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  1. Jason Bass is the latest player to sign on for 2020, great news.
  2. West Wales won their first game today , well done lads.
  3. Judah is out for the rest of this season after his op.
  4. Viavia scores against Rochdale today.
  5. Rangi Chase returns to rugby league after his ban, he hopes to play for Doncaster against Whitehaven this weekend.
  6. Well done girls, onwards and upwards now.
  7. 8am and no match report on the Press web site, 8.20 and they put a report on.
  8. Kevin Brown has joined Rochdale on loan
  9. Not till next year so it says in the press.
  10. In the press today, it wont be ready till next year.
  11. Always sad when people lose their jobs, looks like they are making cut backs shame, I didnt alway agree with his reports but he gave the Knights massive coverage.
  12. Fev have signed Will Dagger on loan.
  13. Any chance of making this a sticky please?.
  14. Jack Teanby, Jason Bass, Connor Robinson, Mat Chilton, Sam Scott, Joe Porter, Ash Robson has also signed for 2021 season.
  15. In the Press it says more delays but wont say what, looks like end of year at the earliest unless theres even more delays.
  16. Next week when we play at Swinton, dont forget the M62 will be closed for the weekend.
  17. Leigh have just signed Jordan Thompson from Hull, dont think they will need Joe Batch now.
  18. Greg Minikin has signed for H.K.R. for next season.
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