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  1. Of course. The paymasters at top clubs love the cap. It means Leeds, Wigan and Saints can offer smaller wages to more better players. All 3 clubs have also shown less ambition with their successes in the past decade or so also. Considering what has actually been achieved by these clubs the declining marquee event interaction with their cities/towns is appalling. Some attitudes are changing thankfully, but its going to have to take the likes of Warrington, Toronto, Catalans and even Hull FC and Leigh to change this. Koukash tried whilst at Salford but found no allies.
  2. Leeds under McDermott, Cas under Powell and Wigan under Wane perhaps best typify the attacking spectrum of modern RL. Leeds in attack was unstructured. Very few set plays and had many comments from opposition about how this unpredictability made video sessions less important and defending much less easy. Also made Leeds prone to looking directionless and out of ideas at times. Cas under Powell perhaps a best of both worlds. Attacking plays at pace making use of strike players in various positions. Determination to use the full width of the pitch too in a much more ordered attacking fashion than the previous example. They were also willing to attack from deep which marked them out. Finally Wigan under Wane. Block plays at pace that for all they were predictable were equally very hard to defend against. I didn't know where to categorize Tony Smiths Warrington in this venn diagram of attacking styles so perhaps it sits outside! My takeaway from Burrell's point that there wouldn't regularly be the same set plays in union I think is a misrepresentation of the fact that the same situation rarely presents itself. Without wanting to take this cross code, the number of ball passing players generally limits what happens on a union pitch in attack to plays off a 9 or 10. The number of players, unlimited tackles and propensity to go back inside to a forward or podding from the ruck masques this as greater diversity. Its not that attacking plays then are unpredictable they are just not regular. In League by contrast there are essentially 3 lateral positions from which an attacking play can come from regularly. Left, right or Centre. Occasionally we see a blind side play and even in the central positions we see an attempt by the clever players to get tackled to the outside of the post to create more space. Our attacking plays correspond to those points on the field and the limited number of tackles does make a more consistent attacking style more appealing to a generally more conservative attitude in the game now. I do agree with both Carney and Burrell that we have become more conservative - but that the primary factor in that has been defences getting better meaning plays at fast pace are prioritised over maverick moves as they are replicable. I also agreed with the point that we seem to have taken on this Australian obsession with left and right sides to every position. I understand the logic behind it - get really good at attacking your side by doing it exclusively - but I do think it can be seen as symptomatic of how many teams and coaches have a plan A and then nothing much after that.
  3. Yeah I mean I still think Celtic would have won, Rangers have gone off the boil after christmas, but it still doesn't feel great I guess. I agree the bottom is really the controversial bit of this. Naturally with it being Rangers losing the chance to catch Celtic AND Hearts going down there's a sectarian nature to many of the complaints, particularly on social media. For Leeds I think we're in a scenario now where we're going up. The Premier League are not going to deny promotion and the same bottom six clubs just keep throwing a new idea into the pot every day in an attempt to have relegation canned. Relegation and promotion aren't mutually exclusive I suppose but its clear the null and void option is not happening now I don't believe. Either the League will be finished as is, PPG or we find a way to play on. Either of those scenarios make it almost certain Leeds will go up automatically. As with all the scenarios, without playing out the season, its the relegation movements which are the most difficult. Followed by playoff places. I am missing sport so much!
  4. Its like Wigan's shirt from this year!
  5. I reckon you'd have been put in an asylum if you'd have said 5 years ago that in 2021 we'd have a candian team, Sonny Bill Williams, Israel Folau and Greg Inglis playing in Super League Edit: oh and had a French winner of the Challenge cup the year after they were in the million pound game.
  6. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/teams/rabbitohs/retired-greg-inglis-to-make-shock-rugby-league-comeback-with-super-league-side-warrington-wolves/news-story/d6b5b525dbce8828a31e25976bece572 I don't think this is some Australian April Fools thing, but this could actually be happening.
  7. Haha no I saw the inevitable news stories and clips online. Not got BT sport!
  8. Biased but Toms (probably reflecting my age too) 1. Tom Trbojevic 2. Tom lineham 3. Gareth Thomas 4. Tom Johnstone ( shoehorned in I know) 5. Tommy Makinson 6. Tommy Martyn 7. Thomas Leuluai 8. Tom Burgess 9. Tommy Lee 10. Tom Leroyd-Lahrs 11. 12. 13. Bit stumped with the final 3 tbh without going into pre war era players, naturally when searching for Toms or Thomas's you get a lot of Welsh converts too. Also theres a lot of Wingers and Fullbacks!
  9. I think it could bery well be dropped and I agree it would be a bit pointless. In German football we saw man marking for corners and tackling yet also "socially distanced celebrations". I reckon symbolic moves like this will be brought in to make it look like people are doing the right thing, but I don't think it will have much effect.
  10. As a Celtic fan I'm happy the bhoys have won the title but it does feel a bit cheapened. Rangers having a game in hand plus an old firm and all that. I'd be particularly livid if I was a hearts fan, being relegated despite only being 4 points from safety seems a wee bit unfair and more like being voted out of the league tbh. Safe to say this nine in a row is worth it to wind up Rangers fans but doesn't hold the same weight for several reasons. That said if they handed my real footballing love, Leeds united, promotion tomorrow then I'd bite your hand off.
  11. I think a mixture may be the best scenario going forwards. Stronger club sides should be able to enter but effectively national club sides too to compensate for smaller or weaker leagues. Albania had this in the Balkan Super league for example having only 1 club. I think that national club should work as a select xiii however so that the domestic league is not adversely affected by 1club getting all the best players.
  12. Me enjoying a beer next to the Alster in Hamburg literally the day the bars closed ☹ significantly more head and facial hair now
  13. Electronic turnstiles and distanced queues which isn't much different to before? If that were a problem add people with mobile phone scanners at other entry points. This is "the new normal" after all so game day expectations have to fit in to that. Same with all workplaces and leisure activities. The only way this will get the official go ahead this year in the hypothetical situation posed is if the r rate is very low and therefore the risk of infection is low or we have a mass vaccine. Then its up to the individual to decide if they think its safe enough for them. I don't see what the problem is with that?
  14. I think there is likely going to be a point where when we begin to return to some sort of new normality that people will be allowed to go to restaurants, bars and sports venues and there will have to be a choice made whether one wants to go or not
  15. If it was "safe" officially to go then yes. I'd expect a lower crowd as a lot of older fans or those in other high risk groups stayed away. I'd also think that in standing sections people would keep their distance. There does seem to be a worry that if games go ahead behind closed doors that fans will congregate outside. Whilst that happened at the start of this in some cases, I have major doubts whether it would now. That said, the Dortmund v Schalke game today was behind closed doors but the bars in Dortmund were open and full (to a socially distanced level) of football fans watching.
  16. 8 teams seems like the ideal format for a 2 and a half month competition? Thats all they need.
  17. You're changing the parameters here. They've stated they want 8 teams which is not enough for a full years competition, meaning this will be at least alongside national leagues. Also, there is clearly the aspiration that semi-pro (at least in terms of funding) is the basic aim, not amateur - as how could a draft work in that environment. Off the top of my head, Handball and basketball have European wide competitions and are not totally professional nor do they have major a TV presence in the UK. I know for a fact even Cricket have a European competition that I very much doubt is fully professional. Indeed in RL we already have the example of the Balkan Super League operating across national borders with minimal levels of investment.
  18. Thats my thoughts really. Perhaps these have been more open than the RFL - in such light it would be interesting to see what would happen for an English team to apply
  19. There's a fair few sports that do that across Europe to be fair.
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