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  1. Actually I've come round to it, we can be the International Rugby Association whilst t'other code can be the Rugby Union Council with its grassroots members joining Union Volunteer Federation.
  2. Looks like the western terrace at headingley mate
  3. With Jamaica making the WC, the USA on the verge of qualification iirc, Brazil women being in for 2021 and obviously the Wolfpack, Ottawa etc. I think the time is right for the Americas to have some professional administration from the IRL
  4. Mate you have not thought the acronym for that name through!
  5. Because it recognises people don't have to be blood and soil, born in the same postcode types to support their team as those teams grow beyond just their town/suburb/local area in relevance. Undoubtedly city based sides tend to be universally better at this but it shouldn't stop those with names of smaller areas in wider conurbations growing too. London's footballing scene is built on it.
  6. Thats false though isn't it Yorkshire has had more premier League sides than Lancashire (unless you include the Scousers under the old borders)
  7. I think it will depend on how its spoken about tbh. The IRL sounds like it could be used like the NRL and I think that works well enough. Don't see any obvious other choice to be honest.
  8. I like it even more considering that. Makes our events the In Real Life Rugby League World Cup
  9. Only chance I'll get to see some live international RL this year (which is shocking really but lets not dwell on that) and its v cheap too. So who's going to Headingley on Sunday?
  10. Good change. You'd have thought they'd have the branding ready for launch though surely? Wonder whether they'll go for a universal design like RU have done that appears all over the shop.
  11. One thing I would like for the Grand Final is for it to be also broadcasted on FTA. With the new TV deal coming up and the persistent line that it is going to be worth less than the current settlement then I think sky should lose exclusivity. As cricket gave realised, FTA is a big part of building the profile of the game.
  12. Kiwi shirt is a bit different but nice all the same! https://www.instagram.com/p/B3nOh3hHkPq/?igshid=1i1ipi7wz6kau
  13. Old Trafford is great for the Grand Final. Better atmosphere than Wembley etc.
  14. Thats another poor aspect of this whole debacle. The home nations could be playing test matches whilst GB tour, but they should not be World cup qualifiers.
  15. I'd have thought considering we're light on wingers Grace would have at least made the squad
  16. I'd have thought an outstanding year in the NRL backrow should have convinced everyone that is his position
  17. I think they'll use it as another prop so we can have Walmsley, Graham, Thompson, Burgess and Hill in the 17
  18. Same as the world cup where Bennett insisted on Bateman as a centre
  19. Headlines are Graham Captain and Coote, Austin and Hastings in. Hall's inclusion is peculiar but anyhow.
  20. In fairness they tend to have the home shirt on a rotation of mainly white then red then blue. The away ones have been a bit more hit and miss imo.
  21. Mate change the title or this is going cross code straight away when in reality it doesn't have to. FWIW I think we should be looking at putting 4G pitches in as many amateur clubs as possible so that they can be used year round with minimal concern about pitch degradation.
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