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  1. New stuff that sounds middle east or Indian, meets soft modern r&b. Basically most pop music.
  2. I was wondering the same after your previous reply.
  3. We? So you and your mates kept it closed. On who's behalf?
  4. So I assume the top tier of the Fergie stand wasn't available for the GF.
  5. No copy cat nonsense. A king hit is definitely an Aussie and New Zealand slang term for a coward punch or sucker punch.
  6. As you suggest, Leeds are miles from having a 50,000 capacity stadium. If I were a Leeds fan, I'd e hoping for at least 55k. For staging a RL major final, anything under 60k would have to be special enough to generate any offset of a smaller capacity.
  7. I have the same feeling about it. Is it because Kirsty McColl was involved?
  8. Now we can see why Gareth Southgate has lost the plot.
  9. You and your fake accents. However, you're not alone. I'm no fan of that particular song.
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