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  1. Fair enough. I can’t say I’ve noticed it that much. I’ll look out for this aspect of his game more.
  2. Absolutely agree with all of those. I think Smith has surpassed all expectations too.
  3. You're a wiser man than I! I think my judgment is clouded by the fact some of our less trumpeted signings have been pure gold.
  4. Frankly, regardless of what type of player he is, it seems to me that he doesn't get involved enough. Your three-quarters are generally the men that take up the early carries in a set and the other three do so far more than Leilua does. If we're simply hoping for a flash of magic here and there, it needs to be several times in a game, not once every several games. All in my humble opinion, obviously. That Brisoce try in the first game has set some expectation, I can't remember seeing a similar offload from him in any of the other games to create anything. I appreciate that he beat McDonald to supply that try, but the flashes are few and far between.
  5. I agree with you about the Catalan game, it's almost as if that was our glimpse of what he can do, but a brief glance! As I say, I think perhaps I expected too much with him being a 'big name' for the championship. Had Leigh not brough in their version at the same time, I'd probably have not noticed so much.
  6. What are peoples thoughts on Leilua? Personally, I think he's been something of a disappointment, he's not really broken any pots and he generally looks a bit uninterested and lazy. I look at how Nene MacDonald is playing at Leigh, getting involved in everything and putting himself about, but Joey doesn't seem to be overstretching himself. Is it just me expecting too much from what was a marquee style signing?
  7. Presumably, were your chosen team in the Championship, having seen multiple years with no promotion at all (and when it does exist, it's limited to one team), they would put the integrity of the competition first and play only home grown players that they could pick up that SL clubs don't want. It would give you the moral high ground, whilst still stuck outside the top flight with no hope of getting there. What would your solution be?
  8. I agree that at the moment it would seem to be a good idea, but the self-preservation in SL would, I believe, be far too strong to allow it.
  9. The casualties would be the team being relegated who doesn't finish bottom, also all existing SL clubs have their distribution reduced. I can't imagine they woudl see this as winning. That's not so say that I don't agree with the idea, I think it has much to commend it, but I'm not the CEO of a club losing a portion of our central funding.
  10. As a Featherstone fan, it seems to me that Reynolds is a liability. He's creating very little and is a bit hot-headed. I'm sure Leigh would be a better team with Ipape at 6, so I'm hoping Reynolds keeps getting the nod!!
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