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  1. Agreed. Unless he does not want to move to OZ as Warrington give me the impression that they look after their players pretty well and not everyone wants to move away from Home. Gold Coast with Holbrook as Coach are a good place to be right now, and assuming they offer him a decent salary its a good move.
  2. I think this is a great thing for Rugby League. A 16 team World Cup in France, IMO focused on the South where the game is strong, and with the possibility of maybe a game in Barcelona and 2 in Paris at appropriately sized stadiums ie max 30k. For the Final, I would think a moderately sized ground in the South, say State Toulousian at a sell out would be a great option rather than 20k in a huge stadium elsewhere. Thoughts on this? Is this too pessimistic of Me? Would Marsielle be able to sell significant tickets? Lastly, I feel it would not hurt if France could add a little bit of Ang
  3. I think in November, Union had 17m of grants as well as loans then. Union is definitely being looked after. Hopefully League can access some grants too as the game needs funding for the community game.
  4. They are both very good players at SL level however they would not be likely to make Origin so I can see what you mean about their quality. International quality IMO is about is a Player Origin level. Gildart and Percival are not quite at that level IMO. OZ have amazing depth in the backs. England do not. Williams aside, We lack Star Backs. Who else do we have who would be an NRL stand out? Makinson? Tomkins? Johnstone? The big difference between England and OZ / NZ is the Backs. In the Forwards England have parity or even an edge. If Farnworth is an NRL starter in the Backs he
  5. Its a rule which brings an element of the other code into Rugby League. The strip is common in Union. I think its an ok rule as contest for possession of the ball is a good thing and allows fast turnover of the ball and counter attacks. Some coaches will definitely be making stripping the ball in the tackle a tactic and ball carriers will have to be wary of players falling off before a strip is attempted.
  6. Huge play by Morgue there. Lovely finish to the game.
  7. Having less money certainly means theres more opportunities for Young French players! Hopefully soon Les Dracs regularly have 10 Frenchmen in the matchday 17 even when all players are fully fit.
  8. Hes had a very good first half. Hopefully this is the start of a regular first team spot for him and another Frenchman playing regular SL which is always good to see.
  9. I think theres quite a few players out there who would enjoy League however feel the Money in Union is too good. In League unless you are a top NRL player in the Halves, the wadges dont compare and it's a tough tough game to earn a living in. NRL is super competitive.
  10. Great Player and it seems the right time for him to call time on his Rugby League and Union career. He should benefit financially from Boxing as hes got quite a name and can maximise that in fights to come. He lost alot of money with TWP losing their place in SL and letting all the Players and their contracts go. In fairness to him too, as he said, He will see what hes like after 6 months solid of boxing training as opposed to the 6 weeks hes done before. I am curious to see how good he can be.
  11. Tbh a tournament with France, Wales, England and maybe Jamaica would work well. Even if England were also playing Down Under or vs NZ in a home series, it would still be worth playing these games with a group of players from SL to represent England as long as they still play under the official England banner and not as the Knights. Knights imo are best left as a touring side to PNG or Fiji where they will still draw a crowd. France don't want to play the Knights imo.
  12. I don't know figures however I get the impression Italian Club Rugby Union in the late 1980s early 90s looked after star players very well, probably in direct payments and business relationships too. Campese would have been paid very well I'm sure. It's quite telling how good Italy were at Union in 92-97 compared to today. They were professional ahead of the UK and Ireland by a few years. As for Wigan, from what I remember reading, they paid out 2m a year in wadges in 1994 (and had some significant debts) which was alot in those days and is more than most SL clubs spend today so
  13. I think he could yet come back to Les Dracs in April or May as they are likely to need more backs and hes a proven player for them. It would be good to see him back at Les Dracs in 2021. I think He will play well at Avignon so back in SL at Catalans is a real possibility in 2021 for Him.
  14. It would be nice to see TO in SL and have 2 French Sides there to make a SL that bit more European. They have assembled a pretty good squad for the 2021 season. Casty is a great signing for them. Hopefully its financially viable long term to have two French teams in SL. TO seem like they have good backing so would have a good chance of getting to SL and staying there. Lets see what happens in 2021 hopefully the season goes ahead as planned.
  15. I think that a 3rd time at the Dragons could happen in 2021 for Gigot. It would be good to see I cant think of any player who has played for a club 3 times and played their best 3rd time round. Can anyone?
  16. Tony Gigot second time around at Catalans. Wins the Challenge Cup and Lance Todd Trophy in 2018.
  17. I agree that winning the Lance Todd trophy, the Challenge Cup and being a big player for them after he came back from the ban means it's a reasonable career so far. He scored quite a few match winning drop goals in one season if I remember correctly too. Well over 100 games for Les Dracs and scored over 300 points. The thing is, compared to his potential, his career is not quite what it could have been as on his day hes a very very good player. Tomkins signing for the Dragons made it harder for him as it meant he was no longer the first choice FB there. I was at the CCF in 18,
  18. The gap between SL and the NRL seems most apparent in the Backs. Imo, theres many current SL Forwards who could do a solid job or even in some cases be Stars in the NRL. Unfortunately, not so much for SL backs. Theres not many SL backs who have shone in the NRL in recent years. Hopefully this changes in time and we start to see more English qualified NRL backs.
  19. I think Wigans youth squad will probably have a couple of very good prospects who could play wing. Umalya Hanley would be one and they are likely to have another youngster coming through.
  20. It's a shame they cancelled the ANZAC test as I felt it was something good for the international game and the ratings mentioned reflect that. Hopefully it could be brought back at some point however I doubt the NRL would want to due to injury / burnout concerns. It seems now the Full Kangaroos side will be likely to only play matches after the NRL season has finished.
  21. I'm happy to see Gigot back in SL. Wakey could be a good fit for him. Hopefully Chester can get the best out of him. I think at the Dragons its a shame he ended up leaving, however once they signed Tomkins and then later Maloney you did wonder where he fitted in to their future plans. I hope that this is a good new start for the only Frenchman to win the Lance Todd trophy and someone who can slot the clutch drop goal when needed.
  22. I just feel realistically given the state of the world with covid and that they had not attracted any big TV deals, the economics of running the team as well as the lack of support from other teams in regard to loans etc means they are probably done as are all the NA expansion teams. I may be wrong on this however I feel the writing is on the wall now for TWP and the future idea of NA teams playing in the English system.
  23. I think transcontinental leagues are an idea that are unlikely to have much support in the post covid world. Super Rugby in Union is likely to go to a trans tasman competition. Other sports will take note too. Travel will be a bigger factor than it was seen to be before.
  24. From a contractual point of view, what do people think Sky will do? Will Sky be ok as long as they get enough TV games with 11 teams or will a team be needed from the Championship to make up the numbers... And how will this team be picked. It seems TWP is done now. Its a sad end tbh. A shame for things to end like this. They won't be the last sporting team to go due to covid. The economics of travel will be much tougher now and complex.
  25. I would like to see Cats and TO in SL and an Avignon team to be brought in too in the Championship initially. I feel focus on the South where the game is strong in France and look to get 3 strong teams in the English system. The Elite 1 would feed players into this maybe and offers a place for talent that may not want a pro career with all that goes with it, for various reasons (low pay, career prospects, travel etc)
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