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  1. We don't need any more forwards we need backs so why waste funds on two more forwards when we needs backs forgive I'll get excited when we sign a center or a winger dont say we got 4 wingers as 2 are not as quick as they once were one injury prone and other playing centre at moment in time . We played hull we matched there forwards outside we got cut to pieces needs looking at or it's going to be along hard season
  2. Be a big crowd with a bit of luck might help.get funds to sign a couple of loan players to boost squad
  3. Do we have a dual reg partner as it seems giants have gone with halifax
  4. Seems that way lol what a man of.his word he was first he signs then fails to tell the club he applied for oil rig job . I assume then he signs for Newcastle bit of a head scratcher how he suddenly now can make the long trip to Newcastle for training and matches from this great oil rig job . Ide be asking mr dean for a explanation if I was liners not that he would answer his call I guess
  5. Says he signed for Newcastle thunder yet told us he had a job on a oil rig . Think something fishy going.on here .
  6. No brainer leigh full time us part time we cant offer him anywere near what leigh can . Like to see us make a cheeky punt for Watson boas at doncaster see if he fancy a crack at championship.rugby again
  7. Hope it's TRUE massive shot in the arm if he was to come but think he take half our budget
  8. Any reason for dean deciding not join now ?
  9. As our recruitment finished ? No news on any signings and dual reg seems to be more harder to get this season
  10. Be glad to get a center as well as a hooker we have plenty of second rowers and forwards but one recognised centre so far Galbraith
  11. Think we now need a prop a center a winger a half back and maybe a hooker by looks of things . To cover butterworth smeaton and gledhill that have all left the club as at minute we have a squad of 17 players signed for next season
  12. After agree york have signed chris Clarkson from castleford very good player there signing super league players . Were signing players from teams below us hope we click next year
  13. Liners will use him better than disco did great to see him re sign
  14. Ide like wood and butterworth to sign deals too and young jack on a year loan as he wont be needed at rhino next year
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