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  1. It’s a ridiculous idea, we don’t have 20 (or 18 given the French) full-time-capable clubs in this country, but we’ve more than 8… why on earth would we exclude 2 clubs from the top league that can compete in it, to make 2 or 3 (that can’t) feel better by telling them they are now in “Super League 2 (shhhh, say that last but quietly…)”; padded out by another 5 who would get battered each week? Another nonsense-on-a-stick idea from people who’s level of strategic thinking is limited to “how can I make those people from Featherstone and Halifax stop moaning at me on the golf course”
  2. Thundersharks return to their original home, what could be more perfect? Ideal solution
  3. Yeah, and unlike the soulless “metal shed on industrial estate” new grounds, never looks around 1/3rd full at best
  4. Gutted with the timing - Hull Derby! Any other date, I’d be over for that no question
  5. £8m was partly for the North Stand, which includes a lot of complexity Cas don’t need around requirements for the Enterprise Hub, but also a sizeable 3-storey office & corporate ents block in the North West corner (which likewise doesn’t need to be a requirement). Also bear in mind because of the greyhound and speedway tracks’ legacy meaning our West and East stands are far from the pitch, even though it’s an ‘end’ stand it’s likely as long as full ‘side’ stand would be. I agree you won’t get a full 100m stand for £2m, but you might be able to do it for £3-£3.5m and either borrow the gap (potentially via the local authority at rates they alone can access), or seek 3rd party funding or indeed tenants - perhaps linked to the clubs role in reaching hard-to-reach communities (as I think both Hull KR and Warrington did). Creative thinking required, which was kind of my point in the more wind-up post too.
  6. Earlier wind-ups aside, this is definitely the right way to go. You can do a reasonable amount with £2m and what a rugby league ground needs is the right mix of ‘traditional’ terracing for the long-standing hard core alongside some modern, seated facilities that incorporate Exec boxes and ideally a restaurant “pay by seat” option with a view of the pitch. Just one facility like that can be transformative on its own, even if the rest of the ground only gets a lick of paint.
  7. The BBC have done a great job of this, the level of interest has also leveraged the impact from the money Kevin’s raised directly into a £50m government commitment. There’s no way MND research would have had those funds from government without what Sinfield has done, or without BBC Breakfast taking it to a mass audience rather than just “us lot”. That’s what I call public service broadcasting.
  8. David’s made many mistakes over the years, the biggest one being not really investing in marketing to build the crowds when we had our best shot at it (with the Quins re-brand), instead going with his heart and signing expensive late-career players. But let’s be honest, there’d be no Broncos without him, and God knows how much money his family have watched him chuck at this club. I read it as a heart-felt, honest letter and whilst I don’t agree with yet another relocation can understand the Hobson’s Choice he probably felt he had. I’ll turn up to the first game there I reckon.
  9. Nonsense pal. Arbitrary mid-nineties cut off creating an almost-closed club with huge additional revenues, that you blew on short term averageness. The only delusion here is the small West Yorkshire clubs’ fans who lack self-awareness. Keeps you happy I suppose
  10. Nah pal, we watched as other clubs took 10 years of Sky money and spent it on players to survive mid-table, lobbying to get RFL standards tweaked to protect themselves, whilst sneering at us povs wallowing in the lower leagues and told us "we don't need more than one club in Hull". All whilst having 4 or 5 sides clustered in West Yorkshire. Despite all the hurdles stuck in front of people outside of the initial SL clique, we then sorted ourselves out, and sorted our facilities out, using our own time and effort rather than looking for that miracle pass. And yes, that included building stakeholder relationships with others to help achieve those improvements... nobody came to the ground offering that stuff up. From removing the dog track and laying an expensive new pitch, the initial extension of the East Stand terrace, the temporary north seating, the long lobbying road to build a North Stand (that also supports the local community regeneration), through to the creative 'Craven Streat' of the last season. That's just intelligent, self-driven good practice. Takes effort, community engagement, and comes in small increments each of which look unimpressive on their own versus a Halliwell Jones or Saints new build. Hell, you might even only end up with a refurbed 3-sided ground at the end of it... ...but eventually, bit by bit, next thing you know 15 years have gone and we're slowly getting there. Meanwhile, others have done nothing, barely a tin of paint, waiting for the 'big one' that will never come.
  11. Mate I was being generous - to be honest based on previous Cas and Wakey history, it’s more likely to be Etch-a-Sketch
  12. Oooo grumpy, if a bit of mild ribbing isn't allowed here anymore that's half the content gone. Might be a blood sugar thing? Time to get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit I think mate
  13. Excellent stuff, that should buy a lot of CAD drawings of new stands and stadia over the next 5-10 years that then never get built, I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures already
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