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  1. Er yes, because it is one. The great city of Kingston is split by it. There's nothing of interest to the south, just pigs and potatoes I think, and people with webbed feet.
  2. Nah, we're not Hull fans. What I want is consistently to be in the playoffs and build consistency to become a Top 4 club over time. There hasn't been a single team we've faced that we haven't look like we could beat this season. That's not the same as expecting to win, or winning finals, but it is a sign that Rovers are now the real deal not just a lower-half side with the occassional excellent performance in them. Keep doing this, and we'll get to walk the walk. It's the journey I'm appreciating, not the destination.
  3. Certainly didn’t refer to you. The morass of FC fans however are very clear in their mindset, trust me as someone who’s had to listen to the dullness for 3 decades
  4. I’m fine with 5th. We’re not Hull FC fans with delusions of grandeur. You need to assess performances, not results. Look how tight Rovers’ defeats have been. Anyway, it’s all opinions.
  5. Yes. Every single game Rovers have lost, against the alleged “top sides”, we have been competing until the end. If that’s not play off quality I don’t know what is? Tonight we even had our best 2 players out injured and nobody even commented on it, such was the standard of the team regardless. We don’t have to prove anything anyway, us Rovers supporters are very happy with where we’re at. That’s the difference between us and that other lot across the river, we don’t have the same unearned sense of entitlement.
  6. Come on. I’m fine with the result, it was a tight game and I’m cool with a defeat after it. But French was running pretty much laterally when he released it, Farrell still almost had to dive forwards to catch that ball far in front of him and yes I do understand the concept of momentum.
  7. Just bizarre. Each one of them didn’t have to be forward in order to execute the play either. But was.
  8. You will never see a more obvious forward pass if you watch every game left this season. Not the first one either.
  9. This’ll do me either way. Rovers have shown they’re the real deal this season
  10. If you need to get your TV speakers fixed I know a fella, can get you friends & family rates
  11. “Let’s watch it in slow motion yet again to see if we can find a minuscule gap” …and they wonder why Rovers’ fans boo
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