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  1. 7 wins out of their last 8 games, Salford are a winning machine, tbf they deserve a lot of respect.
  2. Poor all round from the player and his agent, Salford have been very good for him and the contract extension and this how they are repaid with a ton of disregard and disrespect.
  3. Salfords problem was complacency, Huddersfield's problem now is making a decision about the coach.
  4. I think the injuries to Wright, Ackers, Lafai and Sio will catch up with Salford in this one, Hudds by 14.
  5. Off topic slightly I know but Huddersfield were nilled by Salford last season in the play offs and have been nilled already once or twice this season, surely that is saying something about a lack of progression in the coaching, maybe just maybe the current Huddersfield head coach is actually a bit overrated.
  6. Any alarm bells starting to sound for the Huddersfield coach yet?
  7. Another great result for Salford who to be absolutely honest are a great run club and are where they are on merit, they actually deserve plenty of respect given their budget.
  8. Huddersfield look a bit one dimensional, certainly under achieving so far under Watson.
  9. Lannon to Halifax on a permanent deal, so that's Sarginson and Lannon off the books at Salford, they're surely bringing someone in??
  10. Ackers and Lafai both out is a massive blow, quality in depth a big problem for Salford.
  11. Interesting match up this Hudds the bigger pack, Salford more quality in the backs, Ian who??
  12. Salfords backs are as good as any in SL, Croft and Brierley almost telepathic, so good to watch when they are in full flow.
  13. We know that Salford are a very capable outfit, great to watch when they click.
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