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  1. Fair enough. Now that you say it that's true. Both those two score plenty. Its more missing Brough and Tupou I feel are big losses for them.
  2. Gambling has taken over from Tobacco as the sponsor of sports. Its good for SL to get a decent sponsor however its a shame it has to be gambling however realism is, betting companies and sports are a obvious fit.
  3. Dragons off the back of a big win and having a monster pack should have just enough to see off a depleted Wakey who lack finishers in the backs with TJ and Tupou out and Brough. Dragons by 8pts.
  4. I agree. Give Catalans one home game a year / other year at the Nou Camp.
  5. Thanks, I had a good look and there are older shirts but nothing of the sort I'm looking for so far. Quite hard to get hold of are these shirts but will keep looking!
  6. Perhaps it's realism about RLs appeal in London for club rugby? While I would love to be able to say Broncos should move to Brentford and fill half the stadium that isn't likely. Let's be honest about things. At least where they are the club is sustainable. Further, it's not a bad ground overall, and has good facilities for training so serves its purpose well.
  7. Was my first game as a silver season ticket holder. Nice atmosphere, people are very friendly and lots for the kids to wonder round and do. Even got a photo with big David Fifita and my Kids at the end. Class player and I appreciated the effort made after the game with the fans. Really enjoyed it and feel the small intimate ground is a selling point given the clubs current crowds. It would be a bit pointless to have 1500 people in a 10,000 seater ground. Would be nice to see if Broncos and Trailfinders can can develop the ground a little more. I Am looking forward to Saints on the 9th of June and the other games left at home this year. Hopefully some more wins to come!
  8. Does anyone know of where I can find them or have any 2016,2017,2018 ISC branded Dragons shirts for sale? I much prefer the old shirts and really wish I had tried harder to get one last year. Small or Medium ideally, however a Large might do too. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. Over 40m Morgan Escare would take some beating. He's very quick. 100m is a long way for a rugby player so it's a different category to pure acceleration over a short distance. Over 100m, I would think Dixon just ahead of Grace then Mason Caton Brown.
  10. I think TO are doing pretty well tbh and will have the advantage over any NA side of a decent player pool in the South of France for the bulk of their talent. Their costs will be much less than a Canadian or American outfit. I don't get the impression they are spending beyond their means in a quest for SL. The squad is better then it was when it was in Elite 1 however its not like they went and brought in 5 players with 50 NRL games each. TO will be fine I feel regardless of if they reach SL. As for taking on branding of ST I agree with the others on here that its not a good idea at all. Both clubs in their sports have good brands. Mutual respect is good and using the same ground too, however leave it at that.
  11. Can anyone give me a idea on if Golding will be considered for selection? His speed and dynamism from FB surely is worth a try given the injuries they have. It may even be worth putting him in the halves if Leeds can bring in a organising half, who they badly need. Lolohea hasn't so far made a difference at either HB or FB and one cant help but feel some more local options would have been better or a younger player From NSW who is up and coming. Right now, Leeds should be looking to spend big to get A quality half preferably one who plays SL already. Hastings would make sense however he may want to look at options in Australia come end of the year. Also can anyone clear up the Maloney Rumour? Is it about the Penrith / NSW HB? If so he's some player!
  12. Moving Gigot from FB, is a interesting one. He's proven very effective there as runs those nice lines in support of the ball carrier, however given the absence of Sam Tomkins, it does pose a big question of how to best balance out the team, and who to play. Mead at FB, makes sense. I would consider Romano ahead of Tierney though. Bird can do a job at HB too IMO, so I would consider Bird and Gigot and keep Langi in the Centres as he has played very well there this season. Bird is a reasonable HB no worse than Langi I feel. Albert sadly doesn't seem ready for HB role in a game of this magnitude and Smith seems past it at this level.
  13. As a Dracs fan, this is a big big loss. Sam has been in form and making a match winning difference. Do you know what the injury is? Gigot will be more important than ever here to pull strings and deliver the win. I still see Dragons winning without Sam, however more likely 6pts will be the margin.
  14. It says alot about the difference between Englands forwards and backs that Hall is seen as having a good chance of making the 13 rather than being a guaranteed starter. Bateman has gone down under and is a star turn! He, Hall, is a very experienced talented England player with a good work ethic yet for him to make the 13 week in week out will be seen as a big thing. Backs is the real difference between NRL and SL I feel. Look at who would challenge his opposite number for his Jersey between England and Oz. Theres a big difference between the forwards and backs. I hope Hall takes his chance well. I feel he's a very smart player and did not go down under to play reserve grade so I expect him to force his way into the side on a regular basis. They must have looked at him as a way to make up for the loss of Blake Ferguson as both players are very good metre makers coming away from their lines. Lastly, I feel he offers great value as a bench player, as can clearly play second row if needed.
  15. I don't feel SL needs to seek to compete with the NRL. Its actually a decent product right now is SL. Theres so much talent in Australia that there will always be surplus to help us fill out our teams. For what it's worth the Canberra full back Nicoll Klokstad could easily have been playing here if he had not got the opportunity after being dropped by the Warriors. He's the type you want, young players, underrated. With a bit more mindfulness of player welfare and dropping say 4 games a season, SL would be even better, tiredness has been noticeable in some post Easter games. Theres enough quality players to go round, particularly if Fiji can be developed more for RL. Fiji literally can be a back factory. And the wadge demands will be modest which is key as RL in the NH is not awash with cash and probably never will be. So we make the best of who can come in, and develop more good UK players too.
  16. Apologies! It was very close and I remembered the result wrong. Wigan are in some form compared to early season I meant.
  17. Both teams need the win. Leeds though without a new half won't offer much that is different. Cas by 8pts here as they have got players coming back and have enough quality to see off a disjointed drifting Leeds.
  18. Dragons on form, on a big occasion. Wigan coming off a big win. Dragons to win this one by 10 pts and start a big party and keep the season building. Wish I was at this, however with Kids and life and responsibilities wasn't able to do it. Hopefully will be repeated in years to come prehaps v another team who travel with big support such as Leeds or Wire or Saints.
  19. Bought my half season tickets for Me, My wife and two kids. Looking forward to this. Hopefully London can edge this by a few pts And give themselves a chance to stay up.
  20. Still enough depth to win at home fairly straightforwardly given the opposition will be willing but limited up against a strong SL team. Les Dracs may well get back to Wembley this season I feel.
  21. Yes south of France is definitely Heartlands and I would favour a world cup in 2025 that was shared between London, South of France and the North of England for the groups. I feel South France can handle a group, 2 max, and 1-2 QFs, with a SF double header at Wembley and the final at OT. That gives France some World Cup without the pressure of having to fill out a final Which is probably not realistic for them to get over 25k for.
  22. I feel this approach Dosent really feel like a event as it lacks a clear identity as to where it is. It seems more like a round after round of qualifiers. The Time zones and inability of fans to get to as many games as they would like to as they can at a centralised world cup, for me makes it a non starter. Part of what makes a world cup good is the fans travelling around and enjoying the country they are in and prehaps watching teams they would have not have planned to in the first place. I feel if cost is a issue a streamlined world cup in NZ will make sense as long as the government underwrite it. Theres decent home support for the Pasifika Nations and NZ. English fans will see it as a holiday as may the North Americans and Australians. I don't feel France would be able to host alone and without England helping them it makes no sense to take experimental games to Spain or Italy for a World Cup which is the showcase for the sport.
  23. A big big win away from home for Les Dracs. Hopefully we can kick on from here and improve to get a firm grip on 3rd place in the table. Ahead of the play offs. And defend the Cup! Nice to see 10 of the 17 were French last night. That's promising for the national team. Does anyone who if Romano was picked ahead of Tierney or Tierney was injured?
  24. This looks like one where the away win is possible for Les Dracs. I can see my team getting the away win by 4pts in a close close game.
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