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  1. Can see Burgess and Escare having an upturn in both form and confidence under the tutelage of Ian Watson.
  2. Big links on this happening for next season, if it does, Salford have got a very impressive side in the backs with the likes of Sarginson, Lolohea, Sio, Escare etc
  3. Perfect replacement for Evalds at Salford, good signing for the red devils.
  4. Apart from Sarginson it looks like Salford have recruited badly, quantity over quality! Wigan by 30.
  5. Last season a total one off for Salford given the quality they had, this season they resemble something from 5 years ago, flattering to deceive with a few players there for a quick buck.
  6. Early days in the comp but fully expect Salford to improve, particularly in defence, as for Hudds, depends which one turns up on the day, Salford should win this.
  7. On paper ( I know) Salford look quite strong, especially in the forwards, the home side to win by 16.
  8. Cannot read too much into Salfords hammering at a team that would not be out of place in the NRL, Saints are head and shoulders above anyone in Super League thats for sure. Could be a long season ahead for TW however and they will do well to stay up given this season is going to be something of a learning curve. as for the Salford game, you get the feeling Watson will have them fired up to come flying out of the traps after last week which is bad news for the wolfpack.
  9. Just to clear things up a bit, now will this get me a ban on here?? Everyone goes on about rights but clearly some are more taboo than others.
  10. Will be closer than most think, never a good time to play Saints but with a new coach, a few key players missing then its probably now the best time to play them. Salfords pack looks quite formidable.
  11. So speaking truth is the new hate speech? regardless, he has the right to earn a living from his trade.
  12. A reality check for some of the Salford fans who were living in hope.
  13. For what its worth I dont think Salford fans should get too excited, he has paid his dues and rightfully has to do what is best for himself, smart money is he probably wants to return home and to the NRL, not sure he will get the love at Wigan like he did at Salford.
  14. Confusion surrounding his intentions for 2020, allegedly having 2nd thoughts and question marks over his Wigan commitment, will he stay or will he go back to the NRL? Quite telling however that his Twitter profile still states he is a Salford player, lets see how this one unfolds!
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