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  1. All depends on whether you are a Wigan fan, or a fan of another club.
  2. Is your gut admissible as evidence?
  3. Yet again our resident Legal expert is happy to ignore the lack of available evidence, in order to facilitate his personal narrative. I insist you tell us which solicitor you work for, so that we can all avoid it.
  4. Nobody knows yet, that’s the point. Let the process complete and then we will find out.
  5. I agree, so until we know that something has happened, why don’t we all stop jumping to conclusions?
  6. Then you should know better than to jump to conclusions based using on what you think has happened. In fact, considering your occupation, you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that silence equals guilt.
  7. It says nothing of the sort, and you look ignorant by claiming it does. There are processes to follow and I am sure both clubs are following them. You making stuff up based on no evidence apart from silence is as dangerous as it is pathetic.
  8. And once again. It hasn’t Yet been proven that he said anything of the sort, so get down from your high horse before you get dizzy.
  9. It’s so sad that your eyesight has deteriorated so far in the space of a few weeks. You had absolutely no issues spotting Willie Isa clocking Tom Johnstone by accident the other week, and yet you can’t seem to spot a Hull player smacking Zak Hardaker flush in the gob. Off to Specsavers for you.
  10. I would agree with that. I would also ask that many of the posters on this thread go and look up the meaning of allegation before they preemptively put the boot into Tony Clubb. There are two sides to this story, and despite the fact that we haven’t heard one side of it yet the usual suspects are already making the cross and ordering the nails.
  11. Can anyone actually imagine Tony Clubb using the word "Polynesian"? If you had met Tony you would know that "Polynesian" has far too many syllables to be a viable option for him. If he has made the comment, throw the book at him. If it is proven beyond doubt that he didn't, then I would expect that book to be flying in Savelio's direction.
  12. No he didn't. It's about time people grew up and stopped thinking that when a ref awards a penalty against them, it doesn't mean it is as part of some vindictive vendetta. Good luck to the guy, I hope he is OK going forward.
  13. He correctly gave the penalty. Both sides were equally guilty of rolling the play the ball, but so are every other club in the league.
  14. No it wasn’t, just like the claim earlier of a perfect example of a loose carry, that was a perfect example of a man not regaining his feet before playing the ball. You can’t have it both ways.
  15. If anyone knocked it on it was the Leeds player. He played at the ball, knocked it into Hardaker and ball went over the line.
  16. He knocked the ball out regardless of what he hit first, and I’m not even sure you are right. Hardaker didn’t lose control of it, it was knocked from his grasp. It should have been given.
  17. For the Hardaker No Try, the ball was knocked out by the Leeds player, it went over the line and Hardaker grounded it. Why was it not a try?
  18. The first thing you wrote was David Fifita GOAT, so I had every right to refute that statement.
  19. I don't have time to list them all, but let's start with: Malcolm Reilly Wayne Pearce Paul Sironen Noel Cleal Bob Lindner Bill Ashurst Gordon Tallis
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