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  1. Yeah remember it well season wasn't over when they did it . I just find it bad we after see who gone on there press releases rather than us announcing it . Time to be more proactive in these new multi media times.
  2. My post is about communication with us the fans . My point is we keep banging drum about this draw that draw but don't share who leaving before the other clubs announce them. It's all well and good saying we do it diffeent to other clubs.but terrace chat means nothing .other than chat
  3. Like As posted before why do we after wait till other clubs annouce them
  4. When are going to share news on who departing rather than reading.it from other clubs. It's very frustrating to findout via this way. Come on kev be more transparent with the fans . Tell us before we read it elsewhere. Time moved on with how the news gets out tell us then we know rather than reading it elsewhere surly it's not too much to ask .
  5. Are poor recent form is down to some players not putting the same effort in as they did at start of the season. Hooley been woefull and wasteful as late not running ball back with any real effort and his position for the dewsbury bomb which they took om the full was terrible Gilmore normally controls the game but since sheffield game not been his usual self . I get were without our recognised hookers but no one seemed to be talking after we concede just watching them .
  6. What a pack Hirst gledders ward rilley and brown to loose be too strong side
  7. We got dragged into.one out rugby and.pushed the pass too many times. We didn't try turning them round enough . To be honest york we're very organised and Ellis was for me the difference great kicking game which we didn't have today
  8. Prop be good but another winger would great to back.up.jc and Johnson
  9. Hope it's Gabriel from dews looked great against us with his pace
  10. Like to see Gabriel in balley shirt next season got great pace
  11. Is this right lads fly out.in morning to France play game fly home.that is so mad fly out get bus to ground warm up play how is that fair too us
  12. Child had a good game seriously he was so biases too the bulls Johnson pass was never foward and he was constantly pinging us for off side only when game was gone late on he started leveling it up . Hope itz not kendel in France or we will get a hiding
  13. Says we loaned him to leigh till end of the season
  14. Just read logan been loaned to.leigh now for rest of season . I take it we won't be seeing him in batley shirt again . Shame but goodluck too.him
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