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  1. Will be interesting to see how it goes next week in similar circumstances on a similar track at Barcelona. Loved Max's determination throughout the race, particularly at the start refusing to slow down and sensing correctly that this was their chance to beat the Mercs.
  2. That is a real shame but probably the truth. I get that point about Red Bull, it certainly wouldn't be the worst move they've ever made. I think with Albon we've got to keep remembering this is only his second season in F1 and his point of reference (his team mate) is one of the most gifted drivers in his generation.
  3. Quite, especially at L1 level where even for the some of the northern teams its wages based on appearance fees. That said its a special opportunity for those lower division sides.
  4. I think that sort of set up could encourage new/returning Southern clubs. Not getting hammered every week or so and a few more local rivalries. Not sure how I'd fit in new international sides, I'd be inclined to put them straight in the championship tbh.
  5. So in short, Cumbrian RL wasn't reliant on the existence of professional clubs at Workington and Whitehaven. (Barrow since '74)
  6. Loads of them have posted that, put it in the TWP thread
  7. I suppose its quite an existential point about the definition of Rugby League.
  8. If Hulkenberg does what we're all hoping for and gets a podium tomorrow, what happens? Especially if Stroll shows the lack of race pace he did last week. Hulk and Vettel at Aston Martin 2021?? On a personal level, its great to see a driver like Hulk in a really competitive car. I know people have issues with this racing point, but its good to see a new team challenging at the top.
  9. I disagree with fellow fans taking refunds from a purely partisan perspective, but they should at least be offered one. Anything but having it openly on the table as per the options given by other clubs is an attempt to stifle that. I don't buy this "ring us and beg in exceptional circumstances" BS one bit.
  10. I suppose its a bit mute but stuff like accredited referees are all part of this sanctioning. I'd suppose you'd normally have to go through some official process to get a St John's ambulance there for example too?
  11. I don't believe there's anyone saying they can't. But they will need to be covered by something other than the RFL/WRL/SRL/RLI's insurances to cover them doing so.
  12. I'm sure they could and will but then again the insurance people will surely ask why its not been sanctioned and insured by the NGB/RGB? Unless its all being covered by the Italian and Spanish RLs that are leading this?
  13. I think once we see him play more we'll see less of that hopefully. He's here now, lets enjoy it
  14. Absolutely, the aerial catch and offload to Joel Tomkins was simply sublime
  15. Forgetting everything else with Folau, he is exactly the sort of talent that marquee signings/salary cap exemptions etc should be spent on. A class apart today, truly brilliant.
  16. Exactly. Which is why London, Fev and Toulouse have that recent account as their best credit. (Just relegated/play off finalist/league leaders at time of lock down). Leigh do well on other metrics, not least facilities, size of the fanbase and proven ability to invest in the squad. That puts them in the running, but on field should be a large factor where possible.
  17. Nah I'm convinced every time I watch Watts that he's just a flat track bully and would be exposed by the Aussies and Kiwis big time. I don't think he has the other attributes (handling skills and leadership) to compensate for that either. If we played a Euro championship with England every year against the Home Nations and France I think that would be his level
  18. Doubt it. English teams have entered and played games/tournaments abroad such as the Rotterdam 9s and Fev playing in Valencia. This hasn't been sanctioned by the RLEF and this is the logical outcome. They're not saying clubs cannot play, just that their insurance is not liable.
  19. I'd imagine it would be emails. But essentially this confirms the suspicion that insurance could be a problem
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