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  1. This makes sense as He's a very good utility back and isn't at a club right now. How they will get him on the Cap, I'm not sure, although given he's not at a club now maybe he will sign for the season for a moderate salary? Does anyone think they may move for Escare too?
  2. 8pts ahead at HT hopefully they can win from here. I worry they will tire as the game goes on.
  3. Does anyone feel it would help the French National team if Les Dracs were immune from Relegation and could play more French and maybe have a minimum of 10 in every match day 17? For example, Da Costa would really benefit from regular games as would Yaha and some others who with the cohort of Anglo Anzac talent talent at Les Dracs won't get much game time when everyone is fit.
  4. Thanks for this information. I was curious about how much he was being paid. It seems a good salary given the situation. I would think assuming he has a good season, he is likely to make considerably more elsewhere next season in Union.
  5. Thanks for the analysis. It makes sense. Given the predictability of their attack, they are going to have to do something differently to score more points, as that was a issue in quite a few games last year. Do you think more French Lads would help? I know it was an end of season game, however didn't 13 French men in the 17 away to Hull prefrom rather well at the end of last season?
  6. While Tomkins is no doubt a great player, I did feel at the time there would have been better choices for a high wadge long term signing, given Les Dracs had a very good full back already. A big money signing in the forwards might have been a better choice or an organising half back. Its a shame this season Gigot isn't at the Dragons. They miss something without him imo.
  7. Gigot being out of SL or the NRL is a shame as he is along with Fages and Casty, one of Frances few Players who are really good at SL level. I hope he finds a club soon as he is imo, one of the most entertaining players to watch play in SL. That he's training with Avignon, suggests he will be back playing at some time soon. It looks unlikely it will be Catalans who sign him so I guess that leaves TO, or a few SL teams in need of creativity and a good passer, TWP may like to sign him, however Cap space could be an issue. If Castleford or Wakefield signed him that could wo
  8. I feel it would still make sense as a place British fans are likely to see as worth visiting. I'm not sure Montpellier would have that appeal. Paris is iconic so will have a weekend away appeal about it. And would potentially raise the profile of RL in France as its Paris. Lastly, I don't feel there's a big enough demand for a RL team In Paris in SL, unless a backer is willing to run it at significant losses ala David Hughes and the Broncos in London.
  9. Imo Paris would work fine for Magic as its a place many English Fans would see as worth a visit. It would also attract Catalans fans as it's far easier to get to than the North of England is for them. As long as the stadium picked was a max of a 40k and ideally 25k it could be a good turnout and make a good spectacle for TV.
  10. I agree. I also have this image in my head of a Coach saying a Halve, a Halve a Kingdom for Half. If only Fiji could swap some wings for quality NRL half backs for their national team as that's the only position there's a clearly noticeable weakness in.
  11. I feel Les Dracs are the better example to compare to as before they were in SL the clubs who merged to create them did not get the attendances they do now. TO I think had a game or two with 6000 people there last season so given SL status an average gate of 5000 is not unrealistic as a minimum.
  12. While I know the WC needs strong teams to be competitive and the Cooks clearly have some very good players, it Dosent help the World Cup to not have the States there. It would be good for the Americas to get 2 automatic spots imo.
  13. It appears so. At first St George were linked with Tony, then Trevisio, and Huddersfield. Given Sezer and Golding it's a unlikely move now to Huddersfield unless He's willing to play Centre and take a pay packet below what was rumoured to have been on the table in the South of France. I hope he finds a RL club soon as He is a very exciting and skillful player to watch!
  14. I remember reading they will intend to bring in players as the year goes on, so given they are an attractive set up they may pick up some SL fringe players and some young talent. Its a interesting championship with no clear favourite and there should be some very good games. Shame there isn't a weekly game on SKY.
  15. It is one of the downsides of summer rugby tbh. No games at this time of year in RL.
  16. Union regularly plays these Mis match games and is stronger for it. France are generally not so far off the pace that it's a totally one sided game that's a 60pt blow out. Regular games give them a incentive to improve.
  17. I don't feel it will, however I don't feel it will lower the standard particularly either. It would also give the overseas clubs more of a chance to raise TV money if their participation was guaranteed, which in turn, could increase income into the SL.
  18. Thanks, I feel 14 teams and guarantee TWP and Les Dracs and TO their places with 11 English teams. This may help increase the value of the rights ie that the Foreign networks get guaranteed involvement. The bottom English team can go down if the system wants P and R. As they can't place any higher than 11th anyway.
  19. Yes I agree. I remember watching the PNG game and feeling the players overall were not in the mood after half time and that they could have tried more. I rarely feel this about professional RL or RU players as given the physicality of the sport you cannot coast in a game. I can only reflect that the tactics and selections / mood within the camp had demoralised the players and once they saw some serious resistance from PNG they could not get up for it mentally enough to compete. I would love to hear an account of the tour in years to come from one of the players who was there.
  20. Its a real dilemma. The top NRL talent plays up to 25-28 games or so a club season including SOO . The top SL talent would play up to 37 games assuming make the GF and the CCF. That's a big difference in games. It does take it out of the players as the game is tougher than ever. A SL of 27 regular rounds including Magic would be a good place to start. Ideally imo it would be 23 games but you know most clubs won't go for that as there's the general feeling that 13 home games is minimum they can work with. Nor would Sky be likely to be happy about less rounds.
  21. The lack of raw speed was very notable. Its vital to have at least 2 backs if not 3 who are rapid and one out and out flyer. If strength is a vital part of RL so is speed.
  22. I agree, as Good Wingers are plentiful in RL and OZ RU for one is becoming reliant on RL to develop wingers. If he was a half back of similar ability the need is higher in RL. That being said, what salary would get Semi? 500k? He would be awesome in SL and would really give the press someone to rave about. I would love to see him at Les Dracs...
  23. I have a feeling they will find some way to bring in more talent and still be within Cap or at least say they are . It just could get interesting a year down the line ala Saracens.
  24. Definitely. Offiah, Davies, Tuigamala spring to mind for 3 Legends who I grew up watching, playing RL after they came over from RU.
  25. Its possible yes that they may want to get some of the biggest earners off the books to save space on the Cap and reduce costs and in some cases, losses. Tbh I think it may happen that the next generation of top RU talent in the UK is earning a bit less than now, unless there is a big new TV deal which does not seem likely. Union sides require huge squads as you need 9 Front rows minimum. And probably 5 Locks. That's 14 Specialists already. You need 40 plus players. Very expensive to budget for. Wadges will have to drop a bit for some teams otherwise we will have more like Saracens
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