O'halloran . Took no back chatting off their big uns as well! . To say he is only 19 I thought he did o.k.
  8. For technical infringements like holding down, interference or offside I would much prefer the referee to be allowed to wipe the tackle count clean and the count start from zero. This would allow the game to flow more and reduce the kicks at goals by taking that option out of the equation. Maybe if teams were having to defend 10, 14, 18 tackles on the spin because of stupid delaying tactics it may have an effect on their style of play.
  9. Reading the other threads there's quite a few posts saying that cup shocks can't/won't happen again. I was just wondering, and with the help of MLP very much in mind how the statistics stack up in the 15 years prior to duper league and the 15 years since its inception. It would be interesting to know how many lower league opposition teams triumphed over the top tier teams in those periods. I would also be interested in when was the last time, even if at all, a team from outside the top flight got to the Cup final, let alone win it. The nearest I can recall was Hull K R a few years ago when they got to the semi final and where easily beaten by Saints. I tend to agree with the era of full time professionals versus part timers then predominately the full timers will win but was just interested if the stats back this up or it's a case of 'the summers always being hotter when we were kids' syndrome
  10. Just wondering what they are for tomorrow's game and whether adult and child season ticket holders have to pay or if it is covered by their season tickets??
  11. When I ran the Buccaneers and I got the mascot shirts at roughly cost price, you were talking about mid
  12. The thing that struck me was the messing about at the scrums. Has there been a rule change as we were actually penalized for not putting the ball in correctly . Apart from that as a first run out it will do and hopefully no injuries picked up as well.
  13. How can it be that yet again the whole shirt buying saga is c0cked up??!!! It's not as though we don't know when Christmas is or anything! Why don't we start with the procurement of 2011 kit now so that it might just be here fo Christmas 2010!! De ja vu or what
  14. I seem to recall last season a topic about sorting out the trip to Toulouse for this season by fans clubing together and doing a mass booking of some sort and doing it in the style of a savings club. I know the fixtures have only just been published but it looks like a nice weekend away in May will give us all something to look forward to in the cold winter months . If this idea is still a goer then count me in and lets get something sorted!!
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