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  1. Agree with all of this. Reality is even someone like Julio Jones or Odell Beckham who are great WRs would find it hard to start for a NRL team on the Wing as the requirements are very different between the sports. NFL to NRL is a much much bigger shift than RL to RU for a wing / centre. Its a tough ask to go between the NFL and RL or RU sports. Good luck to anyone who tries it.
  2. Sadly I think France may not. It seems looking at NZ and now Tonga who have both beaten OZ in the last few years, and GB/Eng who have come close and last won in 2007, that to beat OZ you need. - A core of NRL talent, or Star SL players ie would be in the top 50 Players in SL. - A big strong pack of forwards who can match OZ. France right now if they had every player available, have Fages, Gigot, and an aged but still very good Casty, and Escare who would be of the level to play in a side to compete with / beat OZ. I can't think of anyone else really. Bosquet, Simon, Batieri, Robin, Da Costa, Pellisier etc are good solid SL players but not stars. And not NRL level. Tonga yesterday have Daniel Tupou on the Wing who keeps Ryan Hall out of the Roosters 13. And they have JT the best forward around now. France do merit regular games though as this way maybe they will take RL at international level more seriously. They should get a annual game v England and Wales. Every year. I would also feel letting them pick more Anglos on residence ie 3 years living in France isn't a bad thing if it makes them more competitive.
  3. I think they bought him in to keep Sam Happy. As Sam and Maloney are their Main Men. Will say with no Gigot its a very different Dragons now. For me he was their main guy In the backs and had a huge game in the CCF in 18. A era ends.
  4. It's a real shame this isn't on BBC or C4. The game needs FTA to get Kids to watch it. I won't pay for the live stream as my experience with the App has been poor before and I do not expect it to be better.
  5. As a side thought, don't OZ and NSW QLD have a policy of wity the 3/4s picking the best athletes / players and moving them around so to fit them in? I agree with the general idea of playing people out of position isn't the greatest idea, however, a wing at centre or vice versa can work well imo. I would think Hall for example would go well at Centre as well as Wing.
  6. Gigot could suit Union well. Good kicking game, an OK tackler for his size and very good hands. Reasonable under the high ball. Pace is average. Is creative and that's the key skill that means imo he may go well in Union. He can create tries. A inside centre or a full back I would think for Gigot in Union. Yaha with all due respect is a finisher and a good one at that but limited compared to Gigots all round game. Its a shame though as thought he was off to the NRL.
  7. Speaking of tackles, Gagais tackle on Wighton which was a neck shirt collar tackle from behind how do people feel about the shirt collar grab? Does it merit being a legit tackle?
  8. Whatever it was, it was worth it as they have looked much better with him there. I think it was 65k.
  9. Would make it a big event, a great place to travel to, and it's possible to get 60k plus over the two days. Issue will be if the cost of renting the stadium is exorbitant. Otherwise Toulouse and a 25k ideally 40k ground works.
  10. It is a bit however the fact is England still lost and have a long loosing streak now to OZ going back to 2006 or 2007. A respectable loss it was but a loss none the less. If England had won the world Cup it would help the media presentation of the game here in the UK. Everyone loves a winner.
  11. Saw The Roosters game on replay. Hall had a solid game and is defensively very strong and able. A good showing imo. Hall should improve more as he gets more games under his belt and used to the Roosters systems.
  12. Over 40m Morgan Escare would take some beating. He's very quick. 100m is a long way for a rugby player so it's a different category to pure acceleration over a short distance. Over 100m, I would think Dixon just ahead of Grace then Mason Caton Brown.
  13. He could go to Canberra. Imagine if they sign Williams from Wigan and Thompson from Saints. 6 Englishmen in that side!. I agree not all NRL moves are great ones and given the evidence it seems for a Back it will be hard to make it down under (Tomkins, Eden, Sarginson, Turner all struggled to varying degrees) , Even the very good Ryan Hall is going to find it tough once fit to break Into the Roosters backline. For Forwards I would say there's at least 20 SL English players who would all be good NRL Forwards and another 20 English and a Frenchman or 2 who would cut it as First 25 squad men. With Backs, Williams, Fages, Ratchford, Lomax and a Fit TJ stand out as Backs who would make a impact out there. Pace and the ability to change direction at pace is a massive thing for Backs in the NRL. Thompson would do well, however I agree Saints is a very good place to be and it would have to be the right move for him to a club that offers something career wise that is a step up. Saints have got a very strong team now.
  14. Tbh unless the salary cap goes up in SL I can see in a few years 20 English players or so in the NRL. SL produces some very good Forwards and given the salary and lifestyle on offer some will want to go down under. Having said this, I don't know how much the cap could go up before SL becomes less competitive. 2M plus 2 x marquee and home trained allowances seems reasonable.
  15. I agree. SL does produce alot of good players particularly in the forwards. Given the low salary cap, there is often a case of players filling in, like Peter Mata'utia last night at HB for Cas and putting in a Stellar preformance. SL while it Dosent have near the depth of the NRL does have some very good players and a all stars game between the two leagues would be closer than people may think....
  16. GB as a down under touring side make sense as realistically Wales are never going to be able to afford to tour. GB once every 4 years down under. Is not a bad idea. A 4-6 game tour. England then can play Oz and NZ at home once every 4 years in a 2-3 game series. France can get 1 home game here too and if money allows Wales could get a midweek / weekend game. And a world cup in the other year of 4.
  17. I think all the home nations having separate teams is good. Let them play at the level that they merit. Ireland v Serbia still grows our game! Lions I'm not against appearing once every 4 years as a touring outfit.
  18. Its amazing how much easier it is to get injured doing cardio stuff than weights in general! Ive had bad knees from skipping, shins from running, but in 20 years or so of weights very few issues. Yet I know not alot of people enjoy weights, only some of us. Many more like running and cycling over weights. I love weights , even these days when Im not looking to carry as much size as I did in my early 30s, I still see weights and compound exercises as best ways to stay strong, leanish, and injury free. IMO weights are best way to be in shape and combat ageing. Cardio is a bonus on top.
  19. Sadly this is true. That being said, Oz v England over 3 games could sell 45k plus in London, 30k plus in Leeds and 20k plus in Wigan.. ... Could do 100k over the 3 games if the series goes 1-1 or 2-0 to England as the 3rd test would then sell out.
  20. So would a English team that are winning regularly v Oz and claim the mantle of worlds best, be capable of drawing a crowd? What I'm getting at is do you think the Oz public are not so interested as they see it as lower level rugby to NRL and SOO or its a case of the love for RL is as a Aussie thing within the confines of NSW v QLD.... And this is what it's really about..... Interesting topic this, about whether it's the best competition that counts or the one that we engage with emotionally.
  21. I get your points and I agree the Oz public may have issues with how many Aussie born players represent other nations, however I wonder if the biggest factor in lack of interest is the feeling that Aus will always win.... Or even if not always, will win 80% of the time v NZ and England their two recent history rivals, (France were strong up till the 80s) and see off the rest bar this present Tonga outfit fairly easily. Do you think for example if we had a Aus team v GB, after a world Cup Aus had lost there would have been more interest?
  22. This makes sense. Tbh if OZ wanted to tour the UK we here in SL should have gone with that. People like me, I guess need to remember that the Lions of 1990 era is another world.. There was no NRL or pro RL back then. Times have changed alot. Let's hope something can be sorted. Given this is RL organisation of a tour at 6 months notice would not be unusual! I would like to watch Oz v England in London next year if possible!
  23. Sadly I agree. We have no dates or games arranged as yet. Yet its only 10-11 months away and there are big logistics and costs given the travel involved. This does not seem a good idea tbh beyond say a 2 match v NZ 1 match v Tonga series. 4 weeks maximum in NZ. I am beginning to worry how this will be paid for and what it is going to do for our Sports development. Tbh the island teams have great players but will never bring revenue to the table hence putting all this together very hard as so few people can guarantee money...... Its always in RL going to be driven by a strong England Oz NZ and growing a French presence. I also like Ghost Crayfish would like the NRL to say why they dislike a Lions game so much...... Maybe they see it as a brand from the past which does not fit their market aims..... As frankly if GB were good and won a couple of series in a row the Oz public may actually care.... If this unlikely event did happen it may not help The NRL.... food for thought.
  24. Given the situation in PNG does anyone feel that it will be seen as a tough one security wise to play out there? The iteniary needs sorting ASAP.... It would make sense to play out of Auckland and play NZ twice, Tonga once and Fiji and Samoa. The last two games could be done in Sydney. Throw in a match v a Aboriginal select team and you have a good 6 matches over 4 weeks tour. To play in Fiji or other islands is financially not a good move unless its seen as a development tour which a full blown lions tour cannot be.
  25. If it must, and personally I would just pick the best players English or not Grace, Knowles, Flower, Tierney all spring to mind as all are good SL players. Add as a maverick curve ball Jackson Hastings... It's GB so why not pick him on Grand parents rule and see if there are another 1 or 2 who could play? Saves the RFL on airfares if some of em are already down under! Can we please have Tyson Frizell as he played for Wales? (seriously it's a question) or Coote if he has a blinder this year for Saints.... Tbh if different players are picked and the team play a different style it will help the brand and make it more interesting... I wonder how many players they will take? As all have to be paid and you know how RFL can be.. I would think a 30 man squad would be nice however that probably means too many not getting games..... Will there be midweek games? As for what this means for the qualifying of Ireland and Scotland, my honest view is with most players unless they are very very in touch with their heritage and opposed to a GB side (a Irish man might be) they would tour with GB and then go to the WC with whoever picks them, with the tier 1 nations being first choice. For example would Tierney play for England and over Scotland if they want him or Coote for Oz or Scotland, or LMS for Ireland or England? Players want to play at the top level they can I feel, and in the best team. Lastly can they please play the Maori and ideally the Indigenous Oz team say in Townsville? Surely they would draw a crowd there...
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