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  1. In partial answer to your last point, the masses won control of football from the toffs in the 1800s, in Rugby the solution arrived at in that debate was a split. On top of that, the attitude of the Northern RFU clubs was pretty consistently protectionist which alongside RU hypocrisy and shamateurism meant that the "Rugby League" didn't grow to encompass more clubs over a larger area like the "Football League" did.
  2. Its a right of passage I think, an RL Bar Mitzvah
  3. Yeah I suppose. Perhaps the clubs, even the poorer ones, were still well off enough to subsidise it.
  4. 1. It is in the North of England! Two if you're really good. 2. I didn't pay this to play RU, both at a monied club and a relatively poorer one? Regardless, getting anyone to pay for something they didn't before is going to be difficult. Especially when there are questions over where this is going.
  5. To be fair, its always harder to get any group of people to pay for something they didn't pay for before. That's not RL specific. At a time when most amateur sports clubs are struggling with participation after the pandemic, I don't disagree with the belief that this is because the pro game has taken such a big hit. Sports need to be encouraging participation harder than ever, possibly by lowering the requirements for access. This feels like going back to the dwindling pool of people who already put lots into the game to ask for a bit more. From that position the principle is more important than the value. This brings us back to a reoccurring logic, that if you can only fund 2 of the top division, the lower divisions, and/or the amateur game, the middle group in extreme circumstances has to be the one that loses out.
  6. I mean my attempts to get Russian bots involved digitally has been thus far unsuccessful. I used to buy Gillette instead of any other brand because of the RL connection. I agree the opportunities are somewhat dwindling.
  7. I often find myself moving certain magazines/papers in front of others in newsagents...
  8. If you'd actually read this thread, including the OP, you'd note that the impact of Covid was at the heart of my concerns. Losing nearly 75% of your audience at a time with no restrictions and when we were due to host a World Cup is legitimately concerning. It was officially a home game for England Knights in 2019 I believe, and there was a significant Jamaican support Including a steel drum band. Over 7000 were there. Being kind, I think having this in Castleford rather than Leeds (which alongside London consistently provides our best international crowds) is the main factor in the decline here. But even so, planning for that seems utterly stupid.
  9. Roughly 5000 less than the last time England Knights played Jamaica (at Leeds in 2019) at Cas tonight. Partly that is the utter folly of playing a Jamaica home game in Cas rather than Leeds, and partly the lack of promotion in the Caribbean community in West Yorkshire compared to last time, but still.
  10. The badge is fully embroidered on the fan edition shirt and looks so much better for it
  11. England, Tonga, New Zealand (including Maori), Australia, PNG, Cook Islands. Our Scottish, Tongan and Fijian contingent are leaving this year. Poland and Swaziland too for Oledski and Leeming. Much more English than in previous years.
  12. Obviously this has been Fev specific but wasn't he also involved in the rescue of York too?
  13. I've seen various numbers thrown about for minimums/maximums. But as I can see has already been pointed out, bigger clubs playing away would be the logical choice no?
  14. I suppose from a slightly different perspective I meant was there a minimum? Wasn't it something like at least 3 times On TV minimum or something in Super League, pre covid.
  15. Or anybody else! Good point though, has there been clarification on how many times a club is guaranteed to be on TV?
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