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  1. Cragg is a beaut of a place. Used to end up there after rabbiting up on the moor around Stoodley Pike and Withens.
  2. Well that's off to a great start, smartarzz Will this get to number one by Christmas? I don't mean this century either......
  3. I'll start with a Q & A quotation from Alan Watts. Q. If you knew the atom bomb was about to fall, what would you do? A. I should go right on eating dinner.
  4. I'm impressed. Maybe you were good enough to play for Lancashire.
  5. He probably would, but he might still have a decent set of nashers. Were you this slow in your playing days? Sir!
  6. Some great photos here. The only person I would recognise would be gingerjon. Mumby Magic doesn't look owt like I'd imagine him. I think RL doesn't do what sky says is pulling our chains.
  7. Oh yes, big and seemingly gentle, but some rough parts and bald patches. Proper millstone grit too, almost as tough as granite.
  8. t'il, young man. I'm trying to fathom out which hillside you belong on, steep and it's Mostly Lancashire, a big gentle slope witha few steep bit's and it's Yorkshire. We're in the part closest to Lancashire. You lot don't really know hills, neither do most Yorkies.
  9. Cue for every fan to support a Lancastrian team.
  10. Being a happy northern wotsit. Or aren't you?
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