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  1. It's great for French RL to have a player in the NRL. Let's hope he does well out there. Gigot has alot of skill so with the right environment can hopefully go well. If he starts half the games and is regarded as a decent NRL player I would consider that a success in his first season.
  2. I would like to see Gigot go to the NRL. He has the ability to be a solid NRL player. It would be great to see a French player particularly a back, to get some games in the NRL.
  3. Gigot would probably suit Cas well. He would add to them well and Powell would probably get alot out of him. It will come down to wadges as he's likely to want a good salary and Cas correct me if I'm wrong watch the wadges.
  4. If the Dragons are not on Sky next year I will probably cancel my subscription. SL would do well to let Bein have the rights for free as long as they cover the costs of the broadcast. Sky are getting free content, SL get the glamour factor and the only really successful Expansion team in SL history doing well.
  5. As far as I know it's not a done deal. An article said he was weighing up options.
  6. I read somewhere he is weighing up offers and union is in the consideration. Given he plays in France now and the salaries on offer in Union for squad players, he may be in line for a code switch. Either that or will end up at some team in the SL or NRL who feel the upsides outweigh the down. He is a good player just as you said, is prone to loosing it and having flare ups.
  7. Given they signed Barba who had issues, Flanagan could be a option. There are probably other younger assistant coaches who will want to emulate Holbrook who will get the job though I feel. Saints will want to go for a similar appointment. Flanagan might be very good for Leeds though.
  8. Escare has gone to Wakey for the last 5 games on loan. Seems a very good signing for Wakey to bring a bit of dynamism and pace into their attacking options and he will surely be playing for his options for 2020 as Wigan look to have replaced him with French and Lam Dosent seem to rate him. I like Escare and hope he goes well at Wakey and lands a SL deal somewhere for 2020. He's a exciting player to watch.
  9. Good Blog mate. I think players should be able to play for two teams in one season max. It's not ideal however it's better than the free for all of playing for 3-4 teams....if this is what lower league teams need to do to make up their player numbers it's worrying.
  10. I think he will give it his best shot and probably have next year ie 2020 as the make or Break... Ie if he Dosent make a roster for 2020 it may be time to head back to the NRL or Watch Rugby Union in Australia come in with a big offer for him.
  11. I'm 39 and Southern. I would say Wigan clear 1st. Then Saints, Leeds Then Widnes, Bradford, Hull, Wire and Cas. For younger people down south it may be Leeds first as they have been very successful in the last 15 years and did not win much in the 80s and 90s before that.
  12. Correct Me if I'm wrong, Les Dracs are technically guests too and as such have not got a guaranteed right to SL. I imagine that being the case TWP are at the mercy of SL and would have to come up with a package that the clubs are OK with if they want into SL. As mentioned above the likes of Cas, Salford and Wakey are not going to want extra costs in regards to travel as it is rumoured TWP will not pick up the tab for flights like they do now. It will be interesting to see what happens when and if TWP win the final.
  13. I think Zak may not be picked for England even if in good form given his off field actions down the years. As it is at Centre we don't have alot of options so a Back Row or Zak may make sense. With French, as mentioned above he may even turn up at 6 as that raw pace always creates options or he may be a impact player off the bench ala Escare last year. Wigan may have got him on a very good deal as he wants to be with a club who are highly regarded in the NRL so to get back there.
  14. This is true... If only the South was good at RL there would be a grudge match here. That would sell. As a Southerner I get the impression the North as a whole gets on OK, regardless of if one is from Yorkshire or Lancashire. And as such there isn't a NSW v QLD type rivalry. The rivalry is at local club level ie Saints and Wigan or Hull and Hull KR. I'm sure though if Soccer did a London and South v North and Midlands game people would love it as there is some rivalry and a different way of life. Ala NSW and QLD.
  15. This is a good point. It also means two days of games for TV. Leigh and say Wire spring to mind?
  16. Good account would be keep Saints below 8 tries and nick one themselves. Ie 44-6. It depends to some degree how much Saints want to push here. They may be ok to just win clearly. Lastly I hope the predictions are all wrong and Fax pull off a huge upset!
  17. Dosent it seem a strange choice to put the 1895 Final after the CCF? I had mistakenly thought it was the curtain raiser!
  18. It is a bit however the fact is England still lost and have a long loosing streak now to OZ going back to 2006 or 2007. A respectable loss it was but a loss none the less. If England had won the world Cup it would help the media presentation of the game here in the UK. Everyone loves a winner.
  19. Couldn't agree more. England in Union or Wales tour in the Lions years and still call it the England team despite it being at least 10 players down on the typical team due to Lions call ups. It would be wise to follow suit.
  20. Apologies people I got the team wrong. Am aware though his form for Penrith has been so so hence he wasn't picked for the first origin. I like him alot as a player just with salary required I wonder if he's right for Les Dracs?
  21. Also Hastings is young and hungry. He has a point to prove. With Jimmy his form for Newcastle this year hasn't been great and he could be at 33/34 looking towards retirement. He's got 2 years left probably. I like him alot and feel he is a big game player however over 34 games he may not be the right signing for a SL team and particularly Catalans. Would be a risk considering his salary would be high and as ever in our brutal sport Injuries are common. I would prefer a younger NRL half back. Someone who wants to come in for a year or two and get back to the NRL. Tbh Drinkwater should have been retained last year and all would be better for Dragons.
  22. I think he raises a valid point about gambling being the new tobacco. I can see how this may cause a issue given his role and the sponsorship of RL in the UK. Its a tricky one isn't it?
  23. 9 out of 10 games lost. Wow that is bad. Questions do have to be asked of what's going on. Wigan for me, do look a play off threat, if they can get all their men fit. I am thinking more and more though this Saints team will grind out the close wins when needed, Coote at FB and Fages at HB instead of Barba and Richardson last year in the POs gives them more defensive solidity and calm under pressure. Saints win over Wigan last week was a big moment.
  24. Dragons just won 2 on the Bounce and the race for the top 5 is hotting up with 7 teams realistically chasing it. Les Dracs could do with a big away result, winning here. However, this is a tough ask away to a good Salford team who just beat the Wire. Salford by 14pts. Hope I'm wrong.
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