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  1. Senior is a Burnley supporter. Bury? errrr ok, small club Bolton??????? I thought I'd raised you to make wise decisions. Although the idea of a Claret owning Bolton certainly is intriguing.
  2. Sorry to here that. Wishing you and your family the best.
  3. I always preferred the ITV iplayer comedy section.
  4. I have never knowingly met doppelgänger of myself or anyone else that I know.
  5. London media darlings, won nothing, pretend big club.
  6. Is that another tedious historical period drama?
  7. Bring back the vacant and engaged jobs.
  8. My first view of those shenanigans were the Argentinians in 66, then Estudianties at Old Trafford against Man Utd. Burnley's "See Naples and Die" in 1967 was probably as bad as any. http://www.clarets-mad.co.uk/feat/edx8/see_naples_and_die_326903/index.shtml
  9. I've just started reading 'Just Boris' by Sonia Purnell.
  10. I've only followed them from afar and to a slight degree. However, for such a massive club/franchise, they must rank as one of the biggest failures. The last time they won the Stanley Cup, I had yet to go to my first football match of any code. Then again, I wasn't aware of them before the early 70's.
  11. Leafs fan, mainly cos I have a family connection with Toronto, but also Minnesota because of a family name that is the same as their moniker.
  12. I prefer an offside line parrallel to the 18 yard box.
  13. I didn't realise you were from Winnipeg.
  14. Thanks endangered Mr White Male Up. You're proof that people outside your narrow circle can run rings round you, literally. Did 'gridiron' cause any signs of nausea?
  15. I actually agree, to some extent about your concerns. You just come across as a snowflake lad. I bet you'd call the Rooney Rule an agenda.
  16. Thank you. I'm neither a Town or a Fax fan. I was born there, but like many from the upper Calder Valley, my team is Burnley. Although I follow their fortunes, I'm not a Fax fan either.
  17. I know. Imagine Halifax getting 170m, imagine Halifax Nosox getting 10% of that.
  18. I remember Villa averaging around 29,000 in the old third division in 1970-71, when they finished fourth. Halifax Town finishing third, just missed out on promotion. 1 Preston North End 46 22 17 7 63 39 1.615 61 Promoted to the Second Division 2 Fulham 46 24 12 10 68 41 1.659 60 3 Halifax Town 46 22 12 12 74 55 1.345 56 4 Aston Villa 46 19 15 12 54 46 1.174 53
  19. I think Freesports show some Serie A.
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