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  1. Now what would a guitar maker find Shellac useful for. Obviously, the polishing stage.
  2. So Shellac comes from Beetles in India and Thailand.
  3. I found that out two weeks back from a friend who makes guitars, or tries to.
  4. It certainly is. I used to drink there occasionally, Nutbush never clicked. Nutclough does, obviously!
  5. Or sticking to Aussie brands, Peerless, Westmont and Sport M.
  6. Neither the Sharks or Knights seem to have the recent form that will see them go beyond week one. Panthers to beat Storm in the GF.
  7. It's what I've been sayin' all along Clive.
  8. This is far more complex than some people realise.
  9. You can tell what year the year of this thread was.
  10. And you think SL would ever be a big enough temptation for the best?
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