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  1. Bunch of greedy teams happy for them to join when it ment they didn't get any money so they got more. Now they need money instead of being self sufficient they say no we don't want you. I dare bet if they offer up a place to a championship team they won't give them full entitlment of money
  2. Anyone know who these 4 experienced halfbacks are that we are in talks with
  3. He retired so what now is the question as he retired or just done what last player did sign for Newcastle instead of working.on.a oil.rigg ??
  4. Yeah be Gareth Moore return although he would be good
  5. I think white and hooley are good players rettie lost a yard of pace . Yates not too fussed gailbraith penalty machine tomlinson were is best postion he no centre or winger maybe secondtow but we got too many forwards
  6. Desperate for centres cant understand why we keep signing forwards up surely the club realise that was a major issue all last season
  7. Couple of centres and a halfback and a hooker and we should be OK for next season
  8. Need bowman to sign liked him last looked good in everygame
  9. Hope not there terrible sorry but they are
  10. Thankyou kevin this will stop.all these rumours and wishing them well from the club is a nice touch too
  11. No distant dog and I ment no disrespect to you either sorry if it seemed that way . Just frustrated with how things are done at our club . We don't announce anything we only findout out from other clubs who leaving dont see why we can't share this information before other clubs announce it for us . Its just to keep us fans from venting frustration about it all .
  12. The word your looking for is mushrooms kept in the dark and hope to grow . Ie no communicati to the fans about the club postion in releasing or resigning player till they decide to tell you. Yet please support the halftime draw its important but u don't need to know anything else. Were in the 21 st century in a digital world yet we act like its not with the communication of the the squad we will have next season. Guess keep eye out for announcements from other clubs only way to findout wouldnt you agree.
  13. AS in why do we wait to announce signings and not tell us who leaving the club . its very outdated when we only findout after other clubs announce .its time to move on from the way we do things and try following how other clubs who generate intrest in there new season by telling fans who leaving and annouce signings when the deals are done. Featherstone put harrison in there shirt before season ended while he was still on batley payroll ar the time
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