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  1. Says we loaned him to leigh till end of the season
  2. Just read logan been loaned to.leigh now for rest of season . I take it we won't be seeing him in batley shirt again . Shame but goodluck too.him
  3. Unless Morton fit he might be playing center this week.
  4. Last season hull shafted us with duel reg and here we are sending.him to hell to show case his skills and were down a center. . He only came to us because he had no club wasn't sure if he was playing at all this season he asked buccanon how he was liking batley and if he might get a spot .
  5. Find it ridiculous get he wants to play super league but what happens if he good for them we lose a good player with lack of venter cover
  6. Tbh I didn't rate him upset the settled halves we had let patch walker and Joel Farnell leave to Sheffield. He just didn't seem like he could motivate or improve the players we had .
  7. I know its early days of the season but hope we're talking to the squad about resigning as this squad is on par with the kear squad before he left
  8. We were great in defence found ref was very quick to call 6 again . The wasbrrook penalty wasn't as he couldn't pull out the tackle and the foward pass was never one . Also were was the knock on.in the build up.to there second try
  9. Anyone know were you can get tickets for game
  10. I thought we never allowed to have quick ball it was always slow ball. Due to Swinton spoiling techniques which hewer allowed
  11. Anyone know what attendence we will be allowed Sunday yet
  12. Bunch of greedy teams happy for them to join when it ment they didn't get any money so they got more. Now they need money instead of being self sufficient they say no we don't want you. I dare bet if they offer up a place to a championship team they won't give them full entitlment of money
  13. Anyone know who these 4 experienced halfbacks are that we are in talks with
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