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  1. Tell others to be more stoic when you are stoic.
  2. Again, you show your ignorance of the truth. Keep it civilised? You quoted Churchill. We know where you're coming from, Rupert.
  3. You're not familiar with the truth. Go back to your unicorns, you obviously feel safer there.
  4. How can a lie spread faster than the trutch when a lie is a distortion of the truth?
  5. He has the right to post whatever he likes, as long as as he understands there are possible consequences. I think he comes from a backward looking environment which is common amongst many Pacific island nations and territories.
  6. Right now....???? Nancy Wilson - How Glad I am. Reminds me of visits to my grandparents.
  7. I was once prescribed prozac, the so-called wonder drug. I went north, almost to Korea.
  8. Former Easts, Norths and Kangaroos star Mark Harris
  9. For Drop Bears, just rub yourself in toothpaste, it's the best known deterrent .
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