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  1. They are, but they are showing signs of carrying all that timber. Admittedly Fifita is doing more than his fair share of carrying it.
  2. Neither of these teams are that good. The game is opening up because both teams are absolutely knackered.
  3. Maybe if he tried just a bit harder then he would succeed in actually squeezing it out.
  4. Who is the main commentator? He sounds constipated and is desperately trying to squeeze one out.
  5. I didn't work for me, you must have gone to a better university.
  6. Must be hard to take that you are not even the most pessimistic person in your own house.
  7. Huge congratulations to England, superbly played. I await the slew of incoming OBE's and a knighthood for Briscoe.
  8. Well it did to those of us without NRL tinted spectacles on.
  9. I would back England to beat Samoa every time if we played them each day for a week. I fail to see how they go from chumps against England to favourites to beat England in two weeks.
  10. You mean just like this same team of NRL superheroes couldn't live with England a couple of weeks ago?
  11. No, I haven’t forgotten about those at all. I’m not sure Leigh should have had 3 games but I have no issue with 1 game in Bolton and 1 Game in Wigan. I have described my real issues in my posts above. I would be very interested to hear people’s thoughts on the process that decided Doncaster is such a high potential area it warranted having 3 group games there. Similarly Newcastle.
  12. For me it’s a combination of both. If you really want to spread the word then don’t charge the Earth for potential long term customers to see the game. However, I still think a great chance was missed to play some games in more traditional locations to full houses. By all means play a game in Newcastle, but 4 games? Behave.
  13. I’m sure we could have filled plenty stadiums in the heartlands, we just didn’t need 6 games at two stadiums 9 miles apart.
  14. It’s a farce mate. In addition to the above we’ve had 4 games in Newcastle and 3 in Doncaster. What’s Cumbria done wrong? How on Earth does Doncaster warrant 3 games and Cumbria none? And Middlesborough? I’m sorry but I really can’t work that one out.
  15. I don't know what more we should have expected. 3 games in St Helens and 3 in Warrington. You can't keep expecting the same people to fork out all that money to see every game. Some of the "Lesser" games should have been played in other stadiums in locations with strong RL support that don't often get the chance to see games of this calibre. The stadium choices have been a shambles.
  16. 2 minutes gone, no score. Australia are rubbish. Sorry Johnny.
  17. Agreed. No nonsense, made all the right decisions and didn’t make it about her. Good stuff, give her the final.
  18. You are, of course, entitled to that opinion. To me it's like nails on a blackboard.
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