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  1. I can’t watch that, the soundtrack is just awful.
  2. That get’s my vote. Mike was a good mate of mine, and that try was unbelievable.
  3. Fully deserved win for Salford. Wigan got what they deserved, nothing.
  4. I thought I saw it, but as Wigan are the only team that still do it, according to 95% of observers, I assumed I was mistaken.
  5. He is currently the best winger at Wigan. Burgess is nothing like the player he was two years ago, and whilst I really rate Manfredi he is not back to anything like his best form and has been caught quite easily on his last couple of breaks. He needs time to get his pace and confidence back. To say that Marshall is the 4th or 5th best winger at Wigan this season shows a complete lack of objectivity.
  6. No it isn’t, and you repeating it over and over does not make it true. Please name the 95% of non-Wigan fans who have expressed this opinion, and also explain how this makes anything true.
  7. Are Wigan the only team tackling in this way? I’ll answer that for you, no they aren’t. its also quite amusing being taken to task by a Wire fan considering the state of your discipline this season.
  8. Nah, everyone hates Wigan because they have won so many trophies. Your spurious comment regarding Wigan’s young forwards is beneath contempt and not worth further discussion. Tackle doesn’t look great and he will probably cop a ban for it.
  9. It’s this type of male genitals that typifies what the original poster was talking about. If you really think that a particular referee has a problem with your club, you are either thicker than canteen custard or you need medical help. Get a grip of yourself.
  10. Maybe Saints aren’t all that great after all? This also might stop their fans playing the “who is going to be the GF runner up” game.
  11. It seems Mr. Stottle has taken it upon himself to derail proper discussion about the squad chosen by majoring his debate on a player who hasn’t even been selected. There are a number of players in that squad that have no right being anywhere near it, Chris Hill for one, and Roby for another. Hill is shot, and Roby is nowhere near the player he was even two years ago. James Graham can also count himself very lucky still to be involved. He’s been a superb player, but his time is done. Also, considering all the bile spouted when “Australian” players have been selected in recent years, it is comical to read the disbelief regarding their exclusion this time.
  12. I still think they are better off without Lockers. Hastings, Smith and French are looking really good at the moment.
  13. Agreed, although Paul was always more of a blood taker than a blood shedder,
  14. If they don’t have the correct coaching skills to go with the passion, it will lead to failure. John Monie didn’t shed an ounce of blood for Wigan, but he did win 5 Championships and 4 Challenge Cups.
  15. How does that make you a good candidate to be head coach at a club as big as Warrington?
  16. I’m not sure how relevant that is, but it is true. There is no reason why Briers could not have been given the same opportunity to prove himself at that level before the clamour for him to be given the head coach job.
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