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  1. Aye that’s a fair point. I disagree with Gould, but at least he has the balls to give the reaL reasons - which you can make a case for from an “Australia-only” perspective, even if you’d disagree with them The COVID-19 smokescreen though is just cowardly on every level - on the surface level because every other sport is putting their balls on the block to keep going despite the challenges, and on the deeper level because it’s just convenient spin because the NRL lacks the moral fortitude to be honest about it’s real self-interested reasons, rather than pass the buck to the players’
  2. You’d always want to close the game out, sure, but what a performance is that - away to best team in the league, no notice, fly out on the day so poor physical prep, team playing cold after 4+ weeks… in other years we’re staring down the barrel of 60+ points difference, if we’re lucky Looking forward to the re-match a week on Monday in front of our first proper home crowd in over a year!!
  3. Let’s not be naive. Two relevant points here: 1. Phil Gould is a pure-bred Channel 9 / ARL man, and that media organisation does not want more teams in the comp. His comments come from that perspective 2. All NRL clubs will spend 110%, 120% or whatever of their direct revenue streams because they WANT to, and in the main the ownership group can afford to. That’s the same now when turnover is $50-75m as it was when turnover was $15m. However they can dial that down when they want… but the key point is in that time, and in-part by “over investing” they’ve grown that top line hugely. I
  4. Sorry, that’s “local people” wishful thinking: You’re describing NRL clubs 20 years ago, not now. The league has the largest TV contract of any rugby comp globally in either code, and on top of that most present day clubs have huge, multi-source revenue streams that make our organisations look like corner shops versus Tesco’s. Roosters will have more assets than all of UK rugby league combined. There are always a couple of badly run clubs (Gold Coast is a business on quicksand), but even long-term basket cases like Cronulla have large property holdings that fund the sports side of th
  5. Fair enough, really appreciate your in-depth assessment of how capable and effective he was at a role you say you don’t really know the details of or what it related to. We’ve a lot of people with those sort of analytical skills in our HR department
  6. No. His job didn’t relate to the short-term performance of the first team. Sorry la.
  7. If only you knew what you were on about… Hudgell, Crossland and Mike Smith were all in place throughout Peacock’s short tenure, so he was miles away from a commercial leadership role or certainly any blame on that score. He also had bog-all to do with our relegation. I’m also not sure we’d have secured McGuire and Tony Smith without him, which to be honest was the turning point for us between serial short-termism and the long-term platform we have now But apart from those huge misreads, you’ve got a point
  8. On the real world scale of things it’s quite a small business though to be honest mate, and has experienced people in charge of each ‘tower’ underneath; but regardless it’s not happened and that’s a sign he’s hanging around
  9. Hmmm maybe; on the former element I’m not sure the role he was in was a reasonable assessment criteria - very different types of job. If he’s decided he wants to be actively coaching not on the enterprise side, then ok fair enough eh
  10. I think if Gary had plans to step back any time soon, then Sinfield would have stayed - always thought he was the CEO succession plan
  11. Aye, can see it not happening. They’ve set the season up for these eventualities eh, with the win % etc.
  12. Covid outbreak, in both clubs I think… https://www.hullkr.co.uk/club-statement-saints-match-postponed
  13. They had the same good fortune with Quinlan’s sin-bin in the 2nd half, with the game still within reach and Rovers already 2 forwards out of the match, and failed to do anything with it. Salford’s coach doesn’t seem to be able to organise an attacking structure that works, even against 12 men, so I’d say it’s all on him and his team to be honest... refs do what they do, cuts both ways
  14. I think we can all agree referees are consistent in only one regard, aye, they get stuff wrong. Sometimes it levels out, sometimes it doesn’t. Certainly don’t think there was owt wrong with the 1:1 strip in the 1st half, never a binning, and yup it swung momentum to Rovers more quickly than would otherwise have happened. On the flipside the binning of Quinlan was also comically harsh, you were well in the game then on paper but you didn’t do anything with it because for whatever reason your attack is misfiring? If you’d scored a couple of tries in those 10 mins - and bear in mind Rov
  15. I can promise you if it’s fixed in favour of certain teams, that’s your working hypothesis, then it certainly isn’t fixed in favour of Rovers! We hardly ever get the rub of the green, and the RFL cabal can’t stand us mate
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