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  1. It leads to greater success when there is room for growth. The AFL provided had teams in new areas like Dallas, Houston, Denver and Oakland and San Diego. Those cities were bound to spread the appeal, especially in football crazy Texas.
  2. I got 7/10. That Baseball Ground question was a stinker.
  3. There were NFL 12 teams in 1959. However I'm sure you are aware that another 10 were added the following year when AFL was established. So, there were actually NFL 22 teams in 1960.
  4. Aye, two home games in Barrow then two in Canberra. As long as they have green jerseys with blue and white chevrons.
  5. Leagues are made up of conferences. St George Hotel Giant Dragoons? Cronulla-Cumberland-Sutherland-Warringah Sea Sharks
  6. Agree. If the Premier League are still dithering on giving Liverpool the title and considering no relegation at the stage they're at in their season, we should be at least going for no relegation. As for promotion, I would leave that for at least another year.
  7. Thanks to this and Peter V’landys tin eared shenanigans the other day, one could be forgiven for believing rugby league and begging bowls go hand in hand at the moment. Of course, other sports will be looking for compensation, but it's the way our sport goes about it that should make most fans concerned.
  8. Just heard talk of the Chinese basketball league possibly restarting, but no details as of yet.
  9. Yeah, those types who pretend to be indepented.
  10. With no one left to annoy or complain about, his whole world would collapse. Plus, his wet whipes would soon run out.
  11. Good call. Can anyone (other than Grizzly Adams) really self isolate for more than a couple of days without any contact?
  12. Tell others to be more stoic when you are stoic.
  13. Again, you show your ignorance of the truth. Keep it civilised? You quoted Churchill. We know where you're coming from, Rupert.
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