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  1. I agree. Theres a big market for international sport and the RLWC should pull in some decent crowds. Im really looking forward to the whole event. 16 teams. Australia clear favourites and Tonga and NZ very strong however England looking like they could cause an upset Victory if things go their way. Wane is a very good coach and I would not be shocked if he can fashion a winning side over the tournament.
  2. I think the Knights are great as a touring side to PNG and Fiji and to play against the Full England team. Not sure its great for them to play France and Wales as tbh, England probably have 4 or 5 teams who could beat France. We have alot of very good players, particularly in the Forwards. Australias real edge is the Backs. I feel better to always play as full England team as at least thats respect for the other teams and the TV audience. To be pasted by England as a European team is one thing, by the Knights is another.
  3. Do you Gigot might sign up too or He may go elsewhere for a loan move?
  4. I think Trent will make more players want to play for France for sure. Eloi is back so maybe Batieri come the WC can be talked into a comeback for the National Team. France IMO could upset Samoa if all goes right for them and Milford etc have a really bad day.
  5. Do you think Gigot will rise to the stage of internationals? As his tackling was decent in SL the last few seasons.
  6. Hes a decent player just got older and not where he was in 2017. I wonder what wadges a Union club in Japan may offer him.
  7. Agreed and that could build into a Championship outfit in time.
  8. Latrell is a great player but it would not shock me if NSW and particularly the Kangaroos do not pick him for Rep Footy this year. Thoughts?
  9. Fiji have an almost limitless supply of good Wingers so its a good move for Hull to keep signing them up. Hopefully he becomes another SL Star.
  10. This is a fair point. Les Dracs have certainly brought through alot of SL players down the years. For both themselves and other clubs. Escare, Gigot, Navarette, Pellisier etc all playing or recently played SL for English clubs. TO in SL will be likely to increase this pool of Players and that will help France.
  11. Can you imagine how the NRL would build up his profile if he was a player before SOO? Lomax has a great story. I remember a feature on Valentine Holmes before 2017 SOO. It was awesome as it told you about his upbringing and his Sister and him moving to Sydney from Queensland to pursue a Pro Career in RL.
  12. I think its an okay rule change. 40m out is a tricky shot to pull off and its quite a spectacle to watch. It adds something exciting to the finish of a close game to have this 2pt option. The NFL often change rules so I dont feel its bad for the NRL to do so too. I would not have the rule for SOO or Internationals though.
  13. Agreed. Gigot, Connor, LMS, Hastings, Fages, and many more. They are there. It would help if Skys intro featured Players rather than Robots. That would at least give People some Faces to remember.
  14. This is so True. I looked on Wiki and about 100 NRL players are Eligible for Samoa so if they dont play for OZ or NZ there is a massive pool of potential Players for Samoa. France as much as I would love to see it would have to pull off a huge upset. They would need to have the game of their lives and Samoa have an off day. RL is a very efficient game, ie best team tends to win due to the scoring system and way possession is distributed. Harder than in Union to see an Upset IMO as how do you run down the clock in RL?
  15. I would imagine theres a clean slate with the new Coaching team in regards to the past and falling out with the Previous Coach. To be fair, I think there are better players ahead of him, Gigot in particular covers the same positions and would be a better choice. Bergal and Escare would be ahead of him for the Wing slot aside Yaha too. However, who knows, particularly if Miloudi plays well in Elite and gets a loan move to TO after Elite is finished for the season. France definitely have more depth than 4 years ago.
  16. Out of interest, who would You put Forward for Top 7 Hookers? IMO this is a position where SL with Roby, Clarke and Mcshane has some real top quality. England do produce alot of good Rakes, Powell and Houghton being another two very good Hookers. Roby would be a definite pick for the Top 7 I feel even at 36.
  17. Fages - Cant believe I forgot the 1 French Player who would be a possible for the English Squad and could probably make it in the NRL. Hes very good! Certainly theres a decent backline if all players stay fit and are available. Escare a must for the Bench as He can cover a few positions in the backs. He gives speed and options in the Backs like when at Wigan he would come on and add pace late on in games. Is an upset win over what will be a very strong NRL and SL Samoa outfit impossible? Will Trent Robinson be able to turn them into World Beaters? Also as We have the Backs, what would be the Pack? Casty, Da Costa, Bosquet, Garcia, Julien, Goudemond? Any TO players Ive missed out? And What would be the full 17? Lastly, apart from Kheirallah are there any other possible residence players who are good enough? If only France could have say 3 Foreign born playing locally in the 17 it would add something I feel without taking away the clear French identity of the team.
  18. Watching the last two games on SKY and following on from last season, is it Me or has Yaha improved quite a bit on say 2016-2018. He should hopefully have a good World Cup. He certainly looks like a very good SL Winger now who can run through people and is much improved under the High Ball. Out of interest, what is the likely back line for France at the WC? Im sure theres players Ive left out of the below equations so please let me know better options or what people think? Will Gigot or Escare or Kheirallah be at FB? Who in the Centres? Laguerre and Gigot or Albert? Escare or Romano and Yaha on the Wings? And who in the Halves? Robin or Mourgue, and Albert or Escare? Thoughts?
  19. Tbh its a shame to see a weak Broncos. They are a team that as a relative Neutral I always want to see do well as they are probably the biggest team in terms of support in the NRL and its good for them to be strong for the game. Farnworth looks like a definite for the WC squad and as a probable for the 17 as Centre is not a position England have a huge amount of World Class Talent at. Lets hope his good form continues in the NRL and that he can have a good World Cup too.
  20. England certainly have alot of good Forwards! There must be 10 or more at around SOO standard. Sutton IMO has improved out in Canberra and should be in the 17. Whiteman and Bateman for Me are Starters. If Only we Can bring through more Backs especially Half Backs at the highest level, as thats where I feel the big difference is between England versus Australia and NZ.
  21. Red card and fair enough really. One arm and into the neck. Not malicious however those tackles have to be reds now based on the current rules.
  22. Dragons need a score to make it a 3 try game to be sure of the win as the Giants look capable of a breakaway try or two.
  23. He certainly isnt having a great game here today. His goal kicking is on point however his all round game isn't what You would expect from a Player who was a Top NRL Half Back two seasons ago.
  24. In the era of mobiles and social media its almost impossible to stop things getting out, unfortunately. Its really hard to cover anything up.
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