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  1. To be honest the only thing we are ambivalent about is Leigh. Let's face it, you are pretty pointless.
  2. 100% correct. It's hard to understate how wrong some people are in their estimation of Farrell. There was a long time period when Farrell was dragging that Wigan team around on his own. There are very few Wigan legends you can make that claim about. For those who have become jaundiced in their view of him since he went to Union, you should watch the full interview that Damien posted above. It's obvious that he still loves RL, and he still very much understands where he came from. To deride him at this stage just for doing a job in another sport isn't far short of pathetic, and nobody hates RU more than me.
  3. I have no idea which point you are trying to prove. Looking at the tripe you post I would say you are pretty pointless.
  4. I’m very difficult to offend love. I was offended by your arrogant rant about Hull FC though. but I guess what should you expect from a pig but a grunt. have a lovely day.
  5. The shouts for him to resign are ridiculous, but hardly surprising in the current climate. It’s cool to be offended.
  6. I thought Wigan were good tonight, regardless of the state of the opposition. Hull never looked like scoring and Wigan looked like they could have scored 20 more points if they wanted to. A good performance from the team and a superb performance from Field and French.
  7. Does he play for Leeds? They will probably appeal anyway. If he played for Saints, he would probably win the appeal.
  8. If I had see you tonight mate, I would have sent you in the wrong direction, and you would have thanked me.
  9. If I see you in the pub beforehand I will give you some new advice on how to get there on time. Hopefully that will help heal the wounds of your previous experience.
  10. I'm sure Tyson Fury would would donate the 20 seconds it would take to put Gallen on his backside. Maybe then he would shut up and go away.
  11. There was plenty shithousery going on. Welsby throwing the ball at French's head after scoring a try as an example. Saints have always been great at this sort of stuff. I was talking to their greatest exponent the other night, Tommy Martyn, and he was very open about it.
  12. Sorry mate but that’s nonsense. Lam was the most negative coach I have ever seen at Wigan.
  13. Of course, they work hard on bringing through immature children with a Wigan complex. Just Browny is due to graduate as soon as his balls drop.
  14. I think many on here know that, but I don't think any of them actually care.
  15. So why didn't Roberts just dominate Burgess from the start of the game then? A hugely flawed argument you seem to be fabricating.
  16. That's a bit disingenuous. You asked the guy a very specific question and he gave you a very specific answer. It's not his fault.
  17. I just felt I needed to get the point across strongly.
  18. It's pretty obvious why Wigan didn't try that hard to get Williams to keep to his agreement then.
  19. It's pretty obvious why Wigan didn't try that hard to get Williams to keep to his agreement then.
  20. It's pretty obvious why Wigan didn't try that hard to get Williams to keep to his agreement then.
  21. He obviously hasn't picked many Wigan players because his gameplan doesn't involve forward passes and gaining penalties for mouthing off. Looking at that squad I think forward passing and mouthing off are the best chance we've got. On form, the likes of Philbin, McShane and Williams should be nowhere near that squad.
  22. I was at the game last night and I have since watched the game over on TV. I was of the opinion that the first half was a good competitive game and then Wigan just blew them away in the second half scoring some fantastic tries. I was obviously wrong. Having read through most of the garbage written in this thread Wigan won the game due to playing forward passes, getting every decision in their favour and gaining penalties for mouthing off. I feel better now that I am full possession of the facts.
  23. Has he really proved his worth? He was handed what was clearly the best team in the league and I can't see that he has improved them.
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