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  1. Agree. Tbh OZ must have 75-100 players who are of a good enough level to probably beat a England 13. Taking away 40 of them will still make for a competitive series and there will still be interest in the games here in the UK and some interest down under too.
  2. If this does happen, couldn't OZ pick a side minus the SOO players? It may not be as star studded but a selection of NRL players who aren't quite good enough to play SOO is still a formidable opponent and one I would pay to watch. During the SL war in 1995, didn't OZ go to the world Cup without some pretty big names and it was still a good tournament and a decent OZ team?
  3. Tbh sport is far more important to the Male over 30 demographic than people probably think. I will miss sport alot. It gives me alot, and got me through some dark times. I think having the players and teams play out of a location up North OZ and one stadium so to keep TV sport is a good idea. Imo other sports should do the same, as the public need something to do and to take their minds off things. I am gutted SL isn't continuing in some limited format for now. I hope the NRL can keep going to some degree.
  4. All unfortunate, yet true. This would be a way to improve the finances of clubs in this difficult period.
  5. Les Dracs by 6 in a tight game. Folau, Maloney and Tomkins to play well again.
  6. Theres a certain gallows humour in knowing you have the kit GB got comprehensively beaten by PNG in (wasn't a close game at all really by the end) and where Bennett played Halves on the Wings despite having wingers in the squad. I understand its not a kit to remember. The GB British Coal one for me is the iconic Lions shirt of my childhood. I hope they leave the Lions until if ever, there is a time where there are at least 4 top quality Celtic players so it can actually be seen as a GB team and not a English team only. Agree with you I hope the England brand gets built up now. Wane might shock us all and pull off a series win!
  7. I agree. Folau is still relatively at his peak and viewers want to see one of the best Three Quarters in either code play. Folau last season was tearing up Super Rugby and has started SL well. Further Les Dracs imo always add something to Sky's coverage as its a unique thing, Saturday late afternoon, and a heartland of RL that is still exotic as its the South of France too. Its been a real shame they have been off air so far this season.
  8. It does make you wonder how a SL French Pro like Yaha would be if he had been playing in NZ from the age of 10 and vice versa with a average NRL player from Auckland. Agree coaching is a massive factor.
  9. Folau seems to have made a difference as well as the other star backs in Tomkins and Maloney playing well. They will have too much strike power for Salford imo. Cats to win, by 10 pts.
  10. Does anyone think Chris Ashton may be an option for TWP as he has left Sale and would be exempt from the Cap for year one as returning from Union. Could be a good if expensive signing.
  11. Thanks for this info. It would make sense for him to be moved on if they are paying Gigot market rate. O'Brien may take a moderate pay cut for a longer contract however they are not easy to find in a Sport as brutal as RL for a player who is around 30 years old. He's a good player is O'Brien. Bound to be quite a few takers for him.
  12. While I will agree there are not 20 players out there in France who could right now play SL , I do feel there has to be at least 5 of them who could do a solid job at this level. Hopefully some get a chance.
  13. Given TWP need more players, does anyone else think they may look at Elite 1 to find another player or two as there is talent there and the salary required will not be high? Gigot hopefully back in SL would be good for SL as he is a interesting player and hopefully TWP can get a win in the next game or so as otherwise it will be tough for them as statistically if a team looses its first 5 games it will be hard to stay up.
  14. This makes sense as He's a very good utility back and isn't at a club right now. How they will get him on the Cap, I'm not sure, although given he's not at a club now maybe he will sign for the season for a moderate salary? Does anyone think they may move for Escare too?
  15. 8pts ahead at HT hopefully they can win from here. I worry they will tire as the game goes on.
  16. Does anyone feel it would help the French National team if Les Dracs were immune from Relegation and could play more French and maybe have a minimum of 10 in every match day 17? For example, Da Costa would really benefit from regular games as would Yaha and some others who with the cohort of Anglo Anzac talent talent at Les Dracs won't get much game time when everyone is fit.
  17. Thanks for this information. I was curious about how much he was being paid. It seems a good salary given the situation. I would think assuming he has a good season, he is likely to make considerably more elsewhere next season in Union.
  18. Thanks for the analysis. It makes sense. Given the predictability of their attack, they are going to have to do something differently to score more points, as that was a issue in quite a few games last year. Do you think more French Lads would help? I know it was an end of season game, however didn't 13 French men in the 17 away to Hull prefrom rather well at the end of last season?
  19. While Tomkins is no doubt a great player, I did feel at the time there would have been better choices for a high wadge long term signing, given Les Dracs had a very good full back already. A big money signing in the forwards might have been a better choice or an organising half back. Its a shame this season Gigot isn't at the Dragons. They miss something without him imo.
  20. Gigot being out of SL or the NRL is a shame as he is along with Fages and Casty, one of Frances few Players who are really good at SL level. I hope he finds a club soon as he is imo, one of the most entertaining players to watch play in SL. That he's training with Avignon, suggests he will be back playing at some time soon. It looks unlikely it will be Catalans who sign him so I guess that leaves TO, or a few SL teams in need of creativity and a good passer, TWP may like to sign him, however Cap space could be an issue. If Castleford or Wakefield signed him that could work well for club and player, issue would be wadges though as I read somewhere he turned down 100k euros from Les Dracs.
  21. I feel it would still make sense as a place British fans are likely to see as worth visiting. I'm not sure Montpellier would have that appeal. Paris is iconic so will have a weekend away appeal about it. And would potentially raise the profile of RL in France as its Paris. Lastly, I don't feel there's a big enough demand for a RL team In Paris in SL, unless a backer is willing to run it at significant losses ala David Hughes and the Broncos in London.
  22. Imo Paris would work fine for Magic as its a place many English Fans would see as worth a visit. It would also attract Catalans fans as it's far easier to get to than the North of England is for them. As long as the stadium picked was a max of a 40k and ideally 25k it could be a good turnout and make a good spectacle for TV.
  23. I agree. I also have this image in my head of a Coach saying a Halve, a Halve a Kingdom for Half. If only Fiji could swap some wings for quality NRL half backs for their national team as that's the only position there's a clearly noticeable weakness in.
  24. I feel Les Dracs are the better example to compare to as before they were in SL the clubs who merged to create them did not get the attendances they do now. TO I think had a game or two with 6000 people there last season so given SL status an average gate of 5000 is not unrealistic as a minimum.
  25. I think the RFU allow 2 Marquee signings exempt from the cap.
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