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  1. Signing Scottish Internationalist Doctor Dave Scott as a player/coach is a massive achievement for the Bears. He has a wealth of experience on and off the pitch. He has played with and against world top class players. In 2019, he became Scotland’s all-time top try scorer. https://www.scotlandrl.com/2020/04/15/david-scott-a-scottish-rugby-league-local-hero/ With Richard Squires at the coaching helm ably assisted by Dave Scott, the Bears will be shaped into an excellent rugby league 1 team. Then they will start to maul opposition teams. This season is going to be incredibly exciti
  2. Congratulations to Doctor David Scott. This looks to be a fantastic opportunity for him. All the best Scotty.
  3. Scotty’s attack play is good. Go and look back at some of our 2018 tries and see how they happened. The team play was great. Scotty, all the best for Donny. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently on page 17 on Forum – was Posted 4th August 2018 by Batley Bob. July try of the month 2018 Scotty was involved in three of these four tries. Try 1 Passes: 9 to 3 to 1 to 3 to 9 try by Leak Good back handed pass to Scotty, Scotty’s one handed lob back to 3, then in support of Leak to try line.
  4. Grayfriers Bobby? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyfriars_Bobby
  5. In 2017 Scotty made 31 appearances for the Bulldogs. He scored 12 tries and kicked 10 goals. He was Man of Match 2 times. Then in November 2017, he was injured in Australia playing for Scotland. In 2018 Scotty again made 31 appearances for the Bulldogs. This time he scored 13 tries and kicked 29 goals. Also, he was Man of the Match 3 times. By direct comparison, it can be seen that from 2017 to 2018, Scotty scored more tries, kicked more goals and was MoM more times. These stats refute any opinion that Scotty’s performance was poorer after his injury at the end of 2017. I
  6. We have lost another great Championship player. The team is weakened by this. We lost Dom Brambani, Patch Walker, Jamie Davey, and Cain Southernwood. With the departure of each of these players, the team slide further down the league tables. Walker’s organizational skills excelled in getting the team round the pitch. Brambani, Davey, Southernwood and Scotty took good advantage of opportunities. Now Scotty is away and he is only 27. He was reported by the media to be one of the best fullbacks in Championship. His defensive organisation of the team stopped tries going in against us. As l
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