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  1. Whilst I'm always a fan of a traditional V(s) on international RL shirts, this is also really nice from Ireland.
  2. That is because we have certain understandings in life, generally we don't have to make rules official if people just go with the agreed model and don't take the ######.
  3. I'm sure that he had no influence at all in him getting his favoured number!
  4. They aren't putting names on shirts, and I expect some of the smaller nations won't be using brand new shirts for every game and will make do.
  5. What is, objectively using your logic, wrong with naming a 1-17 with numbers well outside the traditional positions for those numbers? Could even do it how RU do?
  6. Thats odd, because Tedesco has been given number 1. Doesn't seem that competitive.
  7. So because you don't like squad numbers you think its fine for the Australians to be so silly with them? What would your thoughts be if there were numbers for each match, yet they went with this system still?
  8. Indeed, and this idiotic numbering system won't be appreciated now either.
  9. Hope you like your number 18 because though you have played 4 test matches previously, your teammates in different positions have all played 5 and your surname begins with a T. Tough luck bro! Its stupid and will look stupid.
  10. They're never going to get those numbers, duh! If two weeks out from a tournament you don't even have an idea what team you're likely going to put out, that is an objectively poor excuse. Australia aren't anyone special here, yet just going along with everyone else isn't good enough for them
  11. Exactly, Welsby is prime example of someone who could get a starting 13 number and may very well replace a 1st 13 squad number in the tournament. Not a problem with that at all.
  12. Which is exactly what I have said in this thread already, Squad numbers either out of position or into the later digits are often a clear visual indication that "something has changed" and that a team is adapting. It was a massive moment for Lewis Dodd when he was given the number 7 shirt for this season I'm sure, by your logic he should be as happy with 24. They're doing it either to be different for the sake of it or just awkward. Players cherish their numbers, having a starting number is important for many, which is why every other team will be using them like normal teams do.
  13. Then give it to the senior players based on their normal positions. It really isn't that complex.
  14. Where you have an ideal starting team, with everyone else following in later (some sports have ingrained ideas for those latter spots, RL seems to prefer any replacement hooker to be 14 and any replacement back to be 17, but that isn't set in stone). Its just like the NRL has.
  15. What, they shouldn't have to sully themselves with proper squad numbers like such minnows as England, Brazil, France etc will be doing at the Football world cup this year too? I think it will look silly, frankly. But yet again the Australians having no concern or awareness of the game outside their bubble doesn't surprise anyone.
  16. Whilst I do like the 1-17 for Rugby League, I can see the value in Squad numbers as they can often visually tell you about the makeup of a side and how one team are having to cope with injuries etc. I also don't doubt there is a financial prudency element to this, though arguably the teams that will need more than 3 sets of kits in the quarters should be able to stretch to have the 1, 2 or 3 more versions needed.
  17. Are the Aussies just being obtuse with this? Or thick?
  18. *and within a 30/45 minute drive from Warrington traffic dependent?!
  19. Very smart indeed. Whilst I don't expect it to be the same spec as the Kangaroos gear, I've had canterbury's cheaper range stuff previously and it is really good.
  20. It is entirely possible to "grow outside of Super League" in these proposals. When I first read it, I thought that 2, maybe 3 clubs stuck out as having massive opportunities in this system as opposed to trying to financially match a Leigh for example for promotion; York, London Broncos, and maybe Newcastle. If they can get their clubs and businesses strong enough, they are in a more prime position to kick on quicker than many others.
  21. 1. To increase the spectacle and feel of the event. As it is an opening ceremony too there is an amount of effort expected, and it will certainly be seen as an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the tournament. People won't buy tickets for the entertainment itself, but it will add value to their ticket and they will notice if things like this aren't there. 2. It isn't specifically to do that. 3. See 1. The Olympics opening ceremony in 2012 didn't need to involve Mr Bean, 100s of NHS trolley beds or the Queen parachuting out of the sky.
  22. I believe Sheffield Eagles are reverting to ONeills for next season
  23. Elite Pro Sports had the production and distribution rights/licences by the end. EPS however have gone ahead with the Xblades style/manufacture quality through their in house Oxen brand. Indeed I don't even know if the switch to Oxen from XBlades even was announced as new deals because they weren't (effectively). Cas, HKR and Gloucester RU were affected first I believe.
  24. They were the ISC distributor (eventually) too, amongst other brands. It seems most clubs were signed up to ISC directly though whereas Oxen replaced XBlades simultaneously (or in Cas' case was called "Club Castleford"). By the final year of ISC in the UK, 2020, how many ISC clubs were there in Super League? Leeds? Wakey?
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