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  1. Suspect amongst other things Watson may have been somewhat frustrated at Salford by the 3 win deduction which ended theyre play off hopes? Having said that, his stock has never been higher and probably a good time for him to personally cash in with a very big pay rise elsewhere at a club on a sound footing.
  2. Seems like the RFL like to bully the smaller clubs, not sure the likes of Saints, Wigan would be hauled over the coals as severely.
  3. Salford have been a breath of fresh air to the league in all honesty last year or so, whats probably more frustrating for the club has a whole at the moment though is no fans being allowed in, they would be bringing in 5000+ easily just now.
  4. Salford are far better than what they served up tonight, having said that, their excuses are totally credible, the team was ravaged and dead on its feet, clear for all to see.
  5. After the Koukash debacle there is a solid set up behind the scenes at Salford ie Watson, Blease, Rowley and the lifelong fan turned director King. Tbh Salford have not really missed Hastings as much as many thought they would do and again thats down to the acumen of the coaches, they are really quite an enterprising team, notice the speed of the counter attack against Leeds which led to the Williams try as an example, I think they will keep Watson for another season or two, maybe longer if they can consistently compete, as for next year, Escare and the winger from Wigan are onboard, they have got the quality of Watkins and Sarginson in the centres and I dont think they are too far away from having a truly top side if they can add some quality in the pack, maybe an Ashton Sims type forward, Salford deserve a lot of credit and respect, they have shown with or without Jackson Hastings that this season, like last, they can compete.
  6. Totally agree, play the fringe players, its all in to land some silverware for Solly.
  7. Yeh I get that, obviously the virus has a map....
  8. A GF appearance and now Wembley says Salford are actually a very well run club with an astute coach and director (Watson/Blease), their team is full of talented individuals such as Inu, Watkins, Lolohea etc and its an absolute shame about the current climate as they would probably be averaging 5000+ in attendances just now.
  9. Fans allowed in at the tennis in Paris, granted only a few, yet if thats permitted at such a small venue then why not at Wembley? Many things just do not add up about all this.
  10. Outstanding signing by Salford if Watkins can hit the heights of previous years, every chance he will do so under Watson, and that backline of Escare, Sarginson, Sio, Lolohea etc looks extremely dangerous with the addition of Watkins.
  11. Credit to Salford, plenty of quality in that side, however, they do actually have the most outstanding coach in SL in Ian Watson.
  12. Can see Burgess and Escare having an upturn in both form and confidence under the tutelage of Ian Watson.
  13. Big links on this happening for next season, if it does, Salford have got a very impressive side in the backs with the likes of Sarginson, Lolohea, Sio, Escare etc
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