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  1. Wish WADA could place an impenetrable bubble (maybe Trumps hot air) over the whole of that yesir nation.
  2. Worst decade in my lifetime. Lost my parents in 2017 and 2019, plus an auntie in 2017 and uncle in 2018 - Mum's siblings. I'm not moaning though, life is like that. In many ways I've been lucky, even if I haven't always appreciated it. I tend not to get carried away by sports as I used to, even though my two favourite teams just happened to enjoy their best periods in decades.
  3. I would have thought ten quid would have been a weeks wage back then. Perhaps I've got my decades mixed up.
  4. O'Neills seem to be slowly taking over. I heard that ISC are struggling downunder.
  5. I wonder which pointless team you support.
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