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  1. My point is it didn’t do anything to him. he had it for a maximum of 36 hours, yet it went down as the main cause of his death, which it clearly wasn’t. We have no idea how many of the older “victims” of this virus have actually succumbed to it, and this flagrant use of it as the main cause of death is disturbing.
  2. Not sure I agree with this. My father died in hospital last week. He had been getting slowly worse, and at the end he was diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, hypothyroidism and complications from a previous episode of stomach cancer. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 one day before he died after many negative tests previously. His death certificate states the main reason for his death was COVID-19. Absolute nonsense.
  3. Agreed, Leigh is not one of Wigan's high points.
  4. Yes, of course. The paying public in the UK will think "I'm going to go and get a proper look at some of these great English players in person", but in fact they won't will they as they are all in Australia. The so called correlation between a successful England team, and successful club sides, does not exist if none of the players are playing in our comp.
  5. The sad truth is that the NRL clubs can pay these young English lads more money, and with a short career, and a restrictive cap on earnings in the UK, then they are going to go. I don't necessarily think it's a great thing that more players are starting to go over. The game is on it's backside as it is without taking all the best players out of it. Plus, I don't get this "It's great for the England team". Is it? What is the point of having a competitive England team if the majority of the players are drawn from Australian clubs whilst our clubs are slowly dying?
  6. Looks good, but I would have Andy Farrell in over any of your current back 3.
  7. "George Williams, what a find" I didn't realise he had been lost.
  8. None of whom, apart from maybe Sorenson, were anywhere close to being as good a RL player as Les Boyd.
  9. Not true, well partially. Yes Boyd was a thug, but to say that was all he had is as wrong as wrong can be. He was an excellent RL player, tough, quick for a prop with a great offload game. He was strong in defence as well. I'm a Wigan fan, and nobody hated Boyd more than me in the 80's, but to say he couldn't play is way off the mark.
  10. I don't see what the fuss is about. Good signing for Cas. If we were still playing this season the guy could still have signed for someone else for next year, so what's the big problem?
  11. I can’t watch that, the soundtrack is just awful.
  12. That get’s my vote. Mike was a good mate of mine, and that try was unbelievable.
  13. Fully deserved win for Salford. Wigan got what they deserved, nothing.
  14. I thought I saw it, but as Wigan are the only team that still do it, according to 95% of observers, I assumed I was mistaken.
  15. He is currently the best winger at Wigan. Burgess is nothing like the player he was two years ago, and whilst I really rate Manfredi he is not back to anything like his best form and has been caught quite easily on his last couple of breaks. He needs time to get his pace and confidence back. To say that Marshall is the 4th or 5th best winger at Wigan this season shows a complete lack of objectivity.
  16. No it isn’t, and you repeating it over and over does not make it true. Please name the 95% of non-Wigan fans who have expressed this opinion, and also explain how this makes anything true.
  17. Are Wigan the only team tackling in this way? I’ll answer that for you, no they aren’t. its also quite amusing being taken to task by a Wire fan considering the state of your discipline this season.
  18. Nah, everyone hates Wigan because they have won so many trophies. Your spurious comment regarding Wigan’s young forwards is beneath contempt and not worth further discussion. Tackle doesn’t look great and he will probably cop a ban for it.
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