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  1. A reality check for some of the Salford fans who were living in hope.
  2. For what its worth I dont think Salford fans should get too excited, he has paid his dues and rightfully has to do what is best for himself, smart money is he probably wants to return home and to the NRL, not sure he will get the love at Wigan like he did at Salford.
  3. Confusion surrounding his intentions for 2020, allegedly having 2nd thoughts and question marks over his Wigan commitment, will he stay or will he go back to the NRL? Quite telling however that his Twitter profile still states he is a Salford player, lets see how this one unfolds!
  4. Salford, who were comfortably the 2nd best team in the comp in 2019 not getting much love on here......
  5. Top 5 1. Saints 2. Wigan 3. Warrington 4. Salford 5. Hull Challenge Cup: Salford/Toronto Relegated: Huddersfield
  6. Salford are undeniably weaker without Hastings but arguably they have actually upgraded in most other positions, plus they still have the Watson factor, lets not forget they were comfortably the 2nd best team in the comp last season, they should and could be thereabouts again in 2020.
  7. Get the O"Brien drop goal as sensational but for me Greg Johnsons try in the corner in the same game right at the death was spine tingling, when you consider the hooter had already gone and Flanagan flung the ball must have been 25 yards and the ball hung in the air for an eternity setting up Johnson in the corner, cannot imagine the nerves under that much pressure to score and to catch the ball first, sheer breathtaking stuff!
  8. Yes and I alluded to the 6, thank you yes its my opinion and its different to the one that your entitled to, no great shakes.
  9. Officially a red devil, Salfords pack of Mossop, Dudson, Pauli and Ikahihifo looks formidable.
  10. One player however good (Hastings) does not make a team, Salford actually are far more than the sum of the parts of their squad and the replacements for the others you mention are arguably better than those who have left, add the likes of Lussick, Lolohea etc and with a quality coach Salford will be up there again.
  11. Saints versus Salford the stand out game tbf, after all they are officially the top 2 teams in the SL and do not see that changing in 2020.
  12. Strongly linked with Salford, not sure whats happened to him since 2017 but think he will get his mojo back under Watson if he signs. Would be a good addition and along with Pauli and Yates their pack is looking strong.
  13. Hard to look beyond Saints to come out on top again, reckon Salford will continue to surprise and finish in the top 5 and possibly a wembley appearance, Watson is a genuinely superb coach who gets so much out of his players.
  14. Sarginson is an upgrade on Bibby while Pauli along with both Mossop and Dudson is quite a powerful unit tbf, Hastings no question is the big big loss, however Brown/Atkin can step up to the plate, tbh Salford still have plenty of quality in the ranks such as this seasons 2nd highest try scorer in Evalds, while Lussick and Lolohea are quality and am sure the club will look to add a bit more. Main thing for me is they retain the coach, Watsons stock are risen considerably and if he goes then you fear the worst for that team and club, the coach is the glue holding it together and its vital he is retained if Salford want to remain competitive.
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