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  1. If only France can kick on a bit we would have around 8-10 strong nations. Wales And France both deserve more support as they both are based around home born talent and as such expand the playing pool. Its a shame France did not play in PNG too. That PNG are not based around heritage players is amazing for game as it suggests there is potential for alot more talent to come from there and for this win to be one that will be repeated in coming years against Elite sides. Definitely PNG learnt alot from having the Knights tour there last year. Hopefully PNG get more home games in coming years.
  2. We just got hammered by a team who have a Half back who plays for Doncaster and who have Another Half back from the QLD Cup, so I feel personally Abdull who did a good job for London in a struggling team would have maybe done something at Half Back. The players picked at half back did not have great tours. As there's 24 in the Squad I would have seen him as challenging Trueman or Austin for a spot. Austin for me, is great against weak opposition but yet to show it when it really matters. Grace I would have seen as a must for the PNG game and Evalds is creative. McShane and Clarke would be my preferred Hookers as while I think Roby is arguably the second best hooker of the last few years behind Cameron Smith, Roby is old now and 2021 may be pushing it for him.
  3. With a coach I feel a SL based Coach is a must. There's alot of SL based players who could have been better selections, Grace, Evalds, McShane, Abdull just to throw out some names who may well have done a job.
  4. I would go for a Younger Player who is a sure thing for the 13. Bateman is the obvious candidate. I would pick Clarke at Hooker, Zak at full back barring someone having a huge year and next year, leave Hodgson, Graham, McGilivary, Hall, Hill, Austin and maybe even Widdop and Lomax out. With McGilivary I really like him as a player however I feel its 2 years on from 2017 and where he peaked and is now too slow for a International Winger at the Elite level. He lacks pace now.
  5. Yes, He has to go now for sure. He did well at the WC and last year was a good home series until the last test. His time has gone now, someone else needs to come in with fresh ideas. I would like to see Powell or Wane get the Job. Also focus on players under 28. RL is so physical that it is not going to be wise to hold onto too many older players as the 2021 WC is still a long way off on this brutal game. You can maybe have 3 older players but not 5 or 6 if you want to match the energy of other teams.
  6. About 40% of Us voted for a PNG win, so the upset was on the cards? Juet shocked at how much PNG have dominated here. Immense passion, physicality, great support running and some clever kicking game. GB look slow. The lack of pace on the backs cost at least 2 tries here. Above all the players in the second half have not looked all there. The try before half time changed the whole game and showed PNG this game was for the taking. England next year will have to try different approaches and build a new side as they don't look dangerous enough at scoring tries against teams who can match them physically.
  7. Its quite worrying that Bennett picks him on the Wing as it suggests so little confidence in the SL English Backs. Hopefully PNG win this to help boost the international game and We get a new approach next year with a new coach.
  8. Toulouse as French RL needs more opportunities for players to play SL. Newcastle and York as I feel they offer alot as Big places, well run teams and Newcastle a Fans favourite for nights out. Bradford as potentially good crowds there and a Historically big team. One of only 4 GF winners in SL era Now there's a 16 Team SL. If only there was enough TV money for 2.5m a team a season and we would have some competition!
  9. He may have negotiated for it, in his contract. He managed to have 6 or 7 fights while under contract to the NRL or the NZRU so there's a record of employers giving him flexibility on this additional sporting goal of his. Its a possibility as TWP really wanted to sign him and may well have an agreement for one fight a year in the off season?
  10. Cipriani could well do very well at League. He's very creative with his passes and kicks and is a good runner with the ball. The biggest payday for him would be In France or Japan in Union. In the UK I would feel as he's not likely to be part of an England set up he is not going to on more than 450k a year maximum and probably in the range of 350k In more likelyhood. Still a huge salary of course, however not impossible for certain RL teams probably Leeds or Wire or Wigan or Saints or Hull or Les Dracs or TWP to come close to.
  11. Now that you say it, this makes sense. He's a fascinating character and HW boxing is very lucrative. Being in North America and the UK opens up alot of possibilities for him with Boxing. He would certainly be able to draw a decent crowd. The whole situation is fascinating for sure!
  12. I think the main reason is the NRL / OZ federation wanted to reduce the amount of games played by OZ. The 4N was 4 games for OZ as they always made the final. Now apart from in WC years they are playing less matches. I think 2 tests in both 18 and 19. I don't know this for sure but the above makes sense. Both that they wanted less wear and tear on the players and they have issues with wadges for the OZ matches as the players are on 20k aud a game and the TV rights are not likely to be that lucrative as the International game is Likely to be 3rd behind Origin and the NRL for General RL Fans down under. The 4N was a very good competition and it would be a good thing to bring it back.
  13. I agree. GB can have a place as a once every 4 years down under tour and maybe even a home series if there's enough demand. With the caveat that they must pick at least some players from Wales and Scotland and Ireland. I'm not against a heritage OZ player either, basically the side has to be different to the England team to seem relevant in my view. With this tour That Grace and Knowles did not get picked is a real shame and undermines the concept of a GB team if no Welsh players particually as both mentioned are quality players who would not be out of place on that Stage. GB team offers Welsh and Scottish players and Irish players the chance to play in a side with the talent to compete and beat OZ.
  14. As a London based fan, I think putting the 3rd game here is smart as even if it is 2-0 to OZ, the Southern Fans and casual fans are more likely to turn out for a chance to see top level International RL and visit the most advanced stadium in the UK. I would feel this one could be close to sell out given a year to push sales.
  15. How would 3 Marquee and a cap of 2.5m sound? Would that promote more star power while still ensuring the not so wealthy clubs are not blown away by spending?
  16. Agree with all of this. Reality is even someone like Julio Jones or Odell Beckham who are great WRs would find it hard to start for a NRL team on the Wing as the requirements are very different between the sports. NFL to NRL is a much much bigger shift than RL to RU for a wing / centre. Its a tough ask to go between the NFL and RL or RU sports. Good luck to anyone who tries it.
  17. Sadly I think France may not. It seems looking at NZ and now Tonga who have both beaten OZ in the last few years, and GB/Eng who have come close and last won in 2007, that to beat OZ you need. - A core of NRL talent, or Star SL players ie would be in the top 50 Players in SL. - A big strong pack of forwards who can match OZ. France right now if they had every player available, have Fages, Gigot, and an aged but still very good Casty, and Escare who would be of the level to play in a side to compete with / beat OZ. I can't think of anyone else really. Bosquet, Simon, Batieri, Robin, Da Costa, Pellisier etc are good solid SL players but not stars. And not NRL level. Tonga yesterday have Daniel Tupou on the Wing who keeps Ryan Hall out of the Roosters 13. And they have JT the best forward around now. France do merit regular games though as this way maybe they will take RL at international level more seriously. They should get a annual game v England and Wales. Every year. I would also feel letting them pick more Anglos on residence ie 3 years living in France isn't a bad thing if it makes them more competitive.
  18. I think they bought him in to keep Sam Happy. As Sam and Maloney are their Main Men. Will say with no Gigot its a very different Dragons now. For me he was their main guy In the backs and had a huge game in the CCF in 18. A era ends.
  19. It's a real shame this isn't on BBC or C4. The game needs FTA to get Kids to watch it. I won't pay for the live stream as my experience with the App has been poor before and I do not expect it to be better.
  20. As a side thought, don't OZ and NSW QLD have a policy of wity the 3/4s picking the best athletes / players and moving them around so to fit them in? I agree with the general idea of playing people out of position isn't the greatest idea, however, a wing at centre or vice versa can work well imo. I would think Hall for example would go well at Centre as well as Wing.
  21. Gigot could suit Union well. Good kicking game, an OK tackler for his size and very good hands. Reasonable under the high ball. Pace is average. Is creative and that's the key skill that means imo he may go well in Union. He can create tries. A inside centre or a full back I would think for Gigot in Union. Yaha with all due respect is a finisher and a good one at that but limited compared to Gigots all round game. Its a shame though as thought he was off to the NRL.
  22. Speaking of tackles, Gagais tackle on Wighton which was a neck shirt collar tackle from behind how do people feel about the shirt collar grab? Does it merit being a legit tackle?
  23. Whatever it was, it was worth it as they have looked much better with him there. I think it was 65k.
  24. Would make it a big event, a great place to travel to, and it's possible to get 60k plus over the two days. Issue will be if the cost of renting the stadium is exorbitant. Otherwise Toulouse and a 25k ideally 40k ground works.
  25. 13 French players in the 17. Hope they give a good showing of themselves.
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